How to create extraordinary results
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Do you want to achieve extraordinary results and fulfilment in your personal and professional life? If so, you need to get crystal clear about what you want and laser focused to make it happen.

Everything in the Universe is governed by powerful and unchangeable laws. One of those is the Law of Attraction – like attracts like.

Think of yourself like a powerful magnet (because that’s exactly what you are). Whatever is happening in your life right now, you have created by repeatedly focusing on it – where energy flows, attention goes; what you focus on expands.

Take a few minutes to think about where your energy going?

Awareness of where you place your attention is absolutely key to achieving extraordinary results.

Here are six things to consider so you can get your energy flowing in the direction of your goals and desires:

1.    What are you focusing on?

What do you spend your time thinking about? Notice your thoughts – are you thinking about your goals, or are you thinking about what’s getting in the way of achieving them? It’s interesting to stop and reflect and be curious about what is taking up the real estate of your mind.

2.   What you focus on expands

You are the creator of your thoughts. You will attract whatever is most often and most powerfully on your mind and in your heart. Like attracts like – it’s the basis of the Universal Law of Attraction. Things with similar energy levels are drawn to each other, so whatever energy you put into the world comes back to you. Put simply, what you focus on expands and is attracted to you.

3.   Focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want

Because like attracts like, it makes sense to be focusing on what you want to attract into your life. Get a clear vision of what you want to achieve and become laser focused with all the details.

A quick and easy way to do this is to imagine you’re watching a movie scene of the life you want to create. See yourself in it and feel how wonderful it is to be living this magnificent life. Imagine it as though it’s already happened. Experience it in your mind and feel the joy and fulfilment it brings. Also feel the gratitude you have for this life scene, for gratitude is the emotion that is the rocket fuel to make it happen.

4.  Focus on what you can control

Put your energy into focusing on what you can do something about. Don’t expend your energy on the things that will never change or are out of your control. By focusing on what you can’t control will take your energy and attention away from the things  which can make a difference.

Make a list of what you can control in a given situation. Make another list of what you can’t control. Be honest with yourself, on where you are spending most of your energy and attention. How can you focus more on the things you can control? What would that look like?

5.   Set yourself meaningful goals

When you’re thinking about what you want to achieve, think about it in terms of the outcome you are after and the specific measurable results. Don’t only think about the WHAT, also think about WHY that is important to you. Don’t set yourself a goal because someone else is doing it; set yourself goals that have meaning and purpose for you.

When you have clarity about what you want, ask yourself what it would mean to you and how it will change your life. This intrinsic motivation is the fuel to propel you forward to achieve these goals.

6.   Focus on achieving those goals

And we’re back to focusing on what you want. Forget all the bright and shiny bibs and bobs that are distracting you – focus on bringing your goals alive. Break your goals into manageable tasks and create a plan to make them happen.

Follow your action plan to keep the goals front and centre in your mind. Remember, what you focus on expands. By focusing on achieving your goals and taking steps each day, no matter how big or small,  you’ll be living your goals, not just dreaming about them.

Don’t underestimate that power of your mind and where you are focusing your energy … you are a magnet and you are attracting all the time, whether you know it or not, and whether you believe it or not. The Universe responds to whatever you are creating and visualising in your mind, so why not focus on what you want to create – this is what will lead to extraordinary results and a fulfilling life.

This is your chance to reimagine your future and make it happen. If you’d like some guidance, reach out – I’d be delighted to help. Catherine x

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