Creating signature fragrances and essential oils with Deanne Kalda


In this episode of the Happiness Hive Podcast, Catherine chats to Canberra’s soul healing Aromatherapist, Deanna Kalda. Listen as the Queen of Calm shares about how  Aromatherapy helps you to live a happy, healthy lifestyle and the process of working with Catherine to create some signature scents for The Happiness Hive!

In this episode you’ll also hear:
– the importance of meditation and mindfulness when your outer world is chaotic
– the unique power of journaling and how it can heal you using your own process
– how different essential oils and scents can impact our mood and get you unstuck
– why Catherine chose to use essential oils to support her business and clients
– the way Catherine uses essential oils in her everyday life… and so much more!

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I am like super, super excited for today's podcast chat. Not only is my guest just a beautiful soul that I want to find out all about, she's helped me to create something so incredibly beautiful for my business that I'm just beyond excited to share with people. And we get to do that in today's podcast Chad. My guest, Dan colder. Adi, as she is affectionately known, is Canberras healing aroma therapist. She specialises in aromatherapy, consultations, coaching, treatments, and products to heal, and wait for this to deeply calm your mind, body and soul. And she loves helping women reconnect to their inner calm, so they can thrive at any age. And D is just the one of the karmis people even when for those that are watching us on the YouTube. D is calm. I've got my brights on today. But Dee is one of the Commerce people I know. And just being in her presence brings peace. So that's beautiful day. I've known Dave for a number of years through business connections being a guest at the happiness hive events. And more recently, it's just been beautiful to get to know Dee more personally. So Dee, welcome, welcome. How are you?


Thank you for that beautiful introduction. And thank you so much for having me. I'm so excited to chat all things, aromatherapy lifestyle, whatever comes up.


We were both having a quick little chat before we pressed record. And it was just like, Yeah, let's see what comes up. Like there are some things I absolutely want to chat with you about. But beyond that, we'll just see what kind of comes up. And one day, I actually felt quite emotional preparing for this podcast chat. And it was because of what like I want to get to know you and how you do live. But we are sharing something really special today that you've helped me create. And when I was thinking about that, and I'll probably get teary now. It really represents something for me that I've been wanting to do for a while and you've helped me to bring my dreams into reality. And I'm so grateful, like so grateful. And people are probably wondering what but wait, tell me tell me, before we get into that, tell me a little bit about you. Like, what stage of life are you at? That's a great




broad question. I know, it's


kind of a little hard to answer, I guess. Well, what stage of life on a personal I guess front, I'm in my early 50s. And I guess I'm at a point in my life, where? How can I put this into words? I didn't expect myself to be right here. Where I am now. 52. And it's it's not bad. But it's very different.


Tell me more what Tell me tell me it has to


do with the last three years going through a pandemic, that has been really really, really challenging. And yeah, I guess for my business because my business has not done overly well. During that time. I'm really honest. But we I feel like personally and my business are coming into a new different season chapter, whatever you want to call it. And I am must admit, I am feeling very, very optimistic. So there was a while there that I was not feeling optimistic at all. And I suppose I don't really talk about it very much. But sometimes I think it is important. Our 100 Yesterday, like, you know, things have been a bit crap. Well, more than a bit crap. But I think too, it's important to to say like it's okay to allow yourself to go through that. But then I do really feel like now I'm coming out the other side, which is really good. And yeah, so I guess I'm just in a season of new things being open to new opportunities change, and I don't really even know what that looks like yet. So it's kind of exciting.


Oh my gosh, I love so much of that. Like, I don't love that. That was challenging. I found that with my business too. Like there was a point at the beginning of the pandemic where I remember going, Oh my God, I am just feeling so busy and torn in so many directions. I just need things to slow down. And then the pandemic hit and I had no work and I'm just like, oh my god universe. I don't want things to stay. There was probably I remember going through this panic stage where some friends of Mine were employed in the security of employment. And there was some stuff going on for them. And they were talking it and I won't go into the details, but they had security. I had nothing. I had no, like, I mean, I had some finances to fall back on. But I'm just like, oh my god, what does this actually mean for me? But then I sort of use that time. And I love how you said about you're in a season of change. And it's maybe the pandemic certainly gave me an opportunity to look at things differently.


Yeah, I think that's the case for a lot of people. And I think that's a really nice way to look at it just to go okay. Well, that's it is a chance to reassess. Yeah, just to look at doing things differently. Yeah,


I'd love to just unpack with you a little bit like you are the queen of calmness. And can I


just say if you said that to my husband, go well, yeah, but maybe not. We all have that side of like, yeah, like, you know, I've had so much worry and stress and you know, sometimes I'm like, not calm at all. But I think what I truly believe is that if we have this kind of, I guess, foundation of self care, and calm that we can come back to so if we get out of that state, we can more easily come back to it. Does that make sense? Oh, absolutely. Or if something really bad happens, you know, which things do things happen? But if you've got that really nice foundation, then it's much easier to get through those times. I interrupted you.


No, no, no, you actually led into what I was going to ask you about was how do you manage the times when you are feeling stressed? Because I was saying you are the queen of Queen of communists. But I know that that's not always the case. You were saying that, you know, the pandemic brought up some stuff that I think it is important to normalise that. We balance life. And I'm all about happiness. But that doesn't mean that, you know, a lot of people use the term toxic positivity. I'm not even sure I agree with the term. But the concept is it's about being happy. You know, and just kind of putting blinkers on to anything that might not fit into that vision of positivity. I'm not happy every day, my God, my husband would let's not let our husbands get together. He would say some things about me that he sees that maybe others don't. So how do you? What were some of the things that you that helped you get through that tough time d?


So meditation definitely. Yeah, a really trying to Well, yeah, I try and do a meditation every day. I always do a little meditation as I'm going to sleep. And then most other days, I'll do like, even if it's just five, sitting there breathing or listening to I find listening to guided meditations much easier. But yeah, I think with the pandemic, and just the last three years, look, I think for a lot of the time, I just let myself especially last year, I just let myself feel


crappy. Yeah.


Because there were times when I didn't know how I was gonna get out of it, to be honest. But I do. And I'm lucky like I've got Andrew my husband. So we kind of normally can make the other one do something like, like, we know that going out every week for a hike just getting out in nature for at least two or three hours like that is just for our mental health for our well being even if we don't feel like it. Normally one of us will go, No, we are going like get your song. And I think I think sometimes you just have to make yourself do the things that like last week when we went for a hike. I was tired. I was a bit like Grumpy. I was like, You know what I mean? You had a great week that week at work in terms of numbers of clients and stuff. And I was just like a bit a bit flat. Yeah, but like you just go out and just hiking just being out in nature, like just away from everyone and everything. And we're really lucky because that weekend is in the middle of the week. So there's no one around. And it's just beautiful and peaceful and quiet. And you just kind of like your whole soul just kind of goes Ah, hello. You know, it's just like, it's just amazing.


And I say that a lot when because I see on your social media. It looks peaceful. Yeah. And you'll quite often go into the snowfields as well. Don't you just look at that guy. Oh my god, that would stress me out. Happy place. But I see very much when you share those images. It's congruent with who you are. And I can tell just the energy of the images that it is that peaceful Ness for you, and you


know what I hate the cold. My husband like loves a cold loves the snow and like if it will, gosh, probably about five or six years ago now. Like he used to be a skier. I've never skied, and he hasn't skied since I've been with him. So like 20 years, but then we discovered snowshoeing. And like, as long as you're dressed well, like and you start walking. It is just so magical out there. And it's just amazing.


Yeah, yeah. Not on the beach, barefoot on the beach. I really love in having these podcast chats, the different things that actually light up people's souls. I love that, that it's not the one size fits all. So that's a very cool thing. It's a very cool thing. How I find it, I want to chat with you. Because you genuinely are a positive person. Yes. And when you're faced with adversity, how, what's your self talk? Like, then? Do you get? What's that process? I'm just sort of comparing notes because I'm generally positive. When I'm not I generally have the tools to be able to wallow in self pity for a bit. Yeah, yes. And I generally have tools to get out of it. But there's some times when I don't I just curious about some things. So you've said about getting out in nature, forcing yourself to do things? Are there any other?


There? There's definitely the mindset piece like, like you say, I can, I can, like seriously, I can create the worst case scenario, absolute worst case scenario in my mind, like, you've got no idea. Like, I'm out on the street with nowhere to live. And I like worst case scenario. And I think when you're just feeling like down or depressed or, you know, things, things aren't going right. You don't know what to do. I think you've just got to let yourself feel that sometimes I'll journal journaling, I find this really good. But I think eventually, it's like you say like I am, I like to use the word optimistic. Yeah. Because yeah, like I believe in the whole thinking positive. Absolutely. But not without first acknowledging how you actually feel and where you are right now. Because just kind of trying to think positive, and ignore what's going on. In the long run doesn't work? I don't believe so. But I think too, I think I do have this kind of core belief that I'm a very lucky person. Okay. Like I do believe, even though sometimes I go into, you know,


yeah, the spin. Yeah,


yeah. Overwhelming. All that, you know, the thoughts that negative thoughts won't go away. I think underneath it all, I do actually have this belief that everything's gonna be okay. Like, it's been okay. Until this point. Yeah. Apart from like, the shit that happens to everyone.


You know, that's, yeah, I have a very similar philosophy in there are times when I get into overwhelm. And I really liked what you said there d positive thinking is absolutely great. But you know, I'm, I'm all about mindset. But it's also about working out, where are you at, and why you feeling the way that you're feeling? And getting some insight into that. Because if you just switch on, sometimes I can just switch on the positivity. Other times when I'm really there's something a little bit deeper going on. It's kind of like, Oh, that's interesting. Why am I feeling this? Why am I really feeling this, and I did a solo episode about some stuff that's been happening for me in real time about how to navigate beings, because I'm usually pretty good at, like I said, getting unstuck from staff. But there's some things that are happening at the moment that it's kind of like, oh, shit, this is a bit trickier than what I want. So I'm going through a bit of a reboot, about balancing my energy and getting my whole energy system back into alignment. And when I was journaling this morning, like I love that you journal, like I journalists, well, I got some really cool insight into not just what's going on, but what I need to do is the next step, which is just like, Ah, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. So journaling, for me is a really powerful tool. I don't do it all the time. But it's a really powerful tool for me to actually get connection with. You know, the universe spirit. If my highest self Well, yeah,


sometimes it just goes somewhere. You're not expecting it. Yes.


Oh, that's not what I was. So tell me a little bit about your business. So you're an aroma therapist. Yeah. So an aroma therapist,


someone who uses essential oils as a tool to To help people heal, yeah, now sell. That's what it is. I pretty much use aromatherapy through every single thing I do in life in my business. And I've been doing it for I finished my diploma in 2001.


Oh, okay. Yeah, so that's


22 years or something. Yeah. I absolutely love it. I actually came to it because I had really terrible skin.


And yeah, he Wow,


terrible skin. Really bad. And yeah, I just kind of, I guess, because I was stressed, which all has something to do with the skin? I think. So that's kind of what brought me to aromatherapy. And then that kind of just led on to me, creating my business. Absolutely love. Like how many years later? I think 2003 was when like the first version of my business. Yeah, so that's 20 years ago. Oh, my goodness. Wow.


Awesome. That's so businesses don't don't stand.


I feel very grateful, especially after the pandemic, actually still. So yeah, it's something that kind of, you know, I just kind of feel like I can't not do it. Like, I get my energy, my know from doing my work. It's really amazing. I can be tired and just kind of a bit flat or whatever. I go on to a client, and I'm just like a different person afterwards. It's just Yeah,


I think that's a calling for me. That's it. That's your calling. It's like when you feel it's just like, gosh, I can't even see an alternative to what I'm doing. Yeah. Just knowing and just the energy that you get out of it. That's very, very cool. So what do you do in the business? So you, you use aromatherapy? How do you use it?


Yeah, so do lots of different things. I do aromatherapy, lifestyle consultations, which is just kind of like coaching, I guess, Lifestyle coaching, but I just bring aromatherapy into it. So I'll create blends for people depending on what they're working on, or, you know, what they want to achieve or bring more of into their life. So I love that. And then I do massage and facials? Predominantly, that's the treatments that I do. And signature scents for businesses. Yeah, that's, that's the core of it really have


your own skincare range?


I do I so I create some of my products and some of my products I get made for me. So some of the skincare is produced for me and like I


did it's kind of designed that way when you had it met yet? Is it how there were central oils help people?


How do they so many different ways. I mean, that can help on a physical level, emotional, mental health and well being. I tend to focus more on that sort of like emotional healing. Yeah. So they're pretty powerful, though. And you'll sometimes find or quite often find actually, like your peak and essential oil for, like, just say, you might pick an essential oil, like for your skin, but that also then relates to the stress you're feeling or there's a real overlap. Yeah. In areas so it's really it's kind of like a whole mind body soul. Yeah.


Could I could I say that you, you know, you consult with your clients and you help them to draw out what's going on for them that the challenge that they're facing, or the thing that they're wanting to the goal that they're wanting to achieve? And then the essential oil can help to alleviate or help to support them.


Really? Yeah, yeah, I really feel like essential oils are kind of like your little best friend like you know, they're just like there to support you, whatever you're going through.


And you can actually use it like I use essential I'm asking you these questions like I definitely I love essential oils, because I know a lot of people our listeners might not be as familiar with might have had different experiences and I use them a lot. I'm certainly not an expert by I'm much more intuitive around what I get drawn to. I'm not an expert by any means. But I use a lot of blends and I use it maybe for an energetic support, balance. So if I'm going through it's I'm feeling so very overwhelmed and stressed. I will choose an oil that will help to calm me down. I don't use an oil that will actually stimulate me because I don't need it. But if I'm feeling in a slump, and I'm stuck Yeah, I will then think about an oil that will actually help energetically to maybe to stimulate my thinking around things. So I use them as a support tool. And I've got people can't say here on my below my camera, it's all just a bit too tricky, but I use in different, you know blends from different people that I use as a role of blend. Instead that one is the happy blend, and then there's an Inspire blend. And for me, I tend to either just do a, you know, a whiff of them or roll them on my pulse points. And I'm not, I must admit, I don't tend to use my, what's the thing you call it when you put it in the MR thing, diffuser, thank you that technical. I don't tend to be a diffuser kind of oil person, I tend to be a roller on my kind of person. Or I do actually use sprays for different things. And there's one that I've used, like, rose that I find a very calming spray that I've used in it. So I have the batch of them to stay within arm's reach. And I tend to just intuitively, yeah, I feel like


I want to come back to that. Yeah, do that. That I mean, a lot of how I do my work is intuitive. Someone will come in for a massage, like everyone gets their own blend when they're coming from. Either like, I've got a range of essential oil blends, or sometimes I'll make one up for them, depending. But yeah, I very much intuitively. And I encourage people to do that. Like it's like exactly like you do. Because there can be 1012, whatever. Heaps of essential oils that I could say are good for this particular thing. But the one that you are drawn to like that is the one for you like, totally, yeah,


I absolutely trust it. I do that with crystals as well. I have crystals on my Wu's coming out. Yeah, I have a bowl of crystals. And I'm drawn to black at the moment. And that's some of the energy that I'm balancing. So when I sit into a podcast, I actually will have a this is a chrysanthemum. Oh, beautiful. I think it is. So anyway, I'll just sit and have that. So it's very much intuitively there. So one thing on it, can we talk about it now. I use oils, I use a number of support tools in helping me through different elements of life. And, you know, more recently, I guess, incorporating them into my coaching practice as well like, up until maybe the last few years, it's been very much about my own personal practice. But with the happiness hive and where I'm wanting to take the business, I have a range of support tools that I'm in the process of having created for me. And one of them is a range of signature scents. So essential oil blends that I'm using in my business and the gosh, I can't even remember when it was the was it six months ago? I do remember that time. Yeah. So I had thought about I didn't really know how to bring it into reality. But you were the first person that I thought of going I want some essential oil, because I'm using these, you know, I had been up until now using products from other suppliers and I love them. And I was like, I want to actually create my own signature blends for the happiness hive. And so I contacted Dee and I said, Is this something you can help me with? And they said, Oh my god. Absolutely. And hold up? Do you remember that?


I remember that. We ended up on the floor.


What was your takeaway from that? Like, what do you remember about


that I just remember, we kind of decided yeah, let's just catch up for a chat. Essential oils. You can use them in your business and stuff like that. And it just ended up being this just beautiful session about like just talking about your business and how aromatherapy can really just help each kind of individual. Yeah, part of your business. And yeah, we I think on that day, we ended up deciding,


I think we created the actual mud map of it. And I was very I remember just being so excited that you said yep, that's something I can help you work through. And I'm like, Ah, okay. And what I took two days and this is probably if you're watching on the YouTube, and I'll try and describe it to people on the pod cast that I have a happiness for LiFE framework that I use when I'm coaching. And it's got seven different stages to it. And the first one is about creating space for new beginnings, the second, activating a positive mindset. Third is embracing your magnificence. The fourth element is dreaming big and believing. The fifth is bring your dreams alive. The sixth is to live with intent and purpose. And the last element is about celebrating your magnificence. So I took my framework today. And I said, there are seven elements, and I want an overall happiness blend. And it was just like, Well, seven is probably too much to too many to create, I think that just would would have been overwhelming. So what I did was divided my framework into four. And then we just brainstorm D really helped me get clear about what was the intention that I was wanting to use the oils for? And what was it that I was wanting? Not just the intention of using the oils, but what was the intention of how they could support people through those phases. And that and then you also asked me, so this is, if people want to get signature scents created D does this. And you also asked me about exactly what you said before about intuitively. You pulled a range of essential oils, and sort of put them together and you sort of knew what ones might go together. And what did I want to kind of invoke evoke, invoke through the blends? And we just had this beautiful brainstorming sampling session? Yeah. Is that the process you normally go through with? Yeah,


that's pretty much how I do it. Like, like, I got you to fill in a questionnaire, which is great, because that's kind of like a good reference for me. But yeah, it really is about me intuitively, choosing oils for the purpose that you want them for. But then you being able to choose the ones that you love, and you are more drawn to life now, even if like I could say, oh, no, I think that one is much better. But if that's not the one that Yeah. You drawn to then like, Do you know what I mean? Like, it's that really beautiful process of just, yeah, just kind of


said, we went through it. So it was about coming up with five different oils, there was four, when I divided my happiness for LiFE framework into four. And then there was an overall happiness blend. So the ones that I ended up with with there's an oil called New Beginnings. And I don't know I'm holding this up on the screen. But there's one called New Beginnings. There is a self love blended oil, there is a manifest, which is in align with bringing your dreams like dreaming big and bringing your dreams alive. And then there is a BU and that's about living with intent and purpose and celebrating your magnificence. And then I've got an overall happiness blend. And something that I'm super excited about is the spray mist the overall happiness, spray it because I'm just in love. I love I love you the aromatic miss because I use that a lot in just being able to freshen up. So before every podcast, I record, I spray the happiness and depending on whatever else I'm feeling, it might just be one of the other blends or it might just be happiness there. So what we did was we we did it over a couple of instalments because it's quite overwhelming coming up with this. I think we did two. Yeah, to start with. I think we did two, I think we kind of came up with the concept of the model. Yeah. And then I think I did the first two, then I think you did the first two and then you did those samples. And we've tinkered. I think there was one of them that we've tinkered because it just didn't quite enough love. We cheated. They still flout the self love didn't quite smell and feel right. Yeah. And then we had a second consultation where we came up with the other 3123 Yeah, the other three there. And so then D takes that all away and comes up with her magic formula for combination. So that's where your expertise comes in. Is to the blending of it. Yeah. The blending of it. Yes. That was just a beautiful process. And I'm going to indulge and share with people what each of the oils is actually about you call if we And might be good if you sort of talk about some of the oil. So the New Beginnings is about helping people to get rid of the old. So a lot of the letting go, and then making way for change and transformation and new things to come into their life. So you use this oil blend to release and move on from what you no longer want in life. And you can also use it when you're embarking on new journeys. And a ready to renew, refresh, reset, and it's great for that fresh start date, maybe after the pandemic of


Yeah, beautiful. It's kind of got that nice, kind of gentle cleansing quality too, I think. Yeah, it's allowed me to let go.


Yes. And it's got grapefruit, juniper, and basil. Yeah. Beautiful. That's, it's a really fresh scent for me that one. Yeah. And what I've done is I've created an affirmation that goes with each of the oils. So the affirmations and New Beginnings is I am grateful for all I have, and I'm open to the magical opportunities coming my way. That's beautiful. Yeah, that's a really good, I'm actually, I dip into this. I don't use it all the time. But I dip into this, especially when I'm thinking of new ideas. And I've got still got like, a tonne of stuff I need to declutter. That's the oil. Yeah, get into that. That space of decluttering. Yeah. Then the next one was self love. Other people could probably kind of see that. So this is perfect for anything to do with loving yourself. Learning more about yourself how you want to show up in the world. It's about compassion, forgiveness, unconditional love. And when you love yourself, everything else just falls into place. And it's not just about loving yourself. It's about knowing yourself, embracing yourself, and also about being yourself. So the little affirmation there is I am gorgeous and fabulous. Exactly as I am and love everything about me. Yeah, that's beautiful. Yeah. So for anybody that's struggling, you know, that's critical, that critical self talk that sort of self loathing stuff, anybody that's on that journey of self discovery. This is a great oil and it's got rose, bergamot, it Do I say


you can say Bergamot or bergamot. I actually people say both. Yeah,


I slipped into both rose, bergamot and orange. Yeah, that's a soft that was the one we played around a bit. We had something else in it, and it just didn't feel quite right. But that's a really soft. Oh my god that yeah, I love that blend. And just


Yeah, it is. It's really like when you said that just kind of embracing yourself and just being happy within yourself. Yeah, and


just really, we talk a lot about being, you know, the authentic you is can help you to, to get there. And yeah, really good for for love and compassion. The next one is manifest. This one is about helping you to dream big and bring your dreams alive. And manifest oil is full of manifesting magic and use it to help gain clarity about what you want. So it's not just about bringing it in, but it's about getting clarity and a lot of people I've worked with a stuck and they're just kind of like you're not sure what it's going to things are going to look like manifests can actually help them get that clarity and great for when you you know that self doubt or limitations that you put on yourself that those limiting beliefs that sneak in manifest can be a good one to help you get unstuck. And it's the affirmation is, I'm the creator of my reality, and I am creating the magical life of my dreams. Oh my gosh. And this one's got orange. Clary Sage geranium. And my absolute favourite is ginger. Not only that, I'll put it under the screen. So


yeah, no, that's beautiful. Again, just getting that clarity I think is so important and just being able to feel like once you've got that clarity, you actually can, you know, take


Yeah, and that's where I find a lot of people get stuck is I'm not sure or they doubting themselves. And I think ah who am I to do that? Everybody else is doing that. So why why would people want to come to me? That's all BS. But sometimes we need that little support to help her so this is a bit of a stronger


Yeah, the Jinja two is really good for confidence. Really good for confidence. Yeah,


what else is ginger? I like if there was one essential oil that I would have would be ginger.


Really. It's a very kind of like, I feel like it really helps you just be grounded in that confidence. Yeah, it's like really warming and yeah, warming in That beautiful sort of, I don't even know what the word is but loving sort of, you know what I mean? Like, just Yeah.


When I was rolling D I was having ginger a lot because I really don't like the cold. And I wasn't getting ginger. So warming, so I would put slices of ginger just in hot water. And I would then get really, really hot. And it was almost no I'm sure it coincided with the start of menopause and I used to refer to it as my ginger paws. You know, was it the ginger causing me to be warm? And was it the actual menopause? Yeah, you're working together, working together. Then the next plan that I've got is about being you. It's called BU and it's everything you need to show up as your gorgeous authentic self. So the BU oil is filled with beautiful ingredients to bring out the essence of your loving and beautiful soul. Use it to help you be the person that you want to be. So you can live in pure alignment with your intent and purpose. And the affirmation is I am living in the full radiance of my soul and celebrating my magnificence.


I love that radiance. So it's


lime nearly and frankincense what's nearly nearly orange type is little


orange blossom. So it is really one of those feel good oils like it's just really Yeah, it's got that real feminine quality to it as well.


Yeah. What about frankincense? What's frankincense? Frankincense


nice and grounding calm. And then you've got the lime so the lime is that really kind of like lively positive, like inspired sort of energy and the uplift and then the I always kind of feel like then if you've got something grounding and calming, it just helps really ground you and let solidify that real energy of the line. Yeah,


I like that because that's exactly what BU is about. It's about embracing, you know, the radiance of your soul. It's also about not being that flightiness as well rounded and really living in alignment with who you are. Which is a big thing. I generally use happiness and be you before podcasts, my podcast, my podcast oils, and then the beautiful beautiful happiness blend which is comes in the spray which is I use heaps of so it's in a bigger size, and the role on blend. And happiness is just for bright, shiny, happy day. Really, you use the mist or the roller blend when you're feeling flat. Or want to feel that spark of happiness in your life. Or use it when you're already feeling vibrant and sparkly. And want to bottle that feeling. Yeah, and the affirmation is my life is beautiful and happiness is the essence of my being. I love that. Yeah. And this one's got more in it. Yeah, got orange. So Orange is the kind of the common threads.


Yeah, patchouli,


vanilla. ulang your your line ulang and cardamom.


Yeah, that was such a beautiful blend that combination, orange Yeah, Orange was a bit of a theme for you. But Orange is a very happy oil. So that's yeah, that's you.


Absolutely. Absolutely. And it ties with you know, the sacral chakra as well. And orange is about happiness and confidence and courage. Yeah, what about patchouli? We are here Patchouli a lot.


But truly, I love patchouli. It again, has that kind of I guess grounding centering feel to it. But I whenever I think of patchouli I just think it really helps to connect all of the energies like mind, body and soul. So they're all connected in alignment, if that makes sense.


Yeah, no perfect. Vanilla. That was Neela


lovely, soothing, happy. Oil. Yeah, it's a heavier sort of thrill as well. But in that real soothing,


and it's got a sweetness to it. It's interesting when I was getting my son Henry, who is just he's done perfumery courses, and he just has a nose. Yeah, he could, he could almost pick each of the oils, and I didn't know why I named them exactly what you had. But he could almost pick elements which I just found.


Yeah, that's amazing. That's a gift.


ULINE Uline.


So that's a beautiful feminine oil, really, I guess really helps us to come into that feminine energy. Yeah. And is a very kind of happy oil as well. Like you really kind of uplifting and yeah, that in like uplifting not in the same way that say lime is uplifting but just uplifting to the spirits in that really balanced. Why if that makes


perfect perfect and cardamom


what Carmen not warming beautiful, beautifully warming oil. Really. It's a great oil for just creating that really nice warm, comforting. Happy atmosphere. Really nice oil. Yeah.


Oh my god we've just chosen so well. Yeah, this was over six months ago that we actually Yeah, did the blends. And we've been in the manufacturing process and D actually manufactures the wheels for me. So I've had them you know, packaged up and done some, you know, the happiness hive little look really good. Oh my god, they're just, I'm just I told you I got emotional before. And using them just for my own purposes. Beautiful. That being now being able to share them with others to be able to use so they'll be up on the website for people to access. But it's just been a got my office smells just amazing. Just smells like that mixture. And hearing you repeat back to me about the the essences of each of the oils, there's very much about that being uplifted, and femininity. So that love that also the warmth of like a beautiful, happy hug. Yes, envelops you. And that's kind of So just a recap I use, I will be using those to support people that I work with. But I go through this process as well and use the oil so very much for you. And it's not just like, one oil just suits one area of the framework. It's about intuitively being drawn to help you through so is the PVS support the kind of like sacred support. Yes, yeah. Which are just beautiful. Yeah, you've made some oils for yourself, like you have a really cool way of using creating a signature blend for yourself and the setting an intention for the year. Yes, yeah. How do you what do you do there?


So every year for many, many years, I've chosen like a word for the last few years. I've also chosen like an overall theme for the year as well. Actually, I've got them here, I have you. And what I do is I make a I've done this the last few years, just make a blend for each of those like so for my word of the year and my overall theme. And yeah, I guess like I was saying, it just helps me really connect to that and stay connected to that intention that I have for the year. And you know, when I feel a bit off track, or I'm not feeling great, or whatever, they are just here sitting on my desk, and I can just reach for them. And again, I've actually just made up these mini sprays. Or I might put them in my diffuser like a as an essential oil, diffuser or whatever. But yeah, so I've got so my word for the is spaciousness. So I just kind of feel I just want to create this Yeah, just room space for the next thing that's coming or the next things that are coming. So that is a blend of clary sage, frankincense, frankincense and geranium, which is really nice. And then my overall kind of theme for the year is enjoyment, I just want to bring more joy into everything like so if I can. And just yeah, that's just a really good one for me to have there when I'm feeling a bit tired or a bit flat, or whatever. And that has lime yelling, yelling and vanilla. So it's a really joyous sort of oil but again, sort of like a little bit grounding as well. And I'm loving that. This is like about the these are only like little 10 No bottles and I think I've already filmed them, they filmed them a few times.


Minor. Some of mine actually might have been used on rotation but it's the same thing. Like it's about that intention and just helping me to support me they're not the thing that that gets me through everything but there is support very much from it to support in a range of other things that I do. I love that my intention for the year is to be in flow in flow with what I'm doing just ease and grace and just you know in flow with my passions in flow with the people around me in flow with the rhythm of not having resistance and not not forcing stuff allowing to happen is very much my is my theme as well. Oh gosh, it just popped into my head. You make these as well that you are not


to make at just what I'm drinking. What do you think it's my actual tea blend so it has a viscous, rose hip and bilberries are the main ingredients and then some beautiful pink rose petals just scattered throughout. And little dried orange segments. It's just warmth and yet I'm really happy with it actually my friend then who you know the other Catherine. She's a naturopath and yeah, she helped me a little bit with that. And then I just kind of refined it and I serve that after my treatments for my clients, which is really nice. So yeah, just a nice balancing 10


Yeah. Are there any other bits around practices rituals that you have, like we've talked a lot about, certainly about essential oils, but are there any other things that you bring into your life that help you to kind of experience that joy and contentment?


I think I just really like my little ritual of having coffee in the morning. Little things like that. Coffee is important to me. It is really just the ritual. I think sitting and having a cup of coffee. I love just sitting and reading. Read a lot. Well, yeah, I suppose a lot every day. Definitely. Yeah. And I guess just the other things I mentioned. I'm just Yeah, nature aromatherapy. Yeah, that's, that's kind of the main things I think just kind of, I guess, you know, connecting like this like with other people who I guess on the same page is really I just find really, yeah, you know, that's,


that is absolutely food for my soul as well. You know, the podcast chat. Absolutely. I love I love, love, love just hearing about how different people different women do life and there's a lot of commonalities. There's a lot of differences as well, which is lovely. And that connection to me is yes. An important part of my soul. Food. Yeah, definitely. Yeah, like minded connection with like minded people. So Well, thank you so much. And I'm just oh my gosh, I'm just so so excited. The little package of the oils that helped me to do that and to bring one of my dreams alive just from the bottom of my heart and thanking you D that's just,


I just love doing I like I can fly and I just really love doing it. So I'm glad you're happy.


So happy and I'm just oh my gosh, if you could smell my office at the moment. Beautiful. So thank you, Hudson happiness to you. D Thank you. You too. Thank you. Thanks for having me.