What’s holding you back?
Catherine Bowyer is sitting sideways on a brown wooden stool with black legs, in front of a white background. She is wearing a white shirt and white trousers. Catherine is barefoot and is holding a pair of hot pink shoes over her right shoulder. She is looking away from the camera and smiling with a wide mouth. The Happiness Hive geometric heart logo is on the right of the image in pink. Underneath, there is a pink box with black text that reads: "What's holding you back?".


Are you trying to move forward in your business or an area of your life but something is holding you back?

Are you finding yourself up at night going over the same thing in your head and not getting any clear answers?

I’m going through that now with my business and it’s so frustrating!

I’m in the process of taking myself and my business to the next level and I’m stuck! I don’t like this feeling.

I pride myself on coming up with solutions. When I’m faced with a problem I’m really good at working out what needs to be done and making that happen. But not today – I’m stuck!

So here’s what I’m doing to alleviate some (and hopefully all) of my frustrations and move forward:

  1.  Take the pressure off myself. I don’t have to have it all fixed now. Remember the saying, Rome wasn’t built in a day!
  2. Remember the end game – what is my goal and where am I in relation to that? The frustrations are a signal to take time to reflect and not keep barging ahead
  3. Pause and reflect on what’s really keeping me stuck – is it something real or is it something I’ve imagined and made bigger than it actually is
  4. Ask for help – phone a friend or reach out to someone who can provide a different perspective and help you find solutions.

Step 3 above has been my saving grace today. I sat and reflected on why I’m stuck. Some of the elements are real and I need to go to Step 4.

Most of the things keeping me stuck are old stories – ‘baggage’ from my past. I gave myself a pep talk and reminded myself I am capable of moving forward.

The old me would have wallowed in self-pity and remained stuck. But not the new and improved me. Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it. I choose to see the situation for what it is and step into my power to move through it.

And speaking of powers, one of my superpowers is to help people get unstuck. I think I’ve even cracked it for myself today! Thank you for reading – your energy has helped me moved through my blocks. Happy to reciprocate and help you move through yours.

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