Navigating a successful career in a male dominated industry with Kerri-Ann Hooper


In this episode of the Happiness Hive Catherine chats with one of the only women in Australia to have their own range of house plans in the male dominated
building industry, Kerri-Ann Hooper! This trailblazer founded her own property business over a decade ago, generating forever homes and over $50 million in sales, listen as Kerri-Ann shares with us how she moves through the transitions of life, business, family and success.

In this episode you’ll also hear:
– how Kerri-Ann started her career in real estate
– the importance of taking time off work
– KerriAnn’s experience working in a male dominated industry
– what feeling good in your own skin looks like for both women
– the secret love Kerri-Ann shares with her daughter… and so much more!

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I've recently met today's guest, Kerri-Ann Hooper, through a beautiful community of inspirational women. And I've just loved really getting to know Kerri and I want to find out more about how she does life today. Kerri ends at a transitional point in life. She's a successful businesswoman, entrepreneur, balancing business family, and now her kids are older, kind of transitioning into that next phase of life, which is something that I can absolutely relate to as well. So I'm going to chat with her about about that, but also all the stages that she's been through in life. And also really curious. Kerri-Ann works in a very male dominated industry. So I want to chat with her about what that's like and what she does to navigate it and a whole range of other things. So Kerri-Ann, welcome. I'm so glad you're here.


Thank you, Catherine. Yes. I've listened to your podcast, as you know, and I love listening to it, because it just radiates joy every time I listen. Yes, thank


you. It's beautiful women, and you're another beautiful woman that has a great story to tell as well. So I thought we would kick off by you just sharing a little bit about you know, who you are, and what stage of life you're at, maybe personally and professionally.


Yes. So I'm 52 in marriage nearly 28 is not easy. April. Wow. My kids are 25 and 23. Actually, this month, I've had my business for 12 years going on 12 years this year, took a couple of different sort of roads to get to where I am now that I love what I do. So I'm a new home specialist slash building broker. So I help people build their new homes, whether it be an investment first homeowner or forever home. So I'm there with my clients all the way through which I love. I just love seeing a house come together. Personally, my business is actually really on my life with my family. I want to get back to dancing because dancing is my love musicals. My daughter and I say is so many musicals, my daughter's musical theatre industry in Sydney. So that is actually my passion is musical theatre and getting wrapped up in the 1700s. We've got a book or watching out


oh my gosh, so much in that very quick little intro. I want to dive into the musical theatre in musical light. Is that something that you perform and sing?


No, I was saying no, I started on dancing when I was about four and I was dating right up till I think it was about 2324 So I was still Yeah, I love being on stage dancing, but I couldn't see my daughter is got a beautiful voice and thank goodness she chose to dance. I didn't share any choice. Like if she wanted to play soccer or netball.


We were doing dance mom, are you a


totally dance mom. Honestly, I would go to a Stanford's with Christie my daughter and adjudicated didn't get give her first place I go. I'm going to go and talk to the judge. Right? I mean, I was just crazy. I was up there. Franch here in a way you know when should be in group dances. Oh, I love that. So, yes, so she went into Sydney to study musical theatre and she's performed a bit but now she's more behind now. She's a choreographer and a dance teacher but I just love honestly, when you go and see a live theatre show you are just so happy and because mostly I my daughter knows the people who are in the show. So we will talk to them afterwards. They are just so happy if you could just say bottle that happiness.


Love that. I'm gonna I love musicals as well. So I'm gonna come and see one with you. Well, how many have you seen I've seen on your bio? How many like it's


yeah, it's probably more than that actually saw Hamilton five times


how come you didn't progress? You dance from for up until your 20s what happened?


I probably I mean, I thought I was good actor that I wasn't and I couldn't sing. I could dance. I couldn't sing. That's why I sort of I was honestly seriously thinking oh god, you gotta NIDA a great actress. Actually starting drama at university. So


interesting. This is really interesting, because there's a lot of people I know Kerri-Ann who have passions when they're younger, and they have dreams and goals and aspirations. And sometimes they come off sometimes they don't. Was it a conscious decision for you? Because what I'm hearing is that you're excited you it was a Your Life. Yeah. But it didn't end up being more what was kind of the process their


decision? Yeah, I think it was just realising I wasn't as good as I mean, who was Susie Porter? I think that actually she was actually studying drama with me at Newcastle University. So she's gone on to. And yeah, no, I wasn't as good as that. So it was a conscious decision. And then I thought, ah, because in those days, you did a Bachelor of Arts. And then another year after that you can become a teacher, I thought, Oh, okay. I'll be a teacher that I realised after the three years of Bachelor of Arts, no, I didn't want to teach. And then I just went back to my parents, they own various businesses. So I sort of was in and out with them. Yeah. And then I, you know, mid 20s, all I wanted was babies. So I just concentrating and having children, which wasn't easy for us to basically Yes. And I had a couple of miscarriages to get to having my kids. But that's all of my 20s I just wanted babies. And yeah, and they just sort of progressed from there different in different businesses, with my parents different jobs. And then I got to 3940 and thought, right, I've got to do something, I want to do something for myself. And I love building that's kind to where I am. Now.


That's interesting that there's a lot of said, the conscious decision about you know, a passion sort of realising that maybe that's not not going to be the path for you, and then focusing on kids and wanting to, you know, build a family and that nesting. And do you remember the process what that was like, in not happening as quickly or be dating,


it was so devastating, honestly, that was I truly experienced depression, I relate to it as being in a big dark well, where I just could not get out. And it wasn't till I talked to a doctor and he said, You need to go and talk to someone, I thought, No, I'm gonna get myself out of this. And I did. I remember the second miscarriage, I just had a scan realise there was no baby and I was going to have to go in for operation, but straight after that, because they're scanning places just near where I was working. We're at Coffs Harbour at the time. And also I think in bank, I was bawling my eyes out but the the supervisor who was a lady made me get on the counter, and I was absolutely devastated. But I'd lost my second baby. Yeah. And I never ever forget that how awful she was. So for all those leaders out there, and managers, please, please be compassionate to people who are going through something like


just going through and we don't often know what's happening for people do we like stories behind and it's about just that kindness and compassion and understanding.


Yes, compassion, kindness. Big words. Yes.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. Wow. So then you say you had your kids Yes.


Yes. Gonna buy Yes.


I'm just going to get back into that a little bit when you said that you were going you went to the doctor so you went and got some support that you also said that you worked through it on your own? Yeah. What were some things that you did do you recall that helped you because you know, whether it's about losing a baby which is absolutely devastating, but I know in a number of people women that I work with, they're going through IVF and not successful and just that loss genuinely Yeah, it's not just loss of a baby or it's loss of


drains. Drains Yeah, sorry. I just think I just just every day to sit to myself it's going to it's going to happen it's going to happen we ended up going on fertility drugs to fall with with my daughter so I was just here every day just trying to get that a little bit better trying not to go back into that well a depression and and talking to my family talking to friends. It was very very hard you know, when you see pregnant women coming to work or people that you work with were pregnant so that was extremely strangely difficult. But it was just you're telling yourself that it's going to be okay and yeah, I can just totally breaks my heart when you're losing babies but just hanging in there. It's my


Do you know what I I've experienced as well and I know other people have when you're going through tough times, and others are going through beautiful time. It's hard to it's hard to be happy for others. Yeah, you're actually feeling really, really sad for yourself. What advice do you have around that? Because that's a tough I've experienced that. I found that really challenging at certain points. When people have just got such a mess. Do you think things happening but inside? I'm just going like I can hardly get through what I'm going through, let alone summon up the the support and encouragement for others. What? Do you have any tips?


Yeah, basically, why is it happening to them and not to me? I think it's to be not too hard on yourself, really just go through the, you know, the grief, because that's it is real grief, as I said, the end of the end of that particular dream, and just just remind yourself to come through that tunnel just come through it. Like I said, get out of that well, and try to be happy. I mean, I know. Yeah, I had, as I said, I had girls at work, who would be pregnant, and I'd sort of turn around and have a bit of a cry. But yeah, just just try not to be too hard on yourself. Be gracious. Yeah. And then try.


One of the things that I do when I don't have an actual response is I just send love, I send love to other people. And I send love to myself. And it's just in my, the way I do that. It's kind of this pink, golden, sparkly light, that I just kind of go, I'm just sending love. Yeah. Because part of me guys, I just want to be happy. But I can't be happy. Instead of trying to pretend. I didn't know sometimes I do. But it's just about if I can send love and light to the situation, then that is something that that's helped me get through some stuff. Not. Yeah. And don't be so hard on yourself. Don't be hard on yourself. Yeah. So when you were 40. Ish, you really want to just, you know, do something for you. And it was missing. And that's when you started your career in the


selling houses and packages. So I started with my sister, and so she was looking for something to do as well. And then after a few years, we sort of split the businesses in two. So she had the property management side, I've got the sales side, she's actually sold a property management side now. It was yeah, just mainly, like my husband was actually selling hasslein packages. He's a mortgage broker. And he said, Well, why don't you go into doing this? And that's what I love building. So how about we we start this up? And as I said, my sister was looking for something. And yeah, so it's just basically going out seeing what land was available talking to builders, because it's a panel of builders that I build with, and work with. And just making sure that I have that customer service like was with literally with my clients every step of the way.


And that's the thing that when you were explaining to me about what you do, it's about holding their hands about helping them through the process. Yes. No, no, no. And


product is amazing.


Yeah, and it's about knowing that, knowing how it all works, and guiding people through that, and for our listeners, Kerri-Ann Are you in Newcastle? Where Newcastle? Yes. So is north of Sydney. Do you just look for health and land packages in Newcastle? Or is it nationwide?


Newcastle and Central Coast and Sydney packages and also Queensland because builders out there as far as the other side of the business where I look at I go contract, I support a tender health check. That's Australia wide. So any ones build new home? They'll contract straightaway?


Yeah. And also, if people are looking for investments, they don't need to necessarily be living in the region, but you will want them Yeah, cool. Awesome. So we talked about your kids are older now. And you know, you're sort of thinking about what business and life is going to be like for the next phase is before we dig into that, what was it like when the kids were little?


in the trenches? Well, I think they're around say 11 and 13 When I started the business, but before then, as I mentioned, I've been in and out of businesses with my parents. So I can often remember you know, going into a bedroom shutting the door or just I can make a phone call to a client and then you know, so that was hard to do that I just sit them on powerful then I sit in front of the TV and give on the computer, my emails and all that. And then when they got to live in 13 Obviously they didn't need me as much, but I still you know, driving around everywhere. And I would often know that I dropped my daughter off to check class and I'll be up in the car on my computer, you know, doing emails and then dropping my son off to soccer practice and that's when I make phone calls. So it was and then of course, you know, you really only got that sort of 10 to two range revenue,


trying to squeeze everything.


So yeah, so my advice to everyone out there just get through every day. It will get Better


not to put pressure on yourself like I the same thing. I was running businesses when the kids were little. And every time I'd get on the phone is when they would have some crisis. And it was many a time that I would just close the door and go, I will deal with that afterwards. Sometimes it worked out so. But just not to put pressure on yourself. I think sometimes as women, we try and be super women to do everything perfectly.


Perfect. Yeah. And yeah, honestly, it's not that I remember, Australian, my daughter was four, I think I know, they're probably like six and for my daughter. And I was showing someone through a unit that was one of my dad's companies, and showing someone through and I had to take the kitchen because I had no room and you know, I'm colouring things. And I'm trying lease lady through this unit, and I open up the bedroom, and then my chair rolling around on the floor, just touching. Actually, really for a couple of a handful of times, it's like a guy close the door, go into the kitchen, you know, maybe he just do.


I outsourced a lot. I took the pressure off myself around, you know, the household stuff like I would, I actually made a conscious decision because I worked from home, I've worked from home for many years. And I know some people try and do household jobs. You know, during the day and stuff, I made the conscious decision that I wanted, that while I was at work, that was my workspace. And you know, my husband wasn't, you know, squeezing in extra household stuff while he was working. So I sort of made the, you know, there was some things that worked well, and some things that didn't, but I tried to get as good of balance as I possibly could.


Yeah, I know. What is life balance, life balance, it's really he just trying to get through? Like I said, Yeah, every day, I love my list, go through my list. But hey, if you don't get it all. The kids will always be sick when they when you got something on like a seminar or something. And they're always sick. So


Touchwood one of the things that for me, luckily, my kids didn't get sick the days that there was some days going, oh my god like John, because John's a school teacher. And there was some things where he couldn't get time off. And I just thought, please, kids just don't do something that I have to, you know, come and get you because I can't today and Touchwood. Luckily, it wasn't Yeah, there wasn't anything around that, which is


very lucky, my son was quite sick with asthma. And when he was younger, so we often had trips to the hospital. So it was always since he got a call. That was it when you might be ended up in hospital with him. So that was


the only reflecting now, I've had my business for 1012 years. And I've worked in a coaching training space. It was last year when Jon's mum was not well. And it was on the very kind of just very unpredictable around things. And I did have a job booked in. And it's the first time in 12 years that I said to them, I can't guarantee that I'm going to be able to work on that four week programme. And I gave them notice, and we ended up not going ahead. That's the first time but I chose to not take the risk because I didn't want to leave them in a position where maybe because I really didn't know what was going to happen. Yeah, it turned out it was a really good you know, that was the universe looking after me as well, because that was a tough decision to go. Oh, you know, to say no, and I can't I can't guarantee that I'll be able to do this job. The universe looking after me because I think it ended up being a pretty shall have a job


so what's what are the differences now that the kids are older? Well, you're thinking about now with business


that the kids yeah, I'm thinking about my work this year is visibility to be more visible with the videos and just get out and make more people. Yeah. Eventually I'd like to be part of a book somehow with that. I don't have to be my own book. But it's something that with building tips as much of my own. So show, even if it's on YouTube, again, around building old versus new. And I have my own Ranger Hampton, I love to happen style. That's just my personal style. Not all my builders build that way. It's all different styles and tastes. So I have my own plan. So I'd love to bring those forward, build some of those homes with those particular plans in mind. Yeah, so that's, that's for the next this decade. In my 60s. I definitely want to do something giving back to the community somehow involved in housing the homeless just I haven't sort of got that right. I'm gonna definitely my 60s, I think it's more won't be more about giving that much to do now, yeah,


I love that carrier. And that you're sort of thinking, you know, I've got some short, medium term goals that you know that you mentioned, you're 52. So in the next decade, that you've got some of those short medium term goals, and then the decade beyond is about even transitioning again, into giving back. And what you just said then is I don't have clarity around that. But I've got the intention. For me, the clarity will come like it will come, the closer you get to that next phase, there'll be opportunities that will kind of unfold and but it's about setting that intention.


Yeah, I still feel weird as far as the kids go, I mean, I still want to be there for them, you know, monetary wise as well, we still want to be there. And we, you know, go and see our daughter in Sydney, our sons still alive, you can't wait to move out. girlfriend's house to be built. But yeah, he tells me that every day. I am yeah, I still still feel that. Yeah, hopefully, by the end of this decade, I'll have grandchildren. So devote time to them that I do feel definitely in my 60s, I want to get back in some capacities.


It sounds like we're on very similar points in life, like my kids are going to be 27. And my son's just turned 25. So they've got their independent lives, but still very much part of their lives, which is great. I would also love grandchildren, kids, if you're listening. That will come when that comes. And I have some sort of short term, interim goals as well, because our life's where the next stage of our lives that the kids are sort of independent, my husband, John's going to retire from teaching in the next couple of years. I'm not going to retire from what I'm doing, but it will look probably different. And we will hopefully do a sea change. And then I have some plans around you know, giving back to community as well, then I've got no idea how that will happen. It's sort of like, I know it will, but what form it will be in won't become clear until the next little stage happens. It's sort of for me, it's a staged approach. I'm not absolutely specific. But I have some very, very strong sense of what that could be. Yeah, and I do a lot of giving back as well, like now, but there's going to be a particular programme that I really would love to bring to life in. Which sounds similar to what you're doing, but just slightly different fields. Slightly different. But yeah, same same bit. Yeah. Yeah. What's it like working with blokes in the building industry?


I must admit, at the moment, I have gorgeous, gorgeous supervisors to respect me and don't mind talking to me on the phone. So that's lovely. To begin with. Yeah. Oh, there's a lot of a guys around. Yeah, a lot of guys in industry really didn't want to talk to you. And I have their own ideas. Yeah, had one supervisor who just full on just tell me lies about what was happening with my clients. jobs. But yeah, but now it's, it's yeah, it's lovely. Actually, I've got builders, I can trust builders who will want to talk to me, and that's the main thing, just talk to me, just tell me what's happening. You know, even if it's, you know, something's been delayed, which is, you know, just COVID and just the general industry at the moment. So, yeah, it's definitely had challenges to begin with, but coming out, you know, as I said, nearly 12 years in the business, it's definitely lovely. Like they are Yeah, lovely towards me. So which


is good. And then many other many women in the building industry. I have met


one trade, one woman trading, and the whole BBQs there are lots of people who sell house and then packages are obviously you home specialists, or salespeople who are ladies. But as far as trainees know, only one so yeah, every time I go on site, it's always guys. I'm just saying hi, explain where I am. I used to have a branded car, but I don't have that anymore. So that used to be easy, and they'd see who I was. But now I just point to the sign that's me. Through my clients find that yeah, yes, it's sensing.


Some of it is because you're more confident in the industry that they respect you more or do you think times of change to respect women maybe respects not the right word?


Respect, they just get used to on site. So yeah, I always twice a week I'll give my clients updates. I always go on site, which I absolutely love. I just love seeing As I say, house arising out from the ground. Yeah, I just as long as you say this, I'm just looking for my clients and they're quite respectful. So yeah, that it is sad that I've only seen one lady trace Exactly.


Any tips for women working in male dominated industries? Like


I think confidence is a big thing. Just be confident in what you're doing. Like you deserve


to be there. Absolutely. Believe in yourself and believe in


yourself. And yeah, and just, you know, show up there do what do what you always said that you're going to do anyway. And other means, as I give you some grief just shouldn't wrap back up.


Today, yeah, yeah, yeah. And I think it's about building those relationships as well, isn't it? It's to me, it's right. That's regardless of whether you're in a male dominated industry or not. It's about actually getting to know the people that you're working with building those relationships. That's right. Yeah. You know, being being confident to say what you want to say, because you deserve to be at the table. So it's really Yeah.


One of my builders I've known for 12 years. So I mean, that's been a long and, you know, in the admin staff has sort of changed over the years. But, you know, a few of them have been with me all through that, that journey. So, yeah, it does take time to build up those relationships.


Yeah, definitely relationships. What's going on personally, in life?


I just live in life.


Just living life and loving life, I get a sense that you have a good view of life, like you've got a positive outlook on life, would that be true?


It's a work in progress. I mean, not every day, I'm waking up in the sunshine and unicorns equal to work at it. I love my walk in the morning with my podcast and listen to your podcast or podcast or get me going, just get me in that right frame, right? Because honestly, sometimes I am not in the right frame of mind. And I need to be positive, especially in my job with what's been happening in the building industry lately. I always look at my vision board, I do a little bit of journaling. I don't do that every day. But I do that a couple of times a week. And just talking to my kids. Like I always speak to my daughter every day, and we text or ring. And yeah, and then at the end of the night, it's always lovely to sit down on the TV with my hubby and hold hands and watch LSD.


That's lovely. It sounds like you have a very healthy practice of, you know, keeping a positive mindset but recognising that it's not about being positive 100% of the time, and that when things don't go well. Do you have certain practices? If you're like, you talked through some of those when you were younger? And you know, with your family, but is there anything that you do if things are a bit tough? Now, talk to my hubby


is really good. And yeah, just keeps on saying that you just keep on doing what you're doing. You know, if it was easy, everyone would be doing. Yeah, depression is definitely in my family with my parents. So that's it's a conscious decision to be battling against that I am a worrywart to my kids will tell you that I we're not really the state of the world, you know, thing driving a car. So I consciously, consciously every day, I've got to say, right, these are my goals. This is what I'm doing today. I love my list. And just yeah, just trying to keep in that positive frame of mind. And yeah, and I can't say enough. I love podcasts. I honestly do help me every day. Yeah,


is amazing. There's amazing podcasts, that's about what you're feeding yourself. It's almost like what you're Yeah, and the conscious decisions because it can be hard. Like, there can be days that a really hard, and I go through that. And it's kind of like Fuck, it's like it's a tough day. And it's about that conscious decision as to how long I'm going to wallow in that self pity. And sometimes it's, you know, it's longer than I would like, but it's about okay, what's going on here. But then it's about doing something, even if it's a small little thing, is to actually just move forward to not stay stuck is my guess. I just think recognising where you're at and that not every day is going to be easy and great. And like you said sunshine and unicorns. But we don't want every day to be dark and gloomy clouds either.


No and you've got to learn so you've just got to work it out. Just keep on doing it mentally do that go for a walk. Look at the light nearby doesn't look like yeah, we've got a jet ski which I just love just going on the backup. Just you're there on it yesterday. It's just it just feeds your soul.


And I think you know that find something that feeds your soul. So if you're not feeling good ate. Maybe just and it might feel hard. I know a lot of people, it's just like, Oh, I couldn't even be bothered doing the thing that feeds my soul. But just do one little thing. That is what I Yeah. When I am thinking about that's how it works for me as well. Yes. And I have a worming practice. I have a very, you know, morning practice about just getting my head in the game for the days and it's like taking a shower. Like if we want to, you know, keep clean. For the rest of our lives. We need to have a shower, you know, once a day, twice a day. It's the same with feeding you mentally. Doing something every day that yeah, you to, you know, keeping that positive outlook online. Yes. Yeah, definitely. Yeah. And you've at 52 or not, two got this? Yes.


I got them June last year. Yes, I've been putting I've always had awful T I had vampa it. I've always wished about it. I wish about racism, and winched about my teeth. So that's one thing I need to check myself with every day. But yeah, I just decided to I needed to do something about it. This is the time that it's you know, not easy. It's quite sore, obviously having 50 Or on teeth and moving them around, you know, they've been stuck in that position for so long. I actually got because of my age, I actually got a bit of a discount because I also done a studies with students from university to one of them is sort of studying the practice teeth on an older person got a bit of a discount. Just mean sometimes I'll like be lying back in the chair and open up and all these people are peering into my mouth that, ya know, and hopefully only another six months to go. And I have to check myself just not keep on apologising for so I do find it sometimes affects my speech, or if I'm eating


people, I don't think people would would even know and we just brought it up because it was something that we were talking about in the catch up. But it's also when you said in your you know about giving back to later in life, you know, in some of your work stuff. This is a way of giving back as well. Like seniors discount. Yeah, that's about giving back. And it's also about actually, you said before, about, you know, doing something for yourself, that it is about absolutely doing something for yourself. You said you always wanted to do it. Yeah. So I would encourage anybody listening who's putting off any goals or dreams, like just do it just worked, you know, and use your age to volunteer like I do. You can do that. But I just don't I I've shared it a couple of times. I can't remember what podcast episodes and stuff but I have a rocking chair test that when I'm in my you know, latest, listening to this on the brand I don't want there to be regrets in life. You know, when I'm looking back on life, I don't want there to be regrets. So it's about you know, do the thing that you want to do. Or say no to the thing you don't want to do. Don't Don't regret things and I can look back on life and sure there's a few little things that maybe I didn't make the best choices at the time, but I certainly learned from it and I don't see those things as being regrets. I see them as being or maybe I won't do that again.


Another thing is just dad just put on the music just and just I mean, Jason coin is mine. My song it'd be played at my funeral. But honestly, that's another way to alleviate stress is just turn the music out and just dance around loungeroom Just Dance


love that love that my go to song is Neil Diamond's beautiful noise Yeah, and I have when the kids were home and we would put black khaki is not my forte it's kind of it's like got a cook but it would be fun when the kids were home and we would dance in the kitchen and Neil would come on as a backing track quite often to that episodes. I actually I don't know if I've shared this I think I have shared this somewhere before I forget having so many conversations once stupid, long white dress that I was wearing and she was a beautiful dress but I was really getting into the dancing and I did this pure wet in the kitchen I got all caught up and straight onto the onto the kitchen dance floor so I'm very conscious about what I what attire I wear when I went into moves. That did not end very well that


way Caroline would be fine, whatever.


Yeah, yeah. I do love. What's your view on ageing?


Oh, gosh, it's a very complicated one. When I look into my gosh, these wrinkles, but honestly, ultimately, it's a privilege isn't it to me, and I'm very, very thankful for my health and hobbies and my kids health is a complicated one, I say that I like, you know, seeing all the wrinkles in my face and you know, lovely menopause. I can't say I like that. But again, it's probably a daily thing that I just have to work on. It's Well, ultimately it is it is a privilege and just enjoy life enjoy every day again, which, you know, every day, I have to remind myself just enjoy it. Yeah, yes. But I wouldn't say it's a real happy rapid age. Thompson is my item.


Yes. And I talk with a lot of women, I guess where I work with women is where they go through changes in life, you know, young women who are navigating, you know, who are they? And what are they, their careers? And what do they want in life and, you know, women that are going through major sort of transitions and a lot of the women kind of, at our end of the age split, or in the middle of the life spectrum, you know, grown up kids, and really, what is it that they're really wanting to do now, and I find a lot of women in our demographic are just feeling so much more comfortable in our skin than when we were in our 20s Certainly, for me, feeling much more comfortable in who I am and how I'm showing up in life. And not giving the just conscious not given a shit about you know, your people. Yeah, yeah. Just much more comfortable about who I am in my own skin. Do you find that you?


I'm trying to work on that some days? Yes. I'm like, I don't go to the gym. I'm gonna say sometimes. I wish I appreciated my body more when I was in my 20s. Because now I think oh my god, why didn't you wear that bikini back then in your 20s? But, um, yeah, I'm slowly getting it's a work in progress.


What do you think that was about? Because I'm the same I was I've had a interesting relationship with weight. And self image. Yeah. And, and certainly when I was younger, didn't not I was really, really critical. Very critical of myself. Very critical. Yeah,


very much. So I've always always been like that. I don't know where it came from, actually. But yeah, always, always worried about how somebody is and that and yeah, and I didn't appreciate that. I had great news in my 20s. Like, why didn't you wear that bikini?


Yeah, it's interesting, isn't it? How mindset can limit us I did some study some years ago. It's called psychosomatic therapy. And it's about the mind body connection. And how the body tells us a story about what's going on for us. And it's about we did, it was very intimate. I don't know if that's quite a word, but it's actually looking at your whole body. And you know, the messages that are coming from your body. And I had a very, that was a real breakthrough for me, because it was about the energy that is being stored and blocked in my body. It's not about being fat and ugly. And, you know, not liking myself that the messages are around where the energy is stored, and what type of like I have very squeegee soft, excess energy, I get hurt. Yeah, but some people have very tough, you know, really strong excess energy. And it even tells us a story. And when we were doing this, this, I can talk more about this in another. We won't talk too much about it now, but if people are interested, but there was one part of the and each area of our body represents a different energy centre as well like the chakras, and that can give some insight into our body. And when one of the instructors was he squeezed my calf muscle. Now on the surface, my calf muscle, like there's no other tone there. But he squeezed it and I just went, Oh my God, that just really hurts. And then I bruised. And he said, Oh my gosh, you bruise so easily said yes. And then he was talking more about how I ruse metaphorically, easily when people hurt me, and I take things really to heart. And so even just that message of what he had done there and it fucking hurt like it did hurt knees going, that didn't warrant the way that I actually touched you didn't warrant a bruising response. But what that said is that I'm highlighting instead of to stop and I did some work on myself around being not as sensitive, so it's part of who I am, it's kind of in my makeup. So it was just, and you know, I guess the moral there is gave me a really different view of this vessel that I've got for this life instead of disguising, work and ever lose weight, and we're getting near, it was just like, ah, that's actually telling me a story around. So for those that are watching, this isn't a, I'll describe it for the podcast listeners. But if you're on YouTube, you can probably watch it, I carry a lot of excess energy on my back half my front half, not a lot, but the back half of our bodies. So the behind tells us clues about the past. So I'm hanging on to stuff from the past. And it's about just when I use it, it gives me just some little clues to help with the people that I'm working with and coaching, going, what else might be going on for people. So interesting, interesting. Part. So I'm just pointing to my backside and my size. This is in relation to our base, or root chakra, which is about being feeling safe and grounded, and shore. So for me the analysis around that was holding weight in the back. So hanging on to the past. And a lot of it is in my lower part of my body, which is about those things feeling safe and secure. And so my mum passed away when I was only 12, there was a lot of that feeling of like, I just don't even know how to navigate life. So for me just getting some insight and sure, it's still like, that doesn't mean that I just go and eat and eat and eat, I still kind of am conscious about my weight. But that's the story My body's telling me. Interesting.


I know. And I want to because I used to project what I felt about my body onto my daughter. Awful what I used to say, because she was singing and dancing in in the musical theatre industry, you know, you should lose some weight. And I just looked back on that now. It's just how could you do that to your daughter, but it was me projecting what I think what I was thinking about myself on my daughter. Yeah, I just moved on to generation to generation.


Yeah, and a lot of it is from yours is probably generational as well. Probably, you know, partly from when mum passed away. But I would say even, you know, generationally, there's some some things that have come into this life that I just consciously go, why am I even thinking that, but achieve that thing. And it's also about being mindful with light stuff, you know, the more birthdays we have we we get more insight into life? You know, sure. Maybe some of the things we did when we were younger might not have been our best news, but I think it's also about don't beat ourselves up now for ourselves. It's about recognising that. Maybe that wasn't the best thing but you recognising that maybe it was projecting yourself on and even recognising that is helping to break that cycle around. Yeah, yeah.


Yeah. I'm being nice to people. Yeah, yes. Big thing, too. Don't get mad at the lady in the daily likes I did the other day so I could really get down to menopause.


Oh, gosh, we could talk so so much longer these podcasts just go too quickly. So where can our listeners find you? Kerri-Ann?


Well, yes, I on Instagram, chameleon projects. I'm on LinkedIn, Kerri-Ann Hooper, and Facebook as well. Carnelin project. So that's ca r n e l i n projects. Yeah. It's actually a stone. Carnelian is a stone which is supposed to be harmony, because I started it to begin with my sister supposed to encourage harmony and prosperity with family.


Love it and it would be an orange,


orange and red. Yeah, so


that is around when we're talking about chakras. That's the sacral chakra, which is about it's about creativity as well. So we've relationships. So that's cool. And it's also a stone that is very much around confidence and courage. And the colour bear so creativity, and fun. So all those things are beautiful. I love it realise that was the reason. Yes, it Yeah, but I love all that even just, you know behind the scenes stuff about why people do what they do as well. So that is very, very cool. Very cool. Well, thank you very much. All the details are in our show notes and I just love Love love talking so Hudson happiness to you


and love this chat thank you so much Catherine it's been wonderful