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Happiness is your key to success

Hello, I’m Catherine

I had an almost idyllic childhood until the shock death of my mother the day before my 12th birthday.  My life changed forever.

That event rocked my world – and not in a good way that things rock your world, like having your first kiss; falling in love; eating peanut butter cups! It was the complete opposite. It rocked my world in a way that felt like I had been hit in the head by a boulder that knocked me unconscious – it numbed my mind, my emotions, my actions, my everything. It numbed my whole life – I was living on auto-pilot.

The lights of my life and spirit went out. I felt like it was never ok to be happy again.

There was no spark or meaning to my life. I felt invisible and lost, drifting through life without direction.  I was filled with self-doubt, always feeling like I wasn’t doing life quite right.

Things had to change …

Have you ever felt trapped in a life that was less than what you wanted and certainly less than you deserved?

Well, that was me. In my 20s when my life was going nowhere, I trusted my intuition which knew I was capable of more. I realised in that moment that it was up to me to take control of my life and create the happiness I was longing for. This was the cross-roads of my life.

The secret to my success was the courage to be happy.

I made the decision that I was no longer prepared to live life on auto-pilot and settle for less than I deserved.

I had to dig deep and face my demons head on. I plucked up the courage to break free from my past and become the person I was destined to be.

I created space for new beginnings by shifting my energy and attitude towards life.  I let go of what I no longer needed and made way for what I wanted instead by activating an empowering and positive mindset.

I reconnected with who I was at my core, discovering my passions and purpose and fully embraced my authentic self.

I took accountability and stopped blaming events from my past.  I  developed a plan to support me throughout my transformational journey and took steps every single day to take me further in the direction of the vision I had for myself and how I wanted to live.

As I continued through this journey, I had the words of two favourites in my head – Walt Disney, “All of our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them” and Mahatma Gandhi “Be the change you want to see in the world”.

I had the courage to change my life and pursue my dreams …

The magical flow of life started happening…

… and the results have been transformational, gifting me the ultimate freedom to live my best life.

By being truly happy, magical things have happened:

The science of happiness

Don’t just take my word for it, scientists have turned their attention to what makes people thrive. Research shows we have the power to take control of our happiness by choosing our thoughts, behaviours, and actions.

Being happy created magic in my life, but will it work for you?

Being happy starts with the decision to be happy and wanting something different for your life.

As Buddha famously said “What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.”

Scientists refer to this as neuroplasticity – the brain’s ability to change and grow by strengthening neural pathways by repeating certain actions, thoughts and feelings

Happiness is a habit

Creating happiness is a lifelong journey.  I know what works and I focus on it daily.

I’m here to share how you can create your own happiness and success in life

Being happy is a magnet for miracles. 

When we experience it together great things happen.

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