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The Happiness Lounge is your premier membership program providing the ultimate place for self-discovery and personal life mastery.

$37 monthly OR $407 Annually


Master every area of your life

I’m on a mission to help change the lives of as many people as I can so they can live wildly happy and successful lives, where anything is possible.

Does this sound like you?

About the Happiness Lounge

Why should I subscribe

I created the Happiness Lounge to support women like you to live their best life.

I’ve experienced challenges and know what it’s like to feel lost and alone and not sure of how to move forward in life.  I know how confusing and overwhelming it is to get clarity about what I wanted in my life and also know what it’s like to be frozen in self-doubt and feel like it wasn’t ok to have the life I dreamed of.

So I created this Membership Club to make it easier for others to navigate their life path.  

I’m proud to have created the ultimate home and online community where you can access tools and resources to discover who you are and master all areas of your life so you can ultimately create the life of your dreams.

I’ve done the hard work for you – I’ve personally curated The Happiness Lounge to be your one-stop-shop and central hub for everything you will need to live your best life.  

You also get to be part of an incredible community who will support and inspire you along your journey.  I predict you’ll make lifelong friends too – an added bonus!

What’s included in your membership

The Happiness Lounge provides you with everything you’ll need to create your very own wildly happy and successful life.  

It follows the exact steps I have used on my own journey of self-discovery and personal transformation.  I have also used the tools and resources with the thousands of clients I have worked with in my 35+ years helping them to transform their lives and achieve outstanding results

I have done the initial work for you, figuring out what works and what doesn’t.  I have compiled everything into practical resources so you can implement them easily. Through my expertise and lived experience, the Happiness Lounge will help fast track your results.

Being in the Happiness Lounge will give you:

Being part of this Membership Club will give you the tools to create the life of your dreams where you experience happiness and success in all areas of your life.

What it costs

It’s difficult to put a price on living your best life – that’s priceless!

I wanted to create a Membership that was packed full of value and was at an affordable price.

As an exclusive introductory offer, you can join The Happiness Lounge at an unbelievable price.


$37 (+GST) (AUD) per month


$407 (+GST)  (get one month free)

The price you pay will be grandfathered in – meaning as long as you remain a member you will pay the price you joined at for the term of your membership.

You can cancel your membership at any time (and I will be very sad to see you go) – there is absolutely no lock in period. I do find that once women join, they never want to leave!

If you do cancel your membership and then want to rejoin at a later date, you will get your new membership at the advertised price.

Just letting you know, the current offer will only be available for a short time.  Prices will increase so I encourage you to start your membership now and lock in this unbelievable introductory offer.

Are you ready to take your life to the next level? Join The Happiness Lounge now … what are you waiting for?

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$37 monthly OR $407 Annually