Lessons from a life lived in war with Taira Stuart


In this episode of the Happiness Hive Podcast, host Catherine Bowyer chats with Ukraine born Taira Stuart. As a former political advisor for international affairs her specialty now is analysing how societies think and how societies heal. The two women met during their studies at a spiritual psychology programme and fast became friends, listen as Taira shares her incredible lessons from a life lived in war.

In this episode you’ll also hear:
– what it was like being a young adult in the time the Berlin Wall came down
– how Taira’s spiritual studies informed her on how international studies should be approached
– the unique moment Taira went from teaching Russian grammar to flying to United States Congress
– the value that lies inherently with women and their ability to think and feel quickly
– why both women believe the key to whole, integrated leadership lies within feminine energy
and so much more!

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Hi, welcome to the happiness hive Podcast. I'm Catherine Bowyer, and I am completely fascinated by people and what motivates them. I've spent the past three and a half decades specialising in mindset and human behaviour. And I've helped 1000s of people to create happy and amazing lives. And now I am super excited to be chatting with women from around the world who I have secret. And to be honest, not so secret crushes on their women who inspire me. I'm intrigued as to how they do life and what makes them tick. I want to find out the magic formula that makes them who they are. And at the end of the episode, I'd love for you to say, I'd like a little bit of what she's having. The conversations are real and raw. They're full of passion, inspiration and lots of fun, and nothing is off limits. So grab yourself a cuppa or Papa New Trekkie and go for a walk and join us for today's chat. There may just be that pool of wisdom you need to hear. So let's shimmy on over and get started. Oh, hello, my beautiful, beautiful friend. This is Tiara Stuart, and here is joining me from all the way across the globe. So you're in Los Angeles. You Tiara?


I am Yes. And you know what you're telling me? I am all the way from Los Angeles. And in my eyes. I'm thinking, My goodness people. Do you understand what we call you? Of course you do. Downunder. But to me, that's a very, very, very far away. In other words, just to think about that. We have spring you guys have Paul? Yes. And we don't understand how can people have fallen me?


I know it's different. It's different, isn't it with it's been really mild here. It hasn't been that cold. But I think this weekend, it's starting, I think that's where it will start to, it'll start to get cold. And when I see all of my gorgeous friends from America, they're starting to, you know, spring is happening.


And you'll go the opposite way.


Yeah, we're going. We're spinning that way you'll speak. Now we connected last year, we were together in the spiritual psychology programme that we're both participating in, and we just kind of clicked didn't wait, there was just this beautiful. Yes. In the group environment. So tell me a little bit about you. How can you? Why are you studying spiritual psychology?


I'll tell you what, first of all, I would love to tell you that Australia, in my mind, in the mind of every Ukrainian is some kind of a fantastic, dreamy, magical, unreal place on this planet, which does not fit into anybody's thinking. And is completely exotic, as exotic as it can be. And I'm thinking hey, you crave these exotic for you probably, although you probably have Ukrainians there as well. So, for me to eat to get acquainted with people, part of your charm was that you were from Australia, and they're looking to get on believable. These are the names I learned in grade seven, and my school Canberra, of course, I remember. So anyways. So that's part of the reason it was so interesting for me to talk to you and to other people. And of course, spiritual psychology King to me. Of course, I was always interested in spiritual matters very, very much. And I was born and I was growing up in the Soviet Union where there was no spirituality to speak of, and yet it was latent. It was in the air, you could feel it. And I wanted and it was very interesting for me. But then long story short, and I get my I grow up and become a young adult at the time of Berlin wall going down going to Europe, the first generation of people in the Soviet Union, who had an opportunity to get education out of the Soviet Union, because basically, it was a prison, as by the way is today's Russia. That's why I understand it so well. And then I become a political adviser. And I very quickly understood that something was off, something was seriously off. And I couldn't quite understand what it was. And it was it became so bad that although it was very successful, I felt that it's a hopeless endeavour, that international affairs is a hopeless thing. And I left the field became a professor. And when I was sitting in spiritual psychology class, for the first time, I thought, Oh, these are correct principles. These are the principles At work, they are universally applicable. Oh, that's how you approach international relations. That's how you approach cultural diversity in intercultural relationships and understanding. That's how I got interested in spiritual psychology. Then the war in Ukraine started and I happen to be Ukrainian, which I did not quite understand myself, because, you know, when the chunk of the world will huge territory 12 time zones, you know, Ukraine grows into Gilera, below rows, and then it goes into Russia. And then 11 Time Zones later, in you kind of this was a large connected community. The war started, I understood I was a Ukrainian, not a Russian. And I will love to explain the difference between the lines,


or look, I would love to hear that. But can I take you back a little bit. So you grew up in the in Ukraine.


I was born in Ukraine, mother's Ukrainian, and my mother's first language is Ukrainian. And she graduated from Ukrainian High School, which by the way, was not a common occurrence. And you know, I know I wouldn't be so. So she was very Ukrainian eyes. So to say, Grandma speaks Ukrainian mom speak Ukrainian and they talk to each other. And so my first language was Ukrainian. But my father is from the Caucasus Mountains, which probably for an Australian mean nothing. These are mountains, tallest mountains in Europe that separate Asia, from Europe, your material world is where Georgia Armenia, maybe you remember Kardashians, Kardashian, from Armenia, that Eurasian look into what my father is from there. But I spent all my summer holidays in Ukraine, then I graduated from high school in Ukraine. My father is a military man. So I am and one of the largest Russian CD's St. Petersburg, and I thought that was one the same thing. I literally could not split it. When when when you learn languages, a small child, you should go from one language to another, and you don't even notice the difference. Why don't I know it now? And psychologically, and even spiritually, it is a very, very important distinction to me. And I did not know it.


That's interesting. So then you said you went, you moved out from Russia, you went to Europe? Is that right? Like you move?


Yes. Well, I studied in St. Petersburg University. And at that time, Soviet Union started falling apart. It was such a huge country's falling apart, which by the way, will happen to Russia again, it's it's horrendous to watch horrendous wars, local conflicts everywhere. And so I basically was on the last plane, leaving the caucuses, yeah, where I was sent because of my father's ethnic background. In other words, they don't even ask you, they send you to work there, because you're considered to be a local ethnicity. Right? Long story will not go into it. But long story. But today's situation between Ukraine and Russia is actually based on that story. But in any case, so I go, and I graduated from St. Petersburg was in the caucuses, and met a bus full of Americans. Long story short, I have to study in Europe from Europe, I call Americans and lo and behold, my homecoming party in the United States was in a state capital of the state of Utah, which is by the way called Mormon status, because Mormons live there, and it's a very, very particular way of life. But it's very picturesque. Let's put it this way, because of the mountains, ski resorts, good roads, very good morale, and if your particular lifestyle so, so studied in Germany, and then in Switzerland, and I knew that I did not want to stay in Europe. To me, it was the old world as much as I appreciated it. The moment I landed in the United States, it was the first time I actually understood how new worlds look. United States is a new world. Australia is a new world. Canada is a new world, but has very strong, stronger British overtones, and probably so does earlier. But these are new worlds. These worlds are populated completely differently. They form as nations completely differently. And I understood that I want to be a part of the new world. Yeah, and I could consider a new world. And you know, what new worlds do they encapsulate how the world is going to develop further So in a sense, it's a hub. It's where the the first inklings the first ways of how you're going to live, like, for example, new worlds tried to be racially equal, even if they were far from perfect in the parts you're trying to be. You're trying to develop Women movement, even though you were not perfect before. So new worlds are a hub of new ideas that you are does it but does it very differently. And please feel free to ask me, because that's my specialty. I analyse societies, and I analyse how societies think and a whole societies heal.


And that's what I was going to ask you to because you mentioned that you're a political adviser. And then you moved on from that. So is that what you were studying? To? How did you get into the because you're very, very successful, and continue to be but how did you get into the political advising space?


I will tell you, it's not classified anymore. It's completely accidentally. Let me tell you how it happened. One of the largest aerospace programmes between the former Soviet Union and United States of America what's happening in eupa? Absolutely, accidentally, I was invited to teach a class on Russian grammar. These people were hopeless Russian grammar was not anything they would ever be able to study. But then what happened? They asked me they said, why do these Russians do this? And this? I say, simple. I'll tell you why. And they say, wait, wait, wait, tell us more. Why do they why are they so paranoid? He was simple, I can explain it to you. And I would explain, explain, explain. And the CEO of the Space Dynamics Lab said Tara pack you suitcases where we're flying to the United States Congress. And so next day, we're on the plane, and we were in the United States Congress, and we were talking to on Services Committee. And he said, Wait, let me call my buddy, who is a four star general, in the Pentagon. He's in charge of ballistic missile defence organisation, you are going there. Next day, I'm there. The general says tire pack your suitcases you're flying to the Kremlin with us. And from then on, it went on and on and on and on.


But you've moved on from that now, though, haven't you? You're not doing that.


At the moment, but I thought that I left political Korea and I would love to explain how Washington operates and what happened motion, but it might not be


interesting to you. Another conversation, we could do that in another because I think that


what what we're talking about is what can we share with women? How can we facilitate their progress, how we can facilitate the movement forward? Like, for example, one of the books that I am thinking about writing is before you said, look like a woman Think Like a Man, that was one of the most popular books, but today the book should be look like a man but think and feel like a woman. Because in order for us to move forward today, as the world prescribes, we should bring feminine energy big time. And I actually know what exactly needs to be brought. So if you're ever interested in please ask me.


Yes, that's where we're in line is about women. For me, Tara, it's about women being really comfortable and confident to show up as themselves. And you know, the I think there has been this movement that we have to be like men, and I don't believe that we do, I think we bring out certain way of being and doing. And one of the things that I really work very hard with my community is to be able to feel comfortable in our own skins. And sometimes we've lost that along the way. And I think something that you and I have connected with that we're very, like, I operate in a masculine energy a lot. Like it's a lot of the doing a lot of the getting stuff done. But I also spend time in that feminine energy about my feelings, my emotions, and the way I approach things. So I don't ever try and be like a bloke. And I think that's beautiful. So yes, I would love to maybe maybe not the conversation now. But I think we I would love to progress that with you. Around what what that is to, you know, with the feminine.


You're absolutely correct that both ways of existing are very, very important. Yes, we have to have doing structuring building part of our lives. Yeah, but here's what women do, which I think we all need to understand. But there are things that we do very, very well. Well, for example, our corpus callosum is constructed in such a way that we go from feelings to thinking very, very quickly and very easily and these two parts are connected. This isn't valuable, because the speed of life went up, more over many decisions are made to feeling today, to feel in the situation, a man needs to analyse everything he needs to be trained to feel, a woman does not need to be trained to feel. So what a woman does, she automatically connects thinking, feeling connects to, and develops a course of action or strategy much, much quicker. There are many, many, many, many, many things that are adjacent to this field of thinking. Women do not compete unless they're trained by unless they're trained by the market, not the marketplace. But the workplace, we're trained to compete. In reality, we like to bond connect, and form communities. That's what we do. And that's why any woman in the international relations field is wonderful. Unless she sells herself short. And that happens all the time so far, and hopefully it will go away. But in any case, it definitely needs to be developed.


That happens a lot in Australia, too. I think a lot of women sell themselves short. And a lot of it is that not feeling confident to show up how they truly want to show up there. So a lot of women I worked with in the leadership space, they are not, I would say that they are not leading authentically, they are leading in a way that they feel is what is wanted from them. Is that like an expectation that they have to be like the blokes. And there is quite a movement here. And I think it's probably the same in in the US. But it's about really getting back into that authentic leadership. So how do you want to show up? Who are you at your core? And how can you utilise that to be able to lead effectively,


I would love to tell you that it is a whole process. And we get divorced from our femininity very, very early in life. Before we even understand what is happening to us. The whole society is saturated with male types of thinking. And English speaking societies are actually ahead of anybody else. It's a cutting edge. That's where things are happening. But even in those societies, the process is all unfolding. And we need to first go back all the way back, back back and wake up that femininity inside of us. And then which is I think, is a whole process of remember this book. It has a name because of the name, I did not want to buy it. The second word is Poussey. And that's why I didn't know why. But once I bought it, I actually thought it was a very, very helpful book. And I would love to share it with you. It has incredible set of exercises of how you connect to your femininity. Look at everything in today's world and sex is defined along male ways. Yep. The workplace is defined is defined by men. You know how I understood it. When I started travelling quite a bit, I started staying at hotels, and the moment I started staying at hotels I needed understood that they offer nails, look at the mirrors, they are for nails, they are for their shaving, you look at the counter space, this is for males, these are not for curling irons, or a bag with a look at how showers are made. They're made for meals. Like for example, a handheld shower is very helpful to a woman because she can very quickly kind of wash your hair or do something else. But these are for males. And the way even hangers hang in the closet after meals and I thought oh people of course, it's because women are not supposed to travel in the way work hours are defined. It's a very male arrangement. So no matter where you turn, you learn to betray yourself very, very, very early. I think we need to analyse very deeply and I'm very interested in that as a specialist in international affairs and international negotiations. What is fair Energy, how is feminine energy energy represent in the workplace? So let's talk about that. Hopefully, not that much makeup and no jackets, and we will discuss it. And I think you'll come to very interesting ideas. I would love


to find out more on when we were sort of talking about this the other day, you know, the terrible, terrible war that's happening. And for you to be Ukrainian, you've got family, how's that affecting you? Like what's give us some insight into because all we see is through the media. And, and you go there quite a different perspective on things when we were chatting the other day. So I would love for you to provide insights into what's happening. From your perspective. Yeah.


First of all, all relatives are there, all of them, parents are there. And when you have elderly parents is difficult to take care of them, when you are in one country in one city will add the Ocean between us. And then on top of it at the war. And let me tell you the first thing that people say, Oh, how terrible it is a terrible thing. And at first, this is how I defined wars. Well, I did not understand did not have any other perspective. In fact, let me confess to you, I was talking to my daughter, and we were discussing how quickly Ukraine will fall. And we were even secretly hoping for it. Because they were thinking as long as people do not shoot just as long as people do not shoot. Okay, anything, anything. And then suddenly, unexpectedly for myself. Number one, Ukraine did not fall. Yeah, the capital of Ukraine did not fall. And thirdly, I understood why they shouldn't. I was so surprised, because that was the only thing I wanted. Like, I was telling my daughter, who cares, okay, as long as banks stay open, grocery stores stay open, what do I care whether it's Russia, or Ukraine, or years you do, and I did not know it. That was the greatest greatest discovery that I possibly could have. That when people say, war is terrible, I will say terrible, and very often necessary. And very often you have to have it. And very often, you have to get to the end of it. And you have to promise us to promise yourself to live after it if God allows. But that's number one. You know, it also applies to a personal life, how many times we avoid battles inside of us, wars inside of us that needs to be waged. And we don't have them because we you don't want to have a war. And you have to have it. That was such a surprise. No. So Oh, we didn't wait a minute. Wait a minute, because I had such a conversation with God on that subject. Because I will say, for goodness sakes, God, if you exist, do you see what's happening? Like, well, let me tell you something about that. So 23rd of February, I'm going to bed reading a book, you know, normal thing, telephone rings. And I'm thinking, you know, like any child, I'm saying, Oh, for goodness sakes, parents already talked to you today. We don't need to talk one more time. What is it? babysitting me? I don't need you babysitting. So I answered the phone very, very disgruntled. And my mom says, Tyra, we're being bombed. Wait, bombed? What do you mean, bombed? How can you be bombed? It's only in the movies that you're bombed, you cannot be bombed and realised. And the feeling that came immediately was a feeling of complete on protectiveness. Like complete, like literally you cannot. You cannot define anything. Like, for example, I spent half of the night today discussing my parents live close to the airport. And several rockets. were shocked by Russians there. And so we're discussing, is the rocket going to fall? Is it not going to fall? How are you going to run from the ninth floor to the first floor? These aren't really people? How will they go to the bomb shelter? What are they going to be in the bomb? Do do with the bomb shelter, and on and on a gosun? Sadly, it occurred to me, what are we discussing? Let's just go to bed and sleep. If this is your last night, so be it. And this is one of the lessons of the war. You actually surrender your life to God. Like war is an illustration of how life should be. Please don't laugh at me. One of the promises that I made to myself is that from now on to the end of mine Life, I will live as if I'm in the middle of the war. And when I say to people, people get so displeased with me, they say, What do you mean? You need to lead a peaceful life, you need to be very peaceful on side. Yes, in terms of never hated the enemy. And that is a special mechanism, how you go about it, because I had to go through it. Because the first impulse, I will hate you, I will hate you, I will hate you. And it's very easy. Actually, it gives you fuel so that you could continue. And then I changed my mind. So the first lesson is that I learned that from now on, I will live as if I'm in the middle of the war. And that is such an unexpected lesson that I never thought I would ever learn. And if you are interested, me, I tell you why.


Yes, please, yes. Number one, you throw away any expectation for any outcome out of your life. And at the same time, you do not become passive, you actually move very fast. You do a lot, you Fight like a lion, what you don't think about one moment, outside of that situation, you don't think about tomorrow, you don't think a week ahead, you plan and plan very well, which you don't think about it. And your emotions are not tied up to any results. Because you're always end up thinking about the future. The war removes it like you would not believe immediately just cut it off, you literally do not know whether you will be able to survive. Even if I physically survived to the end of the war, what's going to happen to my parents, what's going to happen to my relatives, and a lot of things already happened. So that's Lesson number one. Lesson number two is live life extremely intensely, at the moment in the moment, because your life hangs on it. Imagine I see the soldiers in in the trenches. These people move like lightning, they act effectively think on their feet. And they do not worry or a madness or anything, move. They do stuff. And the moment I started doing stuff, life became so much easier for me. And I, I was the one who would be lying in bed, thinking how unhappy I am and how much childhood trauma I have. Speaking about childhood trauma, here's what the war taught me. You know, how many years I spent analysing childhood trauma and seeing what's behind it, and how much it affected my thinking. And then I become very disgruntled, and then I feel there is no future. Let me tell you, when you formed a picture of your future, and you grasp it, concentrate on the future, even if you have one day to live this future, your image in that future, your promising future, your hopeful future, suddenly will wake up other parts of you. And these other constructive parts of you will be able to move you forward rather than set a buy on the bank of the river thinking about your unfortunate life. And this is the second lesson that I was able to understand. The third thing live, divinely Kelis. And you know what I mean, is, in English speaking cultures, one of the very strong thing, the things that are being stressed is to be responsible. Yeah. And then people become so responsible that they literally kill themselves, because


they cannot change. They cannot address they cannot handle and then they feel guilty. And then a lot of energy goes into guilty. For example, you sit in Australia, you look at the war in Ukraine, and you think, how am I going to stop it? What am I going to do to strong? And at first I thought that too. I'm sitting in the United States and I'm looking at all of this. And then it dawned on me. I thought, wait a minute, Tyra. You're a single mother. Why don't you go ask your friends and just start asking them how are you doing? How are you doing? How are you doing? And I started tracking about 150 people. How are you doing? Are you alive? How are you doing? How was your night where you bombed? How you doing in just when so contact and which I would never have done in my real life. And I thought life was simple. Just reach out, ask people how they are. Just don't don't worry about it, just ask them, they will welcome it. 99 point 99% will welcome it more over as they are welcoming. Energy just flows to you, and feeds your heart. And I, after two or three days of this reaching out, a lot of energy started coming my way from the war torn Ukraine. And I'm thinking, Wait a minute, wait a minute. So here is my hungry, separate heart suddenly feels connected. Because you thought about them. They are grateful to you gratitude flow flows to you, then from you flows to them. And I'm thinking, Oh, mama, that's how you can live. I'm going to continue. So I thought, Okay, I'm a single mother. So the closest thing to me is I'm thinking about Ukrainian single mothers, because it was one of those. And I started thinking, Oh, my God, these people cannot work right now, when the salaries are not paid. Why didn't I find several single mothers and help them. And the moment I mentioned that to one doctor, she's a doctor at the hospital, she said, All I'll send you and she sends me three to four to find names, I don't remember. And she says this one is a single mother has a child needs chemotherapy does not have the money for chemotherapy. Second one has a child without his need to buy medicine. And she gave me that list. And I looked at that I looked at my bank account and started sending money and very quickly understood hold tight here that will not work like this. And I immediately understood that this is not how you help people, you don't not deplete your bank account, what you do you connect your energy with the energy of other people. So we put together a short story describing the situation with each woman with each woman. And I knew that, um, I mean, talk to each one of them, and put a short story. And money started pouring so much so that in three days where it had 18,000. And I look at this, I'm thinking, Oh, this is how the world works. It works through energy. So the only thing we need to move in today's world is energy. In order for us to move that energy, you just need to open your heart and connect. Because the money has not left the planet, there is abundance of money in we just need to connect and move energy around and I thought wow, but it also relates to my life as well. Oh, God, this is a lesson I should learn for myself. Moreover, when you talk to the single mothers because of the war situation, it's not like, like, you know, there is this distance and you posture yourself and she passed yourself. No, you bond immediately. You say, Listen, what do you need to know? I'm kind of new, I can do it. I say forget about you're doing it? Can you do? Do you have the money? No. Okay, do you mind if we raise the money? No, but I'm able bodied individual. I'm not supposed to take money from anybody. So forget about that. Do you need it? Yes. Okay, do I have your permission to raise it? Yes. And so they were learning to receive. And you should see, like, you give them the money, and you get all the energy back. So I will be sitting in the middle of the night figuring out how to send money to refugee camps. And then I will be talking to them. And you feel like their heart just flies to me and my heart flies to them. And I thought, Oh, I'm in the middle of the war, and I have never been happier. How did that happen to me? And that happened to me. And I thought, but this is my Ukrainian war technology. But how many Americans or how many people in English speaking worlds, which are individualist based worlds and I, as a cultural analyst, know what it is, and would love to explain it if anybody's interested. But one of the problems are our English speaking world is that we are taught to go through everything alone. Yes. And these war societies taught me to connect, connect, connect, hell, help, move, connect, talk, move, connect, without any expectations without any expectations for results. And so people who give the money I will be sending them emails saying this money went to this one and this one and he's doing this this This, I am joyous about it. People who gave money a joyous about it. People who receive money are joyous about it. And the whole world wins. And I'm thinking, Oh, this is how new economy should be working, because I experienced it. And I did not know about that mechanism. I literally did not know. So the war helped me in that. So this is another lesson that I learned. And another one, which also talks about responsibility, I actually understood that you need to live like Ukrainian soldier. And let me tell you, what do you want. I will explain Ukrainian soldiers write letters now, where they say, We know that prayer works, we know. And they describe it. I actually read one such letter in in one such letter, it says fear is enormous, because definitely just staring you in the face and hear compressions. And then suddenly you feel that you feel a bolt of light, and you feel that you become invisible to them.


And at first, they did not quite understand how it adds up, because it's very strange. And then they figured out that somebody is praying for them. And they they would become invisible, or suddenly they fear will leave them and they will be able to think and they will be able to act the good one. Yeah. And so what I'm saying is Ukrainian soldier counsel God, unfortunately, that privilege has been taken away from a Russian soldier and I know why. And I can explain. So against all odds, Ukrainians are women, winning Russians are losing Russians have more population, larger country, more armament, more everything Ukrainians are winning, why prayer. So Ukrainians count on God. They rely on God, they are pushed against the wall. This is how they live now. And I thought, Okay, I'm going to warn it. Ukrainian soldier is a joyful and a sin that he knows that he's in the groove of His Spirit. So if you're not in the groove of your spirit, move away, do whatever, but you need to be in the groove of your spirit. Because once you're in the groove of your spirit, you move like lightning. And you are more successful than others. You're more skillful than others. You don't know how it happens, but because it's because you're in the groove of your spirit, you move with your spirit. And here's the lesson I saw never ever, ever, ever, ever, ever will ever betray myself ever. Because look at them. Russians have everything Ukrainian said nothing. Ukrainians have spirit Russians don't. That's the difference. If Russians had spirit, they will be unconquerable. And in the, in the meantime, it's a huge country falling into abyss. And it will, it will unfortunately, most unfortunately it will. Because you cannot go away from spirit away from Spirit on father from Spirit on wind. Now, honey, that's not how it works. Go back, back, back. Don't ever separate yourself from God. And I thought, Oh, this is how I'm going to live my life. Never do anything that is not in the groove. Never be anywhere where it's not in the groove, because that's what makes you successful. And this is explains that Russian or Ukrainian behaviour, like for example, Ukrainian soldiers are divinely careless, divinely killers that they unlock weight by the weight of responsibility. They know all they have is the present moment. And they have their machine gun or their rifle. And they can act on the moment, do the best they can. That's it. If you're killed, you killed if you're not killed, you're not killed. In the end, all you can do is try to connect with God inside of you and feel and then the moment you connect with God inside of you, then you start feeling it becomes a channel like in literally in not a thermodynamics but in quantum physics, energy, energy, underlying energy of particles. That's what the world is built on. And that energy is not flowing to you. This is another lesson I learned. All these are watching the war.


Oh my gosh, Tara, that's my whole body is


just the energy has connected with me and the messages that you've just shared is so incredibly powerful from a perspective of Oh my gosh, I've got so many words going around in my head, but


we should live with


just how much should even just your lessons from law, the war in how to leave that just applies to us in our everyday doesn't


equate to real quick. Can I see one more thing? If I'm talking too much. There is one more lesson, I started looking at countries. And I started asking myself why some countries are successful and why others are not. And you know why each country has its own idealised image for which it was created. Like, America has won, and Russia has won and Ukraine has won. If you if the nation lives, her ideals, it will prosper. Yeah, if the nation does not live her ideas, it will no matter what you do, no matter how many natural resources are there, it's because are there they will not prosper? How many arguments were had at international negotiations? Because the guys I work with say, oh, no, these is the fight for mineral resources. So this is an obsolete way of life. The only fight today is for your own set of ideals, then you're living aligned to these ideals. That's the only way to success, no other way. And they say no, no. Strategies of banking, investment banking. No, this is how you make money. You calculate, I'm thinking this is all obsolete. This is the beginning of the 21st century. This is it. It's 2022. Now, it's following the energy fall or in the energy of your idealism, and idealism of the highest possible kind. Yeah. And this is so unusual, because they say no, you're not. You're like Pollyanna. Yes. The more of a Pollyanna, the wealthy, you're going to be. Yeah, I didn't. prising way of thinking. I did not understand it.


Yeah, I 100% agree with what you're saying about if we follow our ideals, then we will prosper as on practical ism scenes. Yes, yes, yes. And I think that for a lot of people, and especially the community that this will be going into is about women, coming back to what what is important to them in life. And, you know, when you are clear about what's important for you, and live your life in alignment with that, then we prosper.


And it's lovely, is that's why I could not continue my quote unquote, successful career in a political in the political world. The heart was not engaged. Whereas at first, I was building a relationship between Russians and Americans, I felt that this relationship defines the future. In the moment I saw that was not possible. That's it. I looked at Putin a couple of times, and I saw forget about you, dude. Hopeless, I cannot work with you, I will have to wait.


And I think that's a really important point to tiara that. When sometimes when we do follow a path, that sometimes that path changes, and that's okay, that we get when we get if it doesn't fit in alignment with who we are and where we're heading, then it's okay to change that path.


The energy is the guide the energy, energy is your along the way. But sometimes the energy leads you you could do some thinking this is not practical, new home or to not do that this is not practical. And war is so unpractical that you learn not to do practical things, you learn to do what the Energy wants you because the stakes are very high. It's your life. Yes.


That's beautiful. That's beautiful. But before we close, could I ask you because you are reaching out, you said one of the things that you've been doing is you've been making contact with some women in Ukraine, and that you've been able to raise some funds. And we talked about this briefly the other day. Is there anything that our community my community can do to assist with that? Now I'm very conscious that you know, the International pneus of it. Like is there anything that we can practically do to support you know, women that you've been in contact with? Others force


for, say the following, you know, each one of us, I would like to say very, very clearly. Ask your heart does your heart want to share share money with the women is the heart says that you need to your own Hancock do not give it away, then your haircut is more important. Forget about all these moral standards, I am supposed to be held no, no obligation, no, no obligation whatsoever. Ask your heart. Now, these women are just wonderful. They never complain. Honestly, these people never complain, I am amazed by what they take. And they don't even think it's a sacrifice. So I have on my Facebook page, there's two or there is a story and GoFundMe link to where to contribute money. But people do not contribute. If your heart does not respond to it, no obligation whatsoever. Do not give obligation, money, obligation, money does not work, don't give obligation, anything obligation, anything does not work. But let me tell you what actually works. We all need to unite and pray all of us. It is a very powerful, very powerful, very potent energy that literally shapes the New World. I would like also to say the significance of the war in Ukraine is that it's just not a military conflict. And I will be very honest, I would say that it's just a military conflict. What can you do about that? It's not about Russia. It's not about Ukraine. It's changing the global order. International Security, government institutions, international institutions, the place of women in life, the way of life, the way countries are going to be talking to each other. By virtue of Ukraine being word is, Could you kindly trust my word of a political analyst? It is changing global order. That's where the significance of this war is. So the more prayer for the light ahead of us, the more we will benefit in United States, US Israeli Ukraine, Russia. And by the way, Could you kindly pray for Putin? Don't wish him death, he will die anyways. But maybe just maybe, just maybe he will not throw a nuclear bomb. You see, something will shift in his mind. Could you pray for Russians? Could you pray because they are desperate right now, they already know they are feeling and they do not have any light at the end of the tunnel. But these are people too. We will have in other words, the New World Order needs not punish people only. But it also needs to rehabilitate them. This is the new approach. This is a new compassionate approach. They will get there what what what would you say what they deserve? But we also simultaneously need to give them a hand and say, let me help you climb out of that hole. And that was the hardest discovery for me. I did not want I did not want it. I did not want it. I want it to hate Russians. And it's easy for me to hate them.


Gosh, Tierra that's just such a.


Everything you've said has been so incredibly powerful and insightful and moving. And it's about that love sending love and light to everybody. No


matter how bad they are, no matter how hopeless they are. Don't choose between good and bad, actually give back more even than you give good because they're needed more because they have such lack of light there. And I'm both Russian and Ukrainian. I mean, listen, Russia is not an alien country to me. In Yes, I understood its imperial period disease. And I would love to tell you what I had to go through. Because I am not a Russian blonde. And trust me, you will hear from them that I am possibly Jewish or I'm from the Caucasus and that means me a second Greek person, that's a disease. And if there is racism or fascism or Nazism anywhere, pray, pray, pray, if you can share your mind only if your heart allows it, no obligation. I hate these envelopes that come to me every day. Or for example, there are some advertisements, which the feeling of guilt.


We get phone calls here in Australia, asking for donations and money and that cannot be healed. I find that very, gets very confusing. So somebody


has the right to call your home and you could be in the middle of pumping. This is intrusive, invasive, crude oil. tactless? Yes, I consider this an abomination. Who needs that money?


Yeah. And it's also when you talk about the energetic exchange. And so if any of the community here does want to be able to share, I'll share your Facebook details here. And people can if they feel called to do that, then they can support. Only they want to know exactly, exactly, yeah, there was something that I was when you were talking about, you know, shifting from hate to love and sending light that's also in our own lives when we have struggles and when we have, you know, maybe people that we find challenging situations we find challenging, I think the same message goes there as well is to send love and not hate to that, because that then can help us yes, that energy, shift the energy around things.


I'll tell you what, however, there is a caveat there. And I remember very well, very often, what happened to me is, I will be suppressing my anger, and I will force myself to be good. And so I was sending love, but in reality was not love, it was forced, I want to be good. And I want to get brownie points for being good and moral. So if you're angry, just be angry, be feel would ever and feel as long as you want to. Because if you allow yourself to heal, you actually will get to the end of it. If you do not allow yourself to feel that's a goes like beach ball, which you push down. So in any case, I myself a student of this situation in my life, and this was my sharing.


Tiara, it's been absolutely beautiful. And I think that this, we could, you know, we could talk for hours and hours and hours, and it probably was an opportunity to, to reconnect. And maybe we can do that with a, you know, a group of women have it more interactive next time.


It's all wonderful. But if people are bored to death, hey, they should run the other way. So forgive me


if that's because I've been absolutely so engaged. And so it's been part of my journey to meet you and to hear from you. And just to be able to connect with you. It's just been such an honour and a privilege. And I really am very, very grateful that we were brought together and that we're able to connect. And I think that by sharing this chat that we're having will also you know, spread that energy around to others. So I really love and appreciate that the time that we've had together. So


thank you. Thank you very much.


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