Why dogs are the best teachers


I have recently added to our family with the adoption of Boston, a four-year old Kerry Blue Terrier.  We are his third family and he is slowly but surely settling into his new environment, learning to trust that we are his forever home.  I am a dog-lover from way back and have always had rescue dogs as family members.

Regardless of their origin, dogs are some of the most popular pets in the world (or in my case, family members).  They’re also one of the best teachers when it comes to living our best lives.

Reflecting on Boston joining our family (and his pawed predecessors), here are five things I have learned from our furry friends:
1. Dogs live in the moment

One of the best things about dogs is that they live very much in the present moment. They don’t dwell on past experiences or worry about future ones. This is a great lesson for us humans, who often get caught up in worrying about things that have already happened or stressing about what might happen next. Instead, try to focus on enjoying the present moment just like a dog does.

2. Dogs are always ready to forgive

Regardless of our attitude and moody behaviour, dogs always seem ready and willing to forgive us. They don’t hold grudges or harbour resentment. They take us for who we are without judgement or criticism.

3. Dogs are always happy to see us

It’s great coming home at the end of a long day and being greeted by a wagging tail and a happy face. Dogs are always so glad to see us, no matter how our day has been or how long we’ve been away from them.  They remind us that it’s important to enjoy the simple things in life. The next time you’re feeling down, take a cue from our dog friends and focus on the things that make you happy.

4. Dogs enjoy the simple things in life

Dogs don’t need much to be happy – a good meal, a comfy bed, and some love and attention from their humans is all they really need. They remind us that it’s not the material things in life that matter, but rather the relationships we have with others. If you’re feeling stressed out by all the things you have to do, take a break and enjoy some quality time with your dog, or a loved one. It’s a great reminder of what’s truly important in life.

5. Dogs’ unconditional love is one of the best things in life

There’s nothing quite like being loved unconditionally by a dog. They don’t love us because we’re successful or wealthy or the way we look. They love us simply because we’re their human.  It’s one of the greatest lessons dogs can teach us – that true happiness comes from loving and being loved, no matter what else is going on in our lives.

So, if you have a furry member of the family or not, you can be reminded of all the wonderful things dogs can teach us about living our best lives. Thanks for everything, dogs! We love you too!

Hugs & happiness

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