How to let go and move forward in life
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There are many and varied tools and techniques you can use to help live your best life. I wish I could collate and summarise them all for you into one easy to implement guide … mmm, that’s an idea for later …!!!!

What I can do for you now though, is to choose the one thing I am currently focusing on in my own quest for personal life mastery and share the tips that have worked for me.

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I’m focusing on letting go. Letting go of what no longer serves me – limiting stories I’ve told myself, unresolved emotions, and a way too active inner critic.

In letting go I’ve been able to acquire a sense of peace and freedom. I’ve been able to break free from limits and step into a new place of inner peace with a big dollup of excitement of what the future holds thrown in.

There are a variety of situations where it can be useful to let go. The tips below have worked for me and countless others and I hope they work for you too.

Before you can let go of things, you need to know what it is you’re letting go of.

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To start the process, take a look at your current situation and assess how satisfied you are with yourself and your life. What’s working? What’s not as good as you’d like it to be?

For anything that’s not where you want it to be, dig deep and ask yourself why. Be quiet and allow the answers to come – they are there if you listen.

When you know why things aren’t working as well as you’d like, you can now focus on what you’d like to change. When you know what you want to change, there will be aspects for you to develop and grow and others you will want to release and let go of.

To let go of some things it can be as easy as setting the intention to let them go. Easy. Simple,  Effective. But alas, this doesn’t work for everything. Try it and see how you go. It may save lots of time and effort.

For anything you’re not able to release by setting an intention to do so, try journaling. This is a process of setting your intention and adding steroids! It’s hugely powerful. I’m a massive fan of journaling – I use various techniques and when I’m focusing on letting go, I use a technique called ‘Free Form Writing’.

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I take out loose pages and start in a number of ways:

  • If I have a set question I want to explore, I will write the question at the top of the page and then listen to my inner guide for a response. I write the response, ask more questions and let the flow of the free form writing take place.
  • When I don’t have a specific question I want an answer to, I write ‘What can I let go of?’ or ‘What’s not serving me right now?’  and then listen and start the free-form writing process from there.
  • Sometimes I write for a set time period, others I let it flow until it runs out.
  • When I’ve finished my free form writing, I take the loose pages and burn them. I love this part of the process – burning things is very cathartic! I place the pages in a special fire-proof bowl and let them burn. While they’re burning I set the intention for letting go of what I wrote and say a little incantation to release the contents with love.
  • I dispose of the ashes away from my home and surrounds so it is energetically released and let go for good.

I cleanse my surrounds and release energetic ties to anything I’m focusing on releasing. Sage becomes a very close friend during this process.

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Another quick and easy ‘letting go’ technique is ‘One-Minute Mindfulness’

  • When you breathe in – say the word ‘Relax’ and imagine positive energy flowing into your body
  • When you breathe out – say the word ‘Release’ and imagine anything you want to let go of, flowing out of your body
  • Do for one minute, or longer if you wish.


Act as if. Visualise yourself and your life when you’ve let go and dissolved what is no longer serving you. What do you see and notice how you are feeling.

Change your perspective. Instead of focusing on what no longer serves you, look at how it has served you in the past. Acknowledge this part of you and thank it for helping you when you needed it. I honour all those parts of me as they have led me to who I am today. Changing my focus to honouring my past instead of wishing it gone has been a huge breakthrough for me. Simple and very effective and incredibly liberating.

Try these tips and see how you go. Some things are easy and effortless to release, whilst others are pesky and stay lurking beneath the surface.

If you would like some assistance with letting go of things that are stopping you from moving forward in life, reach out. I have a few other tools in my toolkit that can help you identify, accept and release what needs to be gone… for good!

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