Sea changes and the spiritual journey with Jo St George


Transitioning from Canberra to the coast is just the kind of medicine Jo St George needed to fully embrace a change of pace in life, work and everything in between. Listen as Catherine chats with Jo about what retirement looks like and how she is enjoying being in the ‘teenage phase’ of old age!

Jo St George is a powerful intuitive LifeGuide who lives on the South Coast of NSW with her husband.  She is well known for her Kundalini Reiki healings and teachings, oracle card readings, and holistic counselling.

In this episode you’ll also hear:
– why Jo feels more empowered now than ever before
– the importance of making community connections when moving to a new area
– what trading high heels for lifestyle joggers did for Jo’s mindset
– what kundalini reiki is and how Jo helps others with this energy healing practice
– the inspiring message Jo intuitively pulled from her angel cards for you during the interview… and so much more!

Jo’s morning Mantra:
Love Grace and Gratitude to Mother Earth
Love Grace and Gratitude to My Beautiful Heart
Love Grace and Gratitude to others
Love Grace and Gratitude to The Wider World
Love Grace and Gratitude to Spirit
Love Grace and Gratitude to the Universe

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Speaker 1 0:00
Today's guest is such a gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous soul. My friend Jo St. George, who has a powerful, Intuitive Life guide. She's living on the south coast in New South Wales at the moment. And she's well known for her Kundalini Reiki, that's where I met Joe a couple of years ago. And her teachings around the oracle cards that she does, and her holistic counselling. And I met Joe, as I said, at one of the Reiki programmes she was running, but I knew of her well before that, because my son Henry and Joe's daughter, Grace, were great friends, they were besties. And I'm so grateful to join, because she lived closer to town and the nightclub hotspots. So the kids would end up on her couch at odd hours, instead of mine. So, Joe, welcome to the podcast.

Speaker 2 0:56
Thank you very much. It's lovely to be I'm so happy to be here and have a chat with you. Thank you.

Speaker 1 1:02
I'm looking forward to this. And Joe, I start the podcasts generally just asking the guests at what stage of life they're at. So where are you add in your life? I know. That's a very broad question.

Speaker 2 1:16
I was told recently that I'm in the teenage years of old age, or the teenage stage of old age having just turned 60 So now I'm a teenager again. Very feeling very good about it.

Speaker 1 1:27
I like that teenage element. What's the old age? Feel? Who said that? Did dad who said that old age? So you've just turned 60?

Speaker 2 1:36
I did. Yes. In March and in March. A wonderful thing. I love it.

Unknown Speaker 1:41
You love it. What did you do

Unknown Speaker 1:42
to powering being 16? Oh, why?

Unknown Speaker 1:45
Why is it empowering beings? Because

Speaker 2 1:47
people have people have to just bow to me now. It's 60 isn't what I say means something. You know, I'm old. I've earned the right to say this. And, you know, you just have to go along with it. Whether you agree or not. I said it It must be wrapped. Oh. I like to boss my family around now. Because I'm old.

Speaker 1 2:08
Was there a shift? Because I'm 57 years

Speaker 2 2:11
old, be really honest. There was quite a shift. It was a bit of a lonely thing for a day. I thought, you know, you've got a bit yeah, like, it's like, you know, put your big girl pants on, you can do this. And I literally woke up the next day. And I thought I love it. I'm 60 and I'm going to rock the rest of my life. I'm not going to be one of these people that goes downhill as soon as they reach a certain age. This is it. I'm going to have fun and you know, life's about fun. Yeah. And you have fun

Speaker 1 2:39
anyway, don't you like? Yeah, you have fun. You've got a good fun approach to life. What did you do for your 60s? You did something special, didn't you?

Speaker 2 2:48
I did. I actually went on a retreat. Not a site is stillness retreat to Bali by myself. Oh, when I knew some of the people that were on the retreat. But my family weren't there. Although they did something beautiful for me on my on the day of my birthday. But I just went there by myself for 10 days and enjoyed some still centering calmness that comes with Valley. I absolutely love them just being there as it's it's got a wonderful vibe about it. That is I find very calming. And then I went off too. I met my husband in Darwin at the end of that, and we went to Kakadu National Park for a week with some other friends. Oh, yeah, it was

Speaker 1 3:28
really just for my family. If they're listening. I would love that for my 60th birthday to a retreat on my own family. I love you. But

Unknown Speaker 3:41
I'll tell the kids, they can organise it.

Speaker 1 3:44
I would love that. I would love that so much. You used to run retreats too, didn't you? Yes. It's a bit like being on the other side of it's a

Speaker 2 3:52
guest to kind of weird because the first I've been on some of these retreats, this lady's retreats before, and you kind of feel like you want to put your 20 cents worth and it's like no, no, you're supposed to be taking this not. Yes, because there's a bit you feel a little bit like that for a while. But now I'm just using it you go there and you just lap up all the attention all the wonderful energy and, and the sort of stuff that we do is is wonderful. Yeah,

Speaker 1 4:21
yeah, that's nice. So you've turned 60 You've recently the last couple of years. You've also done a big sea change, haven't you? So you lived in Canberra, the capital of Australia for those listening from overseas. And where have you moved to? We moved

Speaker 2 4:39
about two and a half hours from Canberra up to the coast to a place called Mollymook beach. Just it's this glorious you as you've seen it, useful, beautiful part of the world. It's not mad tourist related place. It's just it's a very calm little area that that my husband and I have enjoyed coming to for about 30 years and We, we had a house here and now we've done a little bit of a rainbow on it. So it's, you know, it, we can live in a little bit more and have all the family here now. And it's just wonderful. So calming and whole different mindset and a whole different way of life thing than the busyness that surrounds, you know, public service and sort of high profile life's in Canberra, you know, and, and it's wonderful. And we came here when the fires were on, we had some really terrible fires in 2019. And yet, they closed the mountain road behind our furniture removal van. So oh my gosh, really lucky. We vote like I was in front of them. And we got through. And they were calling out for help here the Rural Fire Service catering people were calling me. And so I just left everything. And that six o'clock in the morning, the following day, I was at the fire station said I'm here ready to make sandwiches for you were going to do this. And they took me in and for six weeks, I boiled eggs, mash them graded them and rave sandwich. Which was fabulous. And it's just it's like working in the CWA. But it was a wonderful intro into this area because we didn't know anybody when we arrived here.

Speaker 1 6:10
I was going to ask you that too. I'm gonna go back to that. No, no, actually stick with that now. So the fires and for those of you in Australia, you probably remember those fires. So this is just, this was the summer just before COVID hit as well, wasn't it? So it was really devastating for our local communities, but they were devastating fires. So being involved, like you're doing this sea change, you're packing up your whole home, how long have you lived in Canberra for we lived

Unknown Speaker 6:38
there for 22 years?

Speaker 1 6:40
Gosh, are you packing up a life and moving to the coast.

Speaker 2 6:45
So yeah, and having it apart from the energy is very, very different. My house is very, very different. And then my life had to be very busy as always very, very different from what I've had. So it was a bit bit daunting. And then if actually, I think if it wasn't for the Rural Fire Service, ladies, it probably would have been a lot more daunting. Yeah, to come in, because as I said, we didn't know anybody. And my husband, that's fine with him. He's kind of happy to do his own little thing, what he was doing. But I'm a little bit more social and needed a little bit of, you know, socialising and thankfully, these ladies didn't mind sort of having a morning tea or whatever it was that we need to do. And through that I've made some really lovely friends and now settled in after what have you been here for three years. And it's just, it's fabulous. I've got a good group of friends now. And it's Yeah,

Speaker 1 7:36
I hear it a lot when people are moving, because John and I are looking in a couple of years to do something similar to what you've done to another area of the south coast. And I hear that a lot from people when they make a move, that it's about having those support, you know, being part of the community, you know, and getting involved in the community as best you can, whatever the thing is for you to get the

Speaker 2 7:59
easiest intro really is the easiest intro. If you don't have a community service, kind of roll that Yes. You know, yeah. Another thing, that's a really good idea, and I didn't do this, and we should have probably but start to get to know a few people before you move down so that when you get hit, you can go we've arrived, and at least you know, one or two people but we didn't know a soul.

Speaker 1 8:23
Yeah, do you know what I've started doing that as well. Like, we know some people down the coast of the area that we want to move. But I'm starting to make some connections there from a business perspective as well, because I don't want to land there and going up. You know, here I am out of town. I want to become part of the community. So I'm starting to do that a couple of years out from the gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous people.

Speaker 2 8:47
Yeah, like it's all very Yeah, but they're just it's a different vibe. Those everyone's really relaxed and nothing's you know, it's okay. No stress, you know, it's almost like coastal time instead of Canberra time.

Speaker 1 8:59
Oh, my God, I am I'm Yes, I'm looking. At my mindset. I'm there already. It's just physically I'm not easing myself into that. What were some of the other challenges in making that because you had a very high profile job here too, didn't you? Yeah. Dan Brown, how did you make that transition from kind of corporate public sector to not

Speaker 2 9:26
drink quite a lot of wine. For a little while, it took quite a while to sort of just, you know, come on my farm as my husband would say, but he he did say to me after about six months he said you're actually walking like a local now? Which is dawdling rather than I just get up and going now they made me made let's do this. Why and I got the book out the clipboard were really know you know, if I want to wake up at nine o'clock in the morning, now I do and it's okay. But it was very, it was very interesting. I found after six Once I decided I was actually going to get rid of every piece of corporate clothing, handbags shoes, I got rid of probably 50 or 60 pairs of shoes, all the jackets, all the handbags, I just got rid of them all. So I have no corporate clothing whatsoever. And interestingly had a need for it a couple of weeks ago, I had to go to government house to go and buy something because I didn't own a jacket or dress or anything. That was Ohio or, you know, pair of joggers sort of thing. Was that

Speaker 1 10:27
cathartic to do that? Yeah. Very, very, very, very much. So. Yes. I've been kind of doing a little bit of that. Mine's not necessarily getting into the getting ready for the coast, but my vibes changed around that as well. Like I wear runners to work like, sensible, sensible coffee. I

Speaker 2 10:49
think though, I think society is getting a bit okay with it. Yeah, pizza too.

Unknown Speaker 10:53
So too. Yeah, instead of having,

Speaker 2 10:55
you know, the world's largest collection of heels, I now have the world's largest collection of lifestyle joggers. No. Yeah,

Speaker 1 11:07
I love that. I was going to ask you when you were talking about the community, the moving down there without picking up your hat like roots. Were here 22 years here. Yeah. Was there any other things about leaving Canberra that were challenging or not?

Speaker 2 11:26
Challenging a bit sad is as I really loved our, the house that we had in Cameron, like, you know, we call it the Fibro majestic, but it was an old fashioned camera worker's cottage that we've done some extension to and a header, a warmth, and if it gets beautiful, yeah, like a family home, but with warm colours. And, and I'm a bit of a colour freak. So it was like, what it was this warmth. And I don't know, it had one and her beautiful garden, we did have a really, really lovely gardens. And we've come down here and everything's different. It's yeah. And it's sort of coastal Gardens, which are very, very different. And yeah, I'm turning into a bit of a mad gardener as I get older. And it's, we decided to do the landscaping here. And it's a bit of a, it's difficult to find what you actually like, because I love roses, and I love all the sort of traditional cold climate gardens and stuff, which you just can't have you.

Speaker 1 12:16
It's gonna be interesting, even then maybe that's probably not even the thing that you would anticipate would be the thing that would be the differences that you sort of focus on or the exciting bits that, you know, when we move from one point in life to another, sometimes we don't realise the things that we miss until we don't have them. That's right. Oh, yeah, the flowers because now you mentioned that at the coast. There's it is, seems really obvious, but it's probably not obvious until you

Speaker 2 12:47
know, until you Yeah, I have three rose bushes, I must say. And they are performing very bad. Girls need a bit of a lift. But

Speaker 1 12:58
yeah, it's gonna happen. It's kind of reestablishing what, what you like, isn't it? It's an opportunity. It's almost like an opportunity to salutely Fresh.

Speaker 2 13:08
So it's, it's different. We had furniture recovered. And we've had to sort of pick all these different styles. And my husband has a fantastic eye for detailing art and stuff like that. So we've just had to change everything. And it's great. It hasn't really lovely.

Unknown Speaker 13:25
Yes, your house is beautiful, is

Speaker 2 13:28
different now than it was. And you know, so yes, it is different. But I was a bit sad to leave Canberra that I couldn't go back there for quite for quite a while I just didn't know I don't want to go back. And I felt very anxious going back. Interesting. Because your daughter is still here. She is yes. And I would not not have anxiety attacks. But I would start to feel very anxious about going back there and driving the traffic because we don't have any traffic here. Was was one of the things and now the last two times I've been there I've actually really enjoyed it, because Canvas changed. So it's not like I'm going back to home I'm going back to this place. It's pretty funky and cool. And it's it's different now than it was so I actually have enjoyed the last couple of times.

Speaker 1 14:09
That's interesting. I'm curious about that because it's like you're a strong woman you're I know you You're a strong woman got a positive outlook on life but just the difference and kind of almost the going back to something brought ups and things and it doesn't sound like it was hugely Oh no. To the it was just that it was different and you've kind of maybe moved into this new life i i Can't quite think I have these things Joe and maybe it's to do with the number of birthdays I've had, but I have conversations and I can't quite grab it from the filing cabinet. I can't remember I get what you're saying but I can't. I can't get that filing cabinet memory out of my head. 70 You're stuck

Speaker 2 15:00
today. It's all right. Welcome. Have you not even 60? So it does happen is yeah, I'm not going to say and I just can't remember some things, just a

Speaker 1 15:12
bit of brain fog. What about Have you settled into that sort of retirement? You know, you've made this sea change. You 60 You said that that was a really kind of liberating empowering birthday. But are there any retirement I have you retired or not?

Speaker 2 15:29
Well, no, not really. Yes, I have, insofar as I don't go to work every day. But you know, I have I do. I see clients here. I have a healing room here. So I see clients here every week. And I run a few little workshops, and I teach Reiki healing. And I do that here, because I have a quite a large area that I can access to teach. And I do those sorts of things. And I still do the Rural Fire Service every Thursday. I do catering. I tell anybody

Speaker 1 16:04
that do not I reckon that's beautiful. I reckon it's really good. So tell me about your spiritual practice. You've been a on part of that journey for a long time. Yeah. Tell me Tell me all about that. Well,

Speaker 2 16:15
as a child, I can go to 25. I guess one day I said to this woman in the street, and I didn't know who she was. I just said, you have this amazing green colour around you today. Yeah, it's extraordinary. And she said, What do you mean? And I said, you've got all this beautiful green energy around you here. And she said, can you see that? And I said, Yeah, can everybody you know, I just assumed for a very, very long time that everybody could see like that. And I have been able to see those sorts of things all my life as a child, up till now. And she said, that's actually quite a gift. And I mean, I wanted to know more about it. And she said, Well, I'm part of this little spiritual get together come and we just learned about different sorts of things. Just we meditated and different bits and pieces. And it sort of went from there. So at 19 That's 2009. I went to a conference with a lady called Doreen Virtue. I don't know if you know who she is. Yes. And was totally taken in with this card reading thing. Ah, this is this is amazing. So I paid some extra money to have her teach me how to do it on in a small group, and I armed myself with a few decks of cards and went to the Gorman house markets and started reading cards every

Unknown Speaker 17:32
Did you their local markets here in Kansas?

Speaker 2 17:37
Heck, I'm gonna do this. And it just kind of flowed on from there. I had learned traditional Suey, Reiki many, many in 1986. I did my first level of that, and was always interested in it until I started doing angelic Reiki and then I thought, well, I like this. But then I started to do Kundalini, Reiki, and then I found what I want to do. So I am a master teacher, a Kundalini Reiki, which you have done some of Yeah, and and I just I teach that and I use that all the time. But energy healing is energy healing. So sometimes it's Kundalini. Sometimes it's different energies that come in when you're doing.

Speaker 1 18:14
Wonderful. Yeah. What's the Kundalini? So Reiki is energy healing is it is yes, yeah. It's energy and hands sort of through, predominantly through? Yes. So

Speaker 2 18:26
Kundalini is using Earth energy. Yeah, angelic Reiki is a much higher vibrational form of energy healing, it's because you're using angelic vibration. And Kundalini is Earth. And it's a it's lower, and it's hotter. But the same, you know, one in the same, you just pulling one down and pulling the other one up. It's very, it's very, very powerful. It's very easy to turn on. And I find it the easiest to do remote healings with Yes, is interesting. And then I do a lot of that through COVID particularly quiet because no one could come and see me we did a lot of remote healings that way, and it worked really well.

Speaker 1 19:03
Yeah, because it is energy healing is one of those beautiful things that you don't have to be there in person. Now you do. And so through Absolutely COVID But not just COVID it just

Speaker 2 19:17
know this. It's still got Yeah, it's still I have clients in all parts of Australia and I have one lady in the states that I just do I do all remote with Yeah,

Speaker 1 19:25
yeah, that's very cool. So your spiritual practice you like Reiki is your kind of, it's my main it's my main main thing that your card raises readings as well. I was just looking around you've got a squillion decks of cards. I don't know if you can see up for those of you that are watching on YouTube behind me in these little baskets. There are a whole lot of my decks of cards as well and I was just going to use nearby or not,

Speaker 2 19:53
no, I actually only just took them downstairs last night when I think 200 decks of cards are off I'll go and get them.

Speaker 1 20:02
Just while we're, while we're still chatting, it's just maybe even just channel the energy. And we can, I'm going to get you to pull a card for the listeners. Now, just mindful that this probably when this goes live, is going to be May. So I'm just putting Joe on the spot there. So Joe, and Joe, also, if Joe's details are in the show notes that Joe sent George, Joe does card readings each week as well, where she actually has a different deck of cards each week, and then just does the reading and interpretation. And they've been I must admit, they've been very, very accurate when I've been following along. Yeah, that

Speaker 2 20:43
I can so drawn to them sometimes. And then other times, I find no don't like this stick, but I can't find ones that I like. So I tend to go back to the the tried and true. The dirty ones simply because they work in my heart. It's as easy, you know, it's just an easy thing.

Unknown Speaker 20:57
So what deck have you got there? Have you got a

Unknown Speaker 20:59
I have the love, you're in a goddess deck.

Unknown Speaker 21:01
Oh, nice.

Speaker 2 21:02
I love it. And it's um, it's a line of HR deck of cards. And they're, the artwork in them is just really funky and young. And, you know, yeah, these sorts of pictures, you know, they're just they're really they're really fairly, fairly clear. But I've actually just pulled a card because when I just gave them little shuffle people one jumped out. Yes. Can I do it now? Can we? Yeah. Yeah, it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring. How appropriate is that?

Speaker 1 21:34
So it's better to be absolutely ridiculous. It's better to be absolutely ridiculous than an absolutely boring. And it's a picture of this gorgeous woman woman with a wild mask on.

Unknown Speaker 21:46
And it's freaking beautiful as the word down the bottom breaking beautiful.

Speaker 1 21:49
Yeah. And what's your interpretation of that job? So when you look at a card, can you talk us through? Because a lot of people have guidance cards, you use your intuition. I do use your intuition cards. To be fair,

Speaker 2 22:02
the cards are generally there for the client. Yes, I just put them I've very rarely ever looked at a book that comes with these cards. And I put them there because you want a card reading and then I just get messages from them. But this is about stepping into your power and not letting anybody rain on your parade. This is moving forward fearlessly. And if people don't like the way you are, that's their journey. Not it's about them, not you This is like Be true to yourself and move forward and stay beautiful. And you know, freaking beautiful, striking,

Unknown Speaker 22:33

Speaker 2 22:34
Yeah, because it's wonderful. But it's about Yeah, it's about taking more it's working with your solar plexus, which is the, the chakra point that sits just under your ribcage. And that's all about, it's about self confidence and moving forward, feel asleep and stuff like that. So that's what this card is about. And I know at the moment, little bit of movie stuff here, there's a lot of really interesting energies around, because we've had an eclipse and it's the energies kind of, but it's pushing us forward as pushing us forward. Because if we don't do anything about it, now we're going to lose the momentum. Because the next eclipse not for another 12 or 13 months, I think and I don't follow the moon thing too much. But I think it's that far away. So if we don't do what we need to do now it's going to lose that that pushing energy that comes from comes from spirit sometimes.

Speaker 1 23:25
And it's interesting that you pulled that card like that's what I'm all about as well when I'm talking with my clients and my community. It's about be true to who you are and really own who you are. So yours is the card there is being saying about that's freaking beautiful. Like we are all beautiful and it's about owning that and seeing within ourselves and being who we are not trying to be somebody else not a different

Speaker 2 23:54
kind of beautiful Yeah, so it puts people into these little mould they different

Speaker 1 23:59
I don't own it and really own it and because the universe we need everybody to show up how they're showing up and a lot of the women that I work with are brown that you know not feeling confident to be who they are. And it's about Well Who do you want to be Who are you and sometimes it's they're not clear around that so let's do some self awareness and exploring around and you do the same with your yep people as well. Yeah,

Speaker 2 24:28
you've got to have a title that's what I think. Yeah, title.

Speaker 1 24:32
Yeah, yeah. What's your title? Life guide life guide Yeah. You know, I do struggle with that. Because when I know we talked about this in my business like I'm a coach and a mentor but I'm so there's so many things in that. I don't know if I have art. You know what the other day I was looking at Staffs, like mindset magician came up and a dream weaver Like I help people to get their mindset and I help them to wave their dreams and create their dreams. Now, I'm not sure if that's what I'll put on my business card, but like I'm a bit of a treasure hunter as well like helping people find their treasure troves and their gems within them. And I do, I was talking with somebody earlier about categorising, some some and it was in relation to some different fact, that's one of those filing cabinets that I can't quite get to in my head, but it was about being categorised. And I don't like to put a category on me. And I know for business points that can be victory. I'm not good with that. Yes, you're

Speaker 2 25:44
a different I needed a title. And I when I left the public service, because I had a title. And I'd had title, way in my life, I needed it. I didn't know I needed a title until I went and saw this beautiful lady who, who runs, runs an academy where I do a lot of my training, I just witness it. I don't know what's going on here. I can't cope. My family say I'm frying a lot. And I'm not, I don't like it, she got out this great big piece of butchers paper. And she put my name in the middle of it. And then we wrote down all the things that I ever have been in my life. You know, horrible teenager, you know, Miss Fraser Island 1975 when television manager this that the other the whole thing, but the thing was full of all these different things that I was, and she says, uh, where do you think you sit there and I said, I don't know, I'd have to go home and workshop this with my husband, because he's the word master, he gets all these fantastic words. So I took this big piece of paper home and I put it on the fridge. And I sat on the kitchen bench, and I opened a bottle of wine. And we sat there and we talked about it. And he said, your life guide you know, life coach, so I never don't ever want to use that word, because I'm not a life coach. He's here to guide people through all these things. Because of all these different experiences that you've had in your life. You can guide other people through theirs with the masses of knowledge that you have. And I do have a lot of interesting roles in my life. And so I can help people and that's what I love doing. But life guide just it was it was it. That was the big lightbulb moment. Love it. And it was right now and get up and have some dinner. Come on, what are we doing?

Speaker 1 27:21
And that kind of fits with your personality, too, doesn't it? Because I did a similar. I did a similar activity where I just listed I was trying to work out who am I like who am I? Who am I? And it's the same sort of thing like it was about I came up with a whole lot of qualities. I came up with a whole lot of functions that you know, I performed in life. And I brainstormed and just had just words everywhere. And I whittled those down my way. Now this doesn't really relate to me and what I do in my business. But who am I the words I came up with was I'm free spirited. And that resonates with me now I know it's not free spirited.

Speaker 2 28:08
I know you're just free spirit free spirit for you like that. People don't want any of the business one on the other side. You could have a two sided business card or like

Speaker 1 28:17
two faced to face. Maybe people who are listening give us some put some comments about some free spirit. But I certainly know in my life I am absolutely free spirit and I choose to be who I am. And I'm very, I feel good about who I am. But I do show up differently in different you know, some days I'm feeling sparkly today. Actually, I'm sparkling most days, but some days I'll be just like really boho. chilled out barefoot. And then other days I'll be I'm wearing black today black and silver. You like that with music? Bright Pink? Music? Yes, yes.

Speaker 2 28:58
This time we're chameleons. I think we're chameleons and we play to our audience. That's

Speaker 1 29:03
yeah. Absolutely. And move in. I would 100% agree with that. And I choose to be different things at different times. And I'm completely okay with that. Some people might kind of Yeah,

Speaker 2 29:17
they may think you're false, but in fact, you're not. You're just being truly so. Yeah. You know, because it's that free

Speaker 1 29:23
spirit to you. What I want so, so let's call about the work label as well. That's very cool. What other tools do you have any goodies of spiritual? Like, I just love the whole spiritual stuff. I just love talking with whatever you got in your bag of goodies. What do you use?

Speaker 2 29:40
I do sound baths. Yeah, no, I started doing them over here. My husband bought me two very large bowls for Christmas. And then I bought a selection of them. And now I run the sound bath meditations. I have eight and other sound implements as well. They're just beautiful. Yes. Oh, Sound is very healing, you can be a sound healer. I mean, you know, it's another form of healing, I guess that I just love the takes me to different places I can I can do a guided meditation or I can sit there and just do a Zen meditation or whatever. But when I do sound, sound meditations, I just go to a totally different place. This takes you that extra level down, and it's amazing.

Speaker 1 30:26
Do you know what as you're saying, I want you to do it now. But it probably won't. I can't.

Speaker 2 30:31
I have to go down and stuff here. But we'll do one and put it up on my Facebook page so people can see it. Oh, cool.

Speaker 1 30:39
That would be great. I find exactly what you said there sound bars. And that's using the crystal bowls. And

Speaker 2 30:46
I use, I've got seven crystal bowls and three brass ones. And I have four wind chimes and a couple of other Koshi chimes they're called and they they resonate on different tones as well. And it's Yeah,

Speaker 1 30:58
yeah. And I love it. It just gets into your head because I have a very busy mind. I went to the head acupuncture the other day, and he said, Oh my god, Catherine, you said your mind is just so busy. I'm like, Yeah, I was having the acupuncture and it's just like, Ah, shit. I wish somebody could get my notepad because I've got all these thoughts going through my head. But the sound just helps my mind. Get quiet, but get clear. And just that view, find one

Speaker 2 31:27
sound that you have that actually really does that to you, whatever the whatever the megahertz of it is. Get a bowl and have it in there as your own sound. Okay, I might Yeah, I might have to try a lot of them out first, because they all are very, very different. Yeah.

Speaker 1 31:41
I was watching some TV show the other day, it was some random stupid thing. But it had a guy got his head stuck in some sound file. And I was just like, oh, actually, I think I would find that quite therapeutic. Not to get my head. It's very dangerous to have Yes. But to have just that. Let anyway, that's That's

Unknown Speaker 32:02
it stop watching that sort of thing.

Speaker 1 32:04
So you do sound bars, beautiful, beautiful. You've also just started some other gorgeous workshops as well.

Speaker 2 32:13
They're just, they're just starting off. I've got a few ideas for further down the track. But it's I've just got a little logo that I and a heart signal me. So it's all about and as you know, I wrote a book about self care. And this is about I heart me, and it's about giving yourself back things. So the first one I did was a vision board workshop, and setting goals and things because people don't always think about those sorts of things. So I had 15 ladies here, and we had a fabulous night. And then I had one where we will learn how to read cards. That was just recently we had all have got their own deck of cards, and we were doing readings for each other. But I was just basic basic card reading, which was really lovely. And it's just giving yourself back something spiritual. Yeah. My next one is Bath Body beauty where we're going to make our own Bath Body beauty products.

Unknown Speaker 33:00
I have beautiful, Yeah, beautiful.

Speaker 2 33:03
Nice, fun. Not not too spiritual, not too deep. So people that aren't really spiritual can come along to them and enjoy them. I have a bit of fun as well. And we have a glass of bubbles. And just, it's it's fun, but it's learning and learning to look after ourselves a little bit more.

Speaker 1 33:20
Yeah. And I know I've just started back my in person happiness hive events. And you presented at one of those a couple of years ago, we did the vision board. And that was beautiful. Yeah, that was beautiful. So and that's the same sort of thing where we get together and we just do fun. You know, we talk about different topics have those kind of inspired conversations, but also do random fun. Things like one of the ones we did, I think maybe before you and I met was there was a woman that taught us how to do Bollywood dancing. And that was really good fun. And then there was another young woman who was starting up her own modelling agency, and she taught us how to be catwalk models. And then we've had other ones where it's been, you know, deep conversations about life changing events. So it's the same sort of, you know, helping women just to feel absolutely beautiful and gorgeous about themselves.

Speaker 2 34:12
I've teamed up a lady to do a great yo and private great your own private grazing table, a Winter Warmer grazing plate that you do like she does them and like these amazing spreads. And I'm pretty hopeless with that sort of thing. So it'd be really nice to do. Yeah,

Speaker 1 34:27
I'm actually challenging myself. I'm going to do my own grazing platters. And I'm learning to make sourdough bread. And for me, that's a really big life challenge because I skipped that homework, all the domestic stuff. And so I'm actually setting myself a challenge and it's interesting, my brain works quite differently. The things that I would say my gifts and my zone of genius, easy in slow things that are not like putting together a grazing plateau. What's my brain? I can feel my brain actually clunky, clunky, clunky. Okay? So I'm actually putting that as part of my, it's a learned learning to be to use my brain differently.

Unknown Speaker 35:14
That's, that's

Speaker 1 35:18
sorry for all those that are coming along. What daily practices do you have about just being the best version of yourself? What are your daily practices? Or what are some of maybe

Speaker 2 35:31
in the mornings where like when I wake up I we walk, we walk on the beach in Rome on the footpath on the beach, I can't swim so I don't get in the ocean. But I do walk on the sand sometimes we walk out doggy on the on the beach. And while my husband's give me a coffee, I do this little thing called love, grace and gratitude. And it's a thing, Robbie zyk who's the lady I went on the retreats with does. And it's love grace and gratitude to Mother Earth. Love grace and gratitude to my beautiful heart, love, grace and gratitude to the wider world. Love grace and gratitude to others love grace and gratitude to spirit, their spirit and love grace and gratitude to the universe. And then you go back down again. And I do that about three times and then the coffee's ready is about how it works. Then I'm much I'm much more then when I've had a cup of coffee. And I've done that. And that's my every morning ritual. I don't always say it out loud. I quite often do it in my head, but I do the arm actions for it.

Speaker 1 36:24
Because I got goosebumps. Joe, when you mentioned that. What's the sign of Goosebumps? What is a sign

Speaker 2 36:33
tingles angels speaking, you should be doing it. Catherine. All of the above.

Speaker 1 36:39
I like that. I haven't heard that term truth tingles. But when when I get the tingles, that's absolutely what it is. Spirits way of working through me to say

Speaker 2 36:48
it's a beautiful practice. And it's done very slowly. And when we're in Valley, we used to do it for about 10 minutes every day. And then we get on wrote a song about it that she does it too, as well.

Speaker 1 37:00
Oh, nice. Can we get you Joe, I'm gonna get you to even just pop those points down. And we might put that in the show notes as well, just because I can't even remember what you said then. But I think that would be a nice practice.

Speaker 2 37:13
It'd be lovely. Yeah. So that and making the actual art of making a pot of tea. When I get home from a walk. I make a pot of tea and after I've had a coffee but I sit down have a cup of tea out on the front deck which I call front yard Bali because there's lots of palm trees on my

Speaker 1 37:30
job that's beautiful. Like we could you know, we could we could go on forever can we it's really lovely to reconnect with you. Thank you so much for sharing and where can people find you?

Speaker 2 37:42
Where can find me on Facebook under Jason George and I have another offshoot to that Jason George life guide, but you automatically get an invitation to join that page. And that's where I will put all the meditations and things on the life guide page. Because it's then you can just go the little 10 minute meditations and sound bars that you can go and just listen to when you need to are beautiful. It's, you know, it's not for the everyday stuff that you have on Facebook.

Speaker 1 38:07
Yeah, no, that's great to do that. And we'll have all those details in the show notes. Apparently

Speaker 2 38:11
I'm on Instagram. I didn't know I was because Grace got love, which is about 10 set me up and apparently I've got like about 8000 followers. Oh, wow. Like a junior influencer or something in WoW.

Unknown Speaker 38:25
Without even knowing that we've done that

Speaker 2 38:29
post on there and people. Anyway, so you mainly find me on Facebook. You know if you've got any questions, or you've ever got a question, I'm really happy to, to have a little video chat with you or anyone if they need to. But just send me a message. It's easy.

Speaker 1 38:42
Yeah. And Joe does have beautiful card readings as well.

Speaker 2 38:45
They're five card Fridays. They're called so on Fridays I pop the cards up. Yeah, yeah. Library Saturday.

Speaker 1 38:51
Perfect. So thank you very much. I'm going to maybe change my business car to Catherine bow your free spirit. See what happens there?

Speaker 2 39:04
And if anybody's not I think it could have two sides. Yeah. I think that's Cuba as a as a business card. So just you know, just to like, free spirit on one side and then have like, some professional title or whatever you want to call yourself on the

Speaker 1 39:21
Free Spirit just just actually, if anybody does want to sign up to newsletters and stuff, just follow their happiness and you can join the newsletter and you'll get wonderful tips like anyway, thank you so much. Gorgeous, loved it. Thank you. It's wonderful. Yes, love to you.

Unknown Speaker 39:45
Thanks, love to you too.

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