BEing HEaRd Leadership Program

Commences 10 OCtober 2022

3 month Program


BEing HEaRd is more than a leadership program.

It’s a way of being.

It’s a way of standing up and standing out.

Are you a woman who wants to use her voice to be heard and valued, not only in the workplace but in all areas of your life? Are you an accomplished leader ready to take it to the next level?

Other leadership programs teach you to delegate, create culture, and manage performance. The BEing HEaRd Leadership Program is about reclaiming your innate skills to lead with passion, purpose and authenticity. This is the opposite of conforming to cookie cutter management strategies—it’s about throwing out the rule book and doing success your way.

Sound like a plan?

The first step is about being true to YOU! Helping you gain a deep understanding of who you are—as a leader and as a woman living in times of rapid change.  You’ll discover who you are at your core: your values and beliefs, your raison d’être or ikigai, as the French and Japanese call it. Your reason for being. Your ‘YOU’.

Are you ready to gain a fresh perspective and new sense of direction to lead and live with intention and purpose?

It won’t be the right time for everyone. You have to be ready. But if your gut instinct is telling you yes, welcome to the Happiness Hive—I’m delighted you’re here. Got questions? Feel free to get in touch.

Who is the BEing HEaRd Leadership Program for?

The BEing HEaRd Leadership Program is for female leaders, executives, business owners and entrepreneurs who want to stand up, stand out and make a difference in their unique way.

It’s a good fit for you if:

What will the program deliver?

You will step into your magnificence and show up as your authentic self so that you only communicate with influence and conviction.

You will learn how to:

  1. Embrace who you are so you can lead with passion and purpose
  2. Create a positive mindset to carry you through any situation you’re faced with
  3. Communicate with influence, confidence and conviction
  4. Dismantle the scaffolding of limiting beliefs and replace them with empowering and successful ones
  5. Implement a curated plan for your leadership and life success.

The BEing HEaRd Leadership Program runs for three months with a combination of individual and group sessions. The specific components of the program are:


Guest Speaker Forum

An introduction to inspirational women who have already walked the path you are currently on. They will share their experiences and keys to success, giving you the opportunity to connect with them and seek their advice.


Two Learning Circles

You will participate in two learning circles, joining the other program participants to share your journey. You’ll deep dive into your personal transformation with the real power coming through connection. Women supporting women is a magnificent thing!


Three Individual Mentoring Sessions

These personally curated mentoring sessions help fast track your results. Catherine is an action-based Queen Bee focused on your success. Together you will create a roadmap and action plan to support your transformational journey—she’s your personal cheerleader.


Four Group Masterclasses

Introduction to the Five Pillars of Success, providing a solid foundation to your learning and subsequent transformation. Each pillar has a series of principles and skills—all proven and replicable—for you to practise and apply throughout the program and beyond.


Program Celebrations

It’s time to celebrate your success and everything you’ve achieved over the last three months. This is a powerful way to wrap up the program, celebrating your wins and recognising the huge progress you’ve made. Cue the glitter cannons! You’re amazing.
This guide includes the program dates, the schedule of when activities will be, Frequently Asked Questions, and any other information you may need: