Blossom the Happiness Bus

I have a confession to make.

I bought an old school bus and converted it into my Happy Mobile.

After decades of inspiring and educating others through corporate leadership programs, I wanted to do things differently. I knew what it was like for people to be ‘stuck’ in an uninspiring office environment, so I now deliver the solution.

On board Blossom the Happiness Bus I’ll pick your team up from your office and take you to a tranquil and picturesque location in our beautiful city. And yes, I stepped outside of my own personal comfort zone to secure a bus license – I’m your coach and driver.

Being coached in unexpected places is the magic of transformation – stepping you out of your comfort zone.

Blossom the Happiness Bus is great for team building, small-group workshops and coaching. Being away from the office allows you to free up your mind and think differently … and not be interrupted.

Ready for your team to be motivated and step up and lead so that your business enjoys growth?

I also run intimate small group workshops and events in Blossom. Keep an eye out for dates on my events page.

If you would like to get a group of girlfriends together for a special event, Blossom could be a good fun alternative.

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