How I healed through grief to whole-heartedly embrace happiness…


Welcome to the Happiness Hive Podcast with host Catherine Bowyer, in this inaugural episode Catherine vulnerably shares with us her journey to how she *quite literally* has made it her business to help women get connected to their own happiness.  From an idyllic, country-living childhood to a fateful day that forever changed Catherine’s life, hear how she navigated the ups and downs of real grief, tragedy and sadness to embrace living passionately and from the heart.

In this episode you’ll also hear:
– why somebody seeing Catherine’s spark and investing in her developed her gift to do that for other people
– the role professional and personal development played in creating a unique combination of modalities for Catherine to help others with
– the moment she made the decision to make her life the best and most beautiful life possible
– what happiness means to Catherine and her daily process to ensure she stays connected
– how Catherine went fro almost school drop out to successful, thriving career woman
– what Catherine does on the tough days, when life feels overwhelming, sad and hard and so much more!

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Welcome to this introductory episode of the happiness hive chats, I am so excited that you're here. In this intro episode, I'm going to share with you a little bit about who I am and why I started the podcast in the happy chats. I really am fascinated by human behaviour and why people do what they do. I meet lots of amazing people. And I'm intrigued by them. And I'm especially intrigued by all the gorgeous and beautiful women that I meet. And I'm wondering how they do life, the women that are going to be chatting with me, they all inspire me for a whole range of reasons. And I want to chat with him about that. And because each person inspires me for different reasons that episodes in the chats are going to be quite different. The essence of that will be about who they are and how they do life, and what's the magic that makes up who they are. So what are those secret ingredients to how they do life. So the chats are going to be slightly different depending on where the women are at in life and their life stories and just the direction of other chats go on the day as well. I really want these chats to be like your with your girlfriends, that you're hanging out with them, say, Sunday afternoon cocktails, cup of tea, or whatever you do with your girlfriends. And I want it to be like you're having those beautiful, gorgeous time chatting about life sharing stories, laughing, having fun, that you're in each other's company, and you're just there, you being in the presence of each other laughing learning, hopefully, there's going to be some inspiration from the stories that you hear and pearls of wisdom that will drop. I know that from the chats that I'm having with the women, and the pearls of wisdom, we're going to be different for each person that's listening. And what I'd love for you at the end of each of the episodes is to say I'd like a little bit of what she's having. I'd like a little bit of that in my life. You know, maybe there are elements that you can incorporate into your life, or at the very least, it's about listening to stories from women that you possibly wouldn't have gotten to meet otherwise. They are women from all walks of life and from around the world. It's about hearing the stories and being in the space and the power and the beauty in what women have to share. And it's my hope that the chats though there'll be fun, there'll be a little bit of happiness into your life a little bit of time out for you in your day filled with some inspirations. The conversations are real, their role, and they're going to be fun, nothing's off limits. And depending on the topics that we're talking about, there might be some elements that could be a little bit challenging and confronting. But my goal is for the conversations to be about how women do life their way. My business is the happiness hive. And I focus on happiness. As the name suggests, it's the community for happiness. And for me, happiness is the new success. If you focus on having more happiness in your life, everything else just falls into place. And before I go on too much more about my business, I'd like to share a little bit about who I am and how I came about to doing what I'm doing. Some of you will know my story, some of you possibly won't know. But what I want to do is share a bit about who I am and how I got to be where I am now. I grew up in country, New South Wales. I was born in the city. And then our family moved to regional in New South Wales when I was about five, and it was a beautiful country town. really welcoming family life was great. It was almost idyllic that mom and dad were really active parents, their lives revolved around the kids. I had two older brothers, I was the youngest and the only girl so you can imagine what that was like. It was a nice space to be. And it was just beautiful. It was really, really lovely. Growing up. Dad was a solicitor in the country town, very highly regarded and very involved in our sport and the community, especially the church. Mum was, oh my gosh, she was just such a rockstar of a woman. She was energetic and vibrant. She She was really involved in the community. And it's lovely to look back and reflect on but she was very involved in establishing and supporting women's groups in the town which was, which is lovely to think about. She was also involved in the church. And I think that's where mom and dad met actually in the church at Sydney. And then they got married. She volunteered, she wasn't working. A lot of women in the 70s weren't working while they were raising family. So Mum did a lot of volunteering. And she volunteered at the school. She was the queen of crafts. She would come into school and she would help us make all these amazing


I still got one of them. I think I might have been about eight, eight or nine when I made this. It's a laundry and a pyjama bag. And it is the scariest looking thing that you can ever imagine. It's a scary ass clown. And I can only imagine what mom was thinking about my abilities because I am definitely not the queen of crafts. I think I missed that. When they were handing out those domestic abilities. I think I must have been talking in line or something because I definitely missed out on that mom didn't she? She was so resourceful. She used to make all of our clothes and being a woman of the 70s She would wear calf 10s all the time. And I remember one particular calf 10 You know that fabric that says soccer fabric, which is that bubbly cotton fabric, it's like tablecloths, tablecloths, picnic tablecloths, and made out of seats like that. But anyway, she made matching kaftans for her and me. And for my Barbie doll. Like we will these matching soccer captains. And there was this other fabric. I remember it so beautiful. It was this light blue with white maps of Hawaii. On the fabric. She made me a captain out of that and I just thought I was the bee's knees. She was so resourceful. She was such a woman of her times. She got a knitting machine. And she would knit us jumpers she would need everything was needed. And I think she was trying to get us tracksuit pants at one stage she was trying to work out a pattern of how to make pants for us. And she was probably a really cool thing. Not in the 70s Do you know so many so many beautiful memories flooding back into my mind and one. We're not a snow family. I remember going to the snow and outer bobbins were chaff bags like wheat bags that mom had engineered for us. And we didn't have there was no ski deer at all. And we used to I used to have those laybuy runners which are those Canvas denim runners so to protect them from getting wet Mum used and I'm pretty sure they those big green garbage bags that she would put over my shoes and my legs and then sticky tape them to my legs. I wouldn't get wet. And I remember one other memory that we were a camping family. So we did a lot of our holidays were camping holidays, and we saw a lot of Australia camping around the place. And I remember one particular holiday we were in we were in remote bushland, and there's a photo of mum in her calf 10 camping out in the bush in her calf. 10. So oh my gosh, just such beautiful, beautiful memories growing up. But things. Things changed really, really suddenly. And on the day before my 12th birthday. My mum was in she was in Sydney, helping my eldest brother to move out of home and get settled. And so it was the day before my birthday. And my dad, I remember dad coming into my bedroom. And he said, he said Mom's gone. Like, yeah, I know. She's in Sydney. And he said, No, she's gone. She's not coming back. And it was like, What? What I don't even know if he said that she had passed away. I really don't know, my whole world just went numb and black. And just all the lights that sorry. So what was it gonna do that? That gorgeous woman with that gorgeous, beautiful energy. That was the light of our life. She was only 36 years old, and she just suddenly passed away in Sydney. Sorry. She passed away. And there was no inkling that was even going to happen. It was just so sudden that she had she certainly had asthma growing up and she had asthma. But it wasn't life threatening or not that we were aware of life threatening that she passed away. And the light about family just went out


that it just oh god you can tell the emotion still there for those of you that have ever lost a loved one. The grief doesn't go away. You you learn to live with it. That what happened for me so I don't even know if mom was due to come back that day or the next day for my birthday. But everything just went dark and I feel got so lost and so alone and so confused and so angry, and so incredibly, incredibly sad. It was just this concoction of emotions that were running around it was, gosh, I don't even I don't even know that that really is just a void of repressed emotions. My dad, he might have only just been 14, and he had three teenagers to help raise. So I had no idea how do I even manage my emotions, I don't even think my dad knew how to manage his emotions. There was no counselling. This was in the 70s. This was in the late 70s. There was no counselling. It was like mom's gone one day. And now just get on with life. It there was just this nothingness in life. There was this nothing, it was this unwritten message that sort of said that it's not okay to be happy. Like, you can't be happy. But you can't show that you're sad. It was like we needed to live in this martyrdom because man had passed away and it was not okay to live or be happy or to laugh ever again. Because you know, that, like, I don't even know. That's just the message that I don't think that that was never ever said. But I just all I knew that. We didn't talk about mum, we didn't look at any pictures. We didn't. I just knew that if we talked about her, it was not a good thing to do. So I just got on with life. I just got on with life is going through my teenage years would just so confusing. So, so confusing. Having your role model no longer there. Not knowing being the only girl not being able to talk about your emotions, not knowing how to navigate the womanhood. Bloody hell. I remember, I hadn't even had my first period. I remember having to buy my, my bras, I remember to so many things that were just not cool. Look, right. And it's and looking back on it now. It's complete trauma. And I don't I hadn't kind of realised the magnitude of that trauma until later use that when you know working through this, but you can still hear the emotions are absolutely still there. So I got on with life. My my teenage years were very rocky, I was really angry. I was really angry kid. I didn't do well at school. I can see now the trauma that not being able to learn, learn. I don't even think I read a textbook at school, I blast my way through I was filled with anxiety, I became the class clown because that was at least releasing some emotions. And what I did discover is because I didn't know how to express my emotions. The only thing that I really found comfort in was food. And boy did I find comfort in food. And what happened in my teenage years was instead of just being this concoction of emotions and kind of resolved emotions in these buried emotions. Now as fat and angry and sad that I had a new problem that I just didn't feel good about myself. I I hate to comfort the emotions, but I put on weight and I started to not really like who I was. And it just became this cycle of it didn't I was gonna say self loathing, I don't even think it was self loathing it was just a cycle of numb pneus and the food help to heal the numbness. And then there was more numbness that happened because of the food. So it was just this really vicious cycle I got teased and bullied at school for being overweight.


Would you believe that I got it got a taste because my mother had just passed away. I remember a couple of girls that now looking through my my older years eyes, I can see that they weren't that they were hurting. But fuck, they were laying at schools that that teased me about my mum. I won't even say what they used to say. I didn't tell anybody about that. I just got on and dealt with it. But I think somebody must have heard or a teacher had come and said I hear that. They're saying things to you. Why don't you just go and sit in the library and get yourself together? And I was like Death parked in jail with these girls teasing me. That was my counselling, go and sit on your own in the library and get yourself together. Anyway, anyway, school was tough. And I had no idea what I wanted to do when I left school in the early 80s. That options kind of for girls, then we're teaching nursing or maybe be a secretary. And my dad was a solicitor, he really valued his secretaries. And he said, Why don't you become a secretary? Because you'll be able to get a job anywhere, like that will be a good thing for you. And I think, interesting now that you didn't say, why don't you become the solicitor, but that's a whole different episode. That's a whole different episode. My girlfriend was going to Business College, so we both both moved from the country town to Canberra. I was 17. I had just turned 17. And I went to business college, I love to being in Canberra, I love being out of home. But there was a new emotion that I hadn't experienced before. And it was guilt. I felt guilty that I was leaving my dad behind because my brothers had left home. But now I felt guilty. I felt responsible for him. So there was kind of that just another emotion added to the all the other unresolved emotions, but I love being in Canberra. I really love that being out of time. I did not love being at Business College. I we were learning, typing shorthand office management. It was like, Yeah, whatever. Do you know, I didn't love that. And then at the end of the programme, we were allocated jobs. My girlfriend got foreign affairs and has travelled the world numerous times, I got the tax office, and the typing pool in the tax office. So that's where I went. And it was in the days where people would write whatever it is that they needed to write, and they send it to the typing pool, we had to type it up zero errors. I was not a zero arrow type of person. I was not but I was just hating on life. I was not loving life. And at that age, you know, I must have done something right, because I got promoted pretty quickly to a steno toasted nog refer, which is like today's version of an AAA. And I got promoted to that role. And I was working directly with an executive and I would be typing for the division. And I just went into work every day with attitude, nine year old, full of attitude. It's in the days where we had tea ladies. And they had their trolleys they would wheel their trolleys around the office. And I'm like, Well, I'm not getting my boss a cup of tea, because the tea lady is there, he can get his own. That was kind of the attitude that I had. It's just like, full of so much. I wouldn't


have liked having me working for. But anyway, one day, he said to me, so Catherine, there's a really great opportunity that's coming up, come up, and I think you will be fantastic for it. I knew that it was just his out. He wanted to get rid of me. But I went, Yeah, yeah, whatever I'll do, and I'll give it a go. And it was teaching people to type. There was no training, it was a temporary position. And they said, you know how to type. So you can teach people to type it was in the, in the 80s, when people were learning to computers were being introduced into the workplace. So people needed to know how to use them. They needed to learn how to type. And it was like, Well, you know how to type so you can teach people to type. And I went, Yeah, yeah, whatever. So I gave it a crack. And there was something that happened. And I remember, I remember the room, the actual rooms that I was in that training room, and there was something that happened that I had never ever had not ever experienced before. And it was this feeling of Do you know what, I don't know if I can explain it that. Like, I actually really like what I'm doing, I felt I felt this spot that I had not felt, I think before my mum had passed away. I don't even know if any of us felt it before, but that joy and that was getting satisfaction for imparting information. And it was a real satisfaction with being able to help people to learn. And it was something that I had never experienced before. And the people that I was working with, they say Katherine, we really like what you're doing. And we want to offer you a permanent position, we can see something in you. And we want to be able to foster and develop that. And we have a whole range of professional training that we want you to participate in. And because we can really say something, we can see this as being a career path for you. And we'd like to support you in your study and to go the university, we can see that that will be a benefit for you and to study that adult education because that's going to help you to be even better at what you're doing. Without any trace. You know, you're doing this now with no training. So imagine what you can do with training anything. And I was just like, oh, my gosh, there was stuff happening. And this was an absolute pivotal point in my life. But definitely in my career, this was a turning point that somebody had seen something in me that I just didn't even know was a thing. That they were giving me an opportunity, they saw something in me, they were actually taking an interest in me. They were willing to devote and helped me to develop, they invested in me, not only with professional development, that he may is a person, they saw who I was. And I didn't even know any of that. So anyway, long story short, I loved. Ah, I loved all the amazing things that I was learning and looking back on my career in the tax office, just the opportunities that were there for me in some of the professional development programmes and the training that I participated in, in how profound they were. They were actually delivered by really high profile people at the time. And I just didn't appreciate that. But now looking back, I'm like, Oh, my God, I was just exposed to such amazing people and information. And that helped me certainly with my career. So in with the tax office, I ended up moving from teaching people to type two using computers and in administrative skills. And then I was working on our major leadership programme throughout the 90s. And that was amazing. That was amazing. I worked with a team and I was the key facilitator on the programme. And I reckon that there was a couple of 1000 people that went through that programme. And it was helping leaders to be great, so that they could help their teams and their organisations to be great. And as I look back on that part of my career, I really, really love it, and I look back so fondly. And it was like I was, you know, part of a team. But I was an internal consultant for the tax office. And it just lit me up.


Like, I didn't know that anything could light me up from coming from the darkness in the depths of despair, to being in a place where there is this light lighting up. And I was studying psychology at university, I was pinching myself from being a student at high school that didn't do that just was almost a dropout to studying at university was a real achievement, and to study psychology, and all the amazing tools of personal development, that really helped me to navigate through what I had been experiencing. And it was just beautiful. And I remember in my mid 20s, that I made the decision that I no longer wanted to live life, the way that I'd been living life with that attitude of anger and frustration, and all those stored negative emotions. And I did a lot of work about releasing those. And I made the decision then that I wanted to make my life the best and most beautiful life that could possibly be. And I wanted to be the best version of who I could possibly be. And I made that commitment to myself way back then when I was in my mid 20s. And that's the kind of the essence of who I am and what I'm all about. I live every day believing that it's going to be the best and the most beautiful life that I can possibly live. And when I was with the tax office, I guess just to in that loop, is I ended up managing a couple of our learning and development branches within the office. And the work that I did then lights me up as much now, you know, 35 years later, as it did back then. And I can absolutely see that that was part of my career path. And it was all falling into place. And I didn't see it at the time. But I can absolutely say that now. So fast forwarding, I left the tax office when when I had my kids and I ran a couple of home based businesses. And for those of you that don't know, you probably probably a lot of you don't know this, that I had a business as a stylist for a couple of years. And I loved that. But I wasn't ready to run that as a business. You know, at the style Absolutely. lights me up. That's one of my passions. So I ran some home based businesses. And I went back into the end work for another private training organisation. And that was a really gorgeous place to work. I really, really, really loved working there. And I would say 99% of the job was my ideal job. But I was never ever going to be the boss there. It was a family run business and it was a beautifully beautiful family run business. But I was never ever going to be the boss. So for that to happen, I needed to start my own business and I did that you know did a lot of soul searching about what that business would be, you know, I was tempted to go down the, the path of stylist in fashion. But I stuck with the training and the coaching and the consultancy. And I've been doing that for just over 10 years now. So coaching training, I primarily work with government and corporate organisations, and with the leadership cohort about helping them to be really great leaders, so they can develop really great teams and organisations. And I also work with private clients, of course. So that's what I do. In my business, I'm all about helping people to be truly happy, and create amazing lives for themselves, and to be the best versions of themselves and to live their best their best and most beautiful lives. Do not I'm not fussed about the title that I have in my job, I'm really focused on the results. And for those that you know me, I am focused on helping people to get clarity about what they want him to achieve in life, and helping them to make it happen. You know, I got asked in a recent interview about what happiness means to me. And I really believe that happiness is if we're happy, everything else will absolutely fall into place. And we can do whatever it is that we want to do. And if we're feeling good about who we are, in our lives, and living our lives, that everything else will be just fine. So that's where my focus is. And I got asked in that interview about what happiness means to me. And for me, there isn't one definite answer, because it means different things at different points in time. It is a kind of a mixture of a whole lot of things, but it's really about living a life that lights up my soul. And it's about sprinkling a little bit of magic in the lives of others. You know, happiness is about living a life that lights up my soul.


And that's why I try to focus on in my business is to be happy, my business lights my soul up because I get to interact with amazing, gorgeous people. But I help people to work out what happiness means for them. That's what makes me happy. And I focus on mindset success, achieving the results that you want to achieve. And I've spent over 35 years specialising in mindset, human behaviour and personal transformation. And I feel I don't know, I feel a little bit funny saying this, but I've literally worked with 1000s of people through my coaching and personal success programmes. And people have achieved have achieved the most incredible results in their lives. And some of the changes have been seemingly small and subtle. But the domino effect has really helped people to make big transformations in their lives. This is absolutely what lights me up. And I have a real passion for working with women, and helping women to break free from their limitations, you know, the shoulds in their life, I had a whole lot of liver tech men, I had bucket loads of limitations. And a lot of them resulted from you know, that mum passing that event of mum passing away and it kind of snowballed from there. And a lot of those were my interpretation of what happened, you know, if you ask my brothers their story, their version of the story, you probably get a slightly different version. So what I'm sharing with you is my interpretation. So it's really about how we get the mindset, right. And I love working with women, and helping them to shift their narrative around what their limitations are. And often it's about not feeling good about Neph about themselves. And I love helping them to just unapologetically reclaim their power, and to celebrate their magnificence and to really, really connect with who they are. Because what I find is a lot of people lose that connection that they've lost that connection with themselves. And I guess what I do with women who are wanting more from life is to, to help them to discover what that something more from life is. I've developed a framework called the happiness for LiFE framework. And this is where I help people to explore where they they are now, where they want to be and then how to translate that vision into reality. I'm the queen of practicality. My mum was the queen of crafts and practicality. And so I really focus on easy to implement steps for transformation to take place. My vision is our Gosh, my vision is to create a global community of inspired and motivated women who are making a difference in the world. They're doing that by first making a day Prince in themselves by madly, deeply loving who they are and being confident to be who they are. And to truly live the life that they want to live and to be just so happy that they bounce out of bed every day excited to live life. That is my vision. That is my absolute vision. And through my business, I run coaching and mentoring programmes and other personal success programmes. And I've recently introduced the happiness lounge membership club. And as I mentioned, I use the happiness for LiFE framework that I've created from everything that I've studied, personally. And the things that I've experienced personally, that the happiness for LiFE framework is very much based on science, psychology, my personal experience and also through the spirituality as well. I incorporate elements of that in there. And I show my the people I work with the clients the exact steps to reconnecting with who they are, so that they can believe in themselves and find their passion and build amazing authentic lives.


I guess the essence that is uniquely me that you're getting to know me through my story, and there's a lot that I haven't covered, but I've sort of covered the the main elements, that and you'll get to know more about me through the chats that I have with guests that I love life. I really, really love life, life excites me. I'm a little bit Oprah, with a dash of Audrey and a dollop of Dolly. There's a little sprinkling of Tinkerbell and there is a great big serving is free spirit in who I am. I love love love sunrises, especially at the beach. I love movie musicals. I love organising theme parties. I love eating anything with salted caramel and chocolate in it. And I love anything remotely woowoo. I am a spirit junkie from way back, you know so much. So I'm currently studying spiritual psychology. So all the things I love tied up together. And it's interesting reflecting on sharing my story with you. And being an almost dropout from school and really finding school challenging. I've become a lifelong learner and studying at university I have, you know, other qualifications under my belt, and I really have become a lifelong learner. So the recent one is about spiritual psychology. I am passionate about growth and transformation my own plus the people I work with. And I come into contact with my values in business, passion, belief, results, and integrity. I'm passionate about what I do, and helping people make changes in their lives. I believe in what is possible. And I help people to believe that too. And I am results focus Queen V. Integrity is about being true to me and living and doing business in accordance with what's important to me. And it's also about being true to the other people in my life that I'm working with, and living and sharing life with. Because I'm so intrigued as to what makes people tick. One of my superpowers, I think is to like I can I build rapport with people really quickly. I see them for who they are. And also what's getting in the way of them reaching their full potential. And I have a whole toolkit and a unique trust me, it's a unique combination of modalities that help people to achieve outstanding results in their lives. And I really do have lots and lots of tools in my toolkit. That a very, very, very cool in helping people to live amazing lives. And I think because I you know, is it because somebody saw something in me that they spark something that my gift is that I can see that the gifts in other people. And I help them to see that see that in themselves as well. I try to authentically walk my talk, which means embracing my vulnerability. I have tough days and I go through challenges just like the rest of you. Everything isn't a bed of roses all the time. And I don't pretend that it is. Am I happy all the time? No. Do I get the chips with people and things? Yes. Am I critical? Yes. Do I have days where I feel down and out? Absolutely. But I don't stay there for very long. I have my five minute pity party, then I get back on track with what I want in my life and that's to the commitment that I made to myself that my life is going to be the best life that I can make it so I don't hang in that pity party very much any more. The things that anchor me in, in business and in life. I live passionately and I live from the heart. This is through everything that I do my life and my business. And I have four overarching mottos that I try and incorporate into my, into my world into my life, and what I do through my business. And the first one is always believe something wonderful is about to happen. Make today ridiculously amazing, life is beautiful, and be the change that you want to see. And that is almost my overarching motto of life is to be the change that you want to see, if you want things to be different. You need to be the one that makes them being different. Don't blame others, don't expect others to do it, you be the change that you want to see in the world. And one of the other things that anchors me in life is about doing life in business my way, and not comparing myself to other people being really comfortable and confident in who I am, what my purpose is, and living my life absolutely in alignment with that. And the most important things to me on a daily basis is that, you know, most of the things on a daily basis stem from those overarching mottos that I make the most of life and I genuinely try to live my best and most beautiful life, I genuinely try to do that. And to do that is I live in that full radiance of who I am the full radiance of my soul. And that's been connected with my authentic self that is paramount to the life that I'm living is having that connection with who I am at my core. And also to help me have that connection is I have a very strong connection with spirit. So my spiritual practice and my daily happiness practices are very, very important to me. And the things I guess that I do I have quite a morning practice. So I gratitude when I wake up, I asked myself what wonderful things are going to happen today. I do visualisation meditation. And I do this most, I would say most days not every day. But a grounding a clearing and protecting process. I visualise the idea of me living in my full radiance. I think about my core values in life, which are happiness, health and wellness and living a rich and abundant life. So I visualise what that is for me, I visualise my gratitude and my manifesting wells. So that's all the things that I'm grateful for, and all the things that I'm wanting to manifest in my life and I spend time setting intentions for the day. And my evening practice is not quite as I'm definitely a morning person. So I get a lot of energy from the morning practice in the evening, I practice gratitude again, I reflect on, you know, lessons from the day and I do set bedtime and like evening intentions of what I want either assistance with what I want help with. And that is my connection with spirit as well and guidance.


Oh, if there's a message that I'm bursting from my heart for every woman, maybe every person to hear what is that message, that message is do life your way. We are all unique and beautiful women and people who have inspiring stories to share. And my goal is to chat with every person that I meet, and to hear their stories because there's always something to gain from just being in the presence of other people. And especially being in the presence of other women. So it's a very long list of all the people I want to talk to you but the message If my wish for you is to see the magic in your own story. And to see it in others as well and to be really comfortable, really confident to live life and do life your way like you do you boo. So I guess just in wrapping up a little bit more about my the happiness hive and how you can find out more about what I do. Subscribe to the happiness hive podcast, pop over to my website, which is www dot happiness hyphen And you can read more about my story and my path to happiness. Plus how you can work with me you can you can find that out from the website. If you would like to start or continue your own journey to happiness and live your best and most beautiful life. I really encourage you to join our community of inspired and motivated women. Join us at the happiness lounge that's my membership club and that it's a central hub for everything that you need. To be truly happy and live an amazing life, it's, it's in a new place to the happiness Lounge is new. And it's just such a beautiful community of women. And as I said, my vision is to grow that community. So I would love for you to be absolutely part of that. You can work with me one on one through my coaching and mentoring programmes. And this is where I dive deep with you into your personal situation and help you to fast track your results and work out what it is that you want in life and to create that lasting change. You can follow me on my socials at the happiness hive and also correct connect directly with me at Katherine at happiness hyphen Do you know what I love? I really do love connecting with people. And it would mean nothing more to me. If you reached out if you wanted to connect if you have questions you would like me to personally answer I would love that. So I hope you have enjoyed this intro episode. And it's given you a taste of what's to come. It's giving you a little bit of insight into me and why I do what I do and the chats moving forward this and just beautiful, beautiful women that their stories are so inspiring. I really have enjoyed getting to know these women, but chatting with them just takes that to a deeper, deeper level. And I would love for you to be part of that. So hopefully you've got a little bit of you know, thinking that you'd like a little bit of the happiness in your life. I would love to sprinkle some of that happiness stuff there. So Big hugs and happiness to you and I will see you in the next episode talking to one of our guests. Have an awesome awesome day.