An Introduction to Face Reading with Linda Thackray – 27 August 2022


Happiness Hive is excited to host An Introduction to Face Reading with Linda Thackray The Face and Body Interpreter on 27 August 11am-1pm on Zoom.

In this interactive introductory session, not only will you learn what Face Reading is about, you will gain information, insights and tools to assist you to relate and communicate with others more effectively.
We all have a person in our life who presses buttons, and these people are often considered to be our teachers. As you start to consciously read faces, you become less offended by others, and get to understand them at a deeper level. We are all shaped, quite literally by our experiences.
Throughout this session Linda will read the participants facial features to demonstrate how each feature relates to your communication style, attitude or something which shapes your personality. She will also answer questions on features you may like to know the meaning of, specifically for you. She does this through reading the sacred geometry of the face, the individual features, as well as the habitual emotional expressions altering the facial features. As we recognise these attitudes in ourselves, it also allows for change to occur, which directly correlates to a change in your face.

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