Choosing happy in every moment with Patty Elvey


In this episode of the Happiness Hive Podcast, Catherine chats with Patty Elvey about why happiness is a choice even at the worst of times. Patty embodies her inherent nature of loving and from a very young age felt she was a Spiritual Being having a human experience, having lived her life serving her spiritual purpose listen as Patty shares with us how to embrace your divine purpose!

In this episode you’ll also hear:
– why choosing happy brings Patty into alignment with divine purpose
– the simple and empowering shift from responsibility to response ability
– why sometimes choosing happy comes in the smallest of ways and opens you up to the divine flow of the universe
– how to tune into a greater vibrancy of authority within your own being
– why separating loveable into love-able helped Patty open to more freedom in relationships… and so much more!

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Hi, welcome to the happiness hive Podcast. I'm Katherine bow Yeah, and I am completely fascinated
by people and what motivates them. I've spent the past three and a half decades specialising in
mindset and human behaviour. And I've helped 1000s of people to create happy and amazing lives.
And now I am super excited to be chatting with women from around the world who I have secret. And to
be honest, not so secret crushes on their women who inspire me. I'm intrigued as to how they do life
and what makes them tick. I want to find out the magic formula that makes them who they are. And at
the end of the episode, I'd love for you to say, I'd like a little bit of what she's having. The conversations
are real and raw. They're full of passion, inspiration and lots of fun, and nothing is off limits. So grab
yourself a cuppa or Papa New trackie and go for a walk and join us for today's chat. There may just be
that pool of wisdom you need to hear. So let's shimmy on over and get started. My guest today, Hattie
LV all the way from California in the USA is just going to light up your soul. I met Patti last year through
my studies with spiritual psychology. And we just connected and it's been a beautiful journey. And I
really I just want to chat more with Patti today about how she does life. So welcome, Patti, how are
I'm great. I'm really glad to be here it is. It's, it just brings me present, which makes me really happy. So
I'm in place,
you are in the perfect place. And when we were chatting last time, we were chatting, and I recall asking
you how you were. And I said, Tell me everything that's going on for you. And you paused I remember
you paused. You thought about it. And you said to me, I choose happiness. And that just instantly lit up
my soul. But I want to explore with you. And you said it again today that about being happy. Tell me
how you've got to that place. What does that mean for you?
We know it's really funny, because however we started that conversation last time, in my brain
somewhere, I had some idea that I needed to do it and if the fewest possible words, and I don't know
where that came from, if that was part of the inquiry, or if that I made that up. But I choose happy as the
most succinct, effective, honest answer I could have in that moment. And it inspired me to to know that
that's always a choice. And I tried to live my life. I mean, I've had a very long life, a varied, very varied
life, so many dimensions in so many ways. And choosing happy is always a good answer for me, and
brings me into alignment with divine purpose. Because I love that the mind has only only once good for
us even in the worst of things. And so I was thinking about it today, Happiness can be a choice, even in
the worst situations, it might be different levels of happy. You know, it's not the same as a birthday
party for a one year old. That whenever it's an earthquake, because we had an earthquake here today,
by the way, in my neighbourhood. It was a 6.1 5.1 which is a grumble a real rumble. And but it was like
even if the house had come tumbling down, there is an opportunity to choose happy to be alive, happy
for this breath. Happy that I know loving humans, you know, happiness that there might be a tomorrow.
There's so many so many levels of happiness. Hi, then, you know, it's funny today too, because I not
been feeling well. And I did wake up thinking I was flying around the hive of what's going to make it into
the eye. So I curl my hair. And I said, I'm just going to be happy I'm going to get if I have a red nose. If I
am blowing my nose through the entire thing. I'm going to show up happy because I can and I choose
Oh my gosh, Patti, I love I love there is so many things that you've already packed into that. And the
thing for me is, I say it a lot about one of the most courageous decisions that I've made in my life is
choosing to be happy. Because my story is and I won't go through that all again now. But you know,
after mom died, I wasn't happy for a long time. And then I got to a point where I went, you know what I
can make? It's up to me how I'm going to live my life and I consciously chose that I was going to live my
best and most beautiful life that I could and I think that's what you're sharing as well that we have a
choice regardless of what's going on. And earthquakes. Serious stuff. That we have a choice as to how
we respond to what's going on and that's what I'm hearing you saying?
Yes, absolutely. And also I find and you may You may share on this by knowing that it's up to me and I
make the choice and I choose happy. It's incredibly empowering. It's incredibly enlightening and
energising for me, there's a vitality and saying, it's my choice. And I choose happy, regardless of what's
going on. And you know, life throws as many curveballs giant, very fast propelled volleyballs, right, it
might get all the time, you know, but I have a choice. And in my response is that responsibility, which is
response ability, my ability, but respond is happy, and empowered to empowering choices. And I love
that about our lives as humans, and you know, and animals, and so many creatures don't have that
option. And as I said, last week, with the earthquake, the dog, the poor dog was so upset, and it didn't
have a choice about how to respond. It couldn't choose happy in that moment. Yes, yes, that's an
interesting thing. That was another little reflection of this beautiful little dog was so sad about the house
shaking for no apparent reason.
Oh, my God, this, I want to go back and check in with a couple of things with you there. First of all, I
want to say your hair is absolutely stunning. So he has gorgeous blonde that has been killed. And it just
looks absolutely stunning. And she's wearing black and black glasses. And just the contrast of black
and white, you look like hot, hot, hot, gorgeous. And that's a choice that we can make to if maybe if
we're not feeling because you said that you weren't feeling great. And so sometimes just by changing
our, you know, doing something that makes us happy can put us into
taking an action. Yep. And it's like, I'll curl my hair, and I'll feel better about it. Maybe it'll be an easier
choice for me or a more honest choice for me.
Yes, yes. And I also wanted to say about choosing happiness. Do you think you N Are you do you
think, are you happy all the time? Are there times when you choose not to be happy?
If I know, I would never choose not to be happy. I do believe that I can say that. But there's plenty of
times I'm not aware that I have forgotten to choose happy. There's plenty of times that I stumble, I, I'd
like to think of myself as a commitment to living my divine purpose. And I know design is is all is there's
no negativity in the Divine. So I call it a straight and narrow, very thin line. So I fall off that line I waver
from that line, I stumble on a regular basis. And so for me, it's about how quickly do I recognise that
because the straight and narrow line is I choose happy. Regardless, I choose service. Regardless, I
choose joy, I choose support, I choose self love. Yes, all of those things are in the same drink their life
choice, and, and then there's all the stuff we do as humans in our lives and all that can fall into it. But
it's it all involves me. Everything I do in my life involves me. So if I'm choosing happy are aware that
that's my intention, I can get back to that. And the things I do in the world, I believe that I do better. And
it's more fun to be around me when I'm doing things in my life. Happy. And I train experience where it
wasn't that way. So I've matured into this. That's the other thing I really have to say is, this is a lifelong
learning, daily moment moment to recognise that it is my choice. And I'm responsible to that choice.
Love it, I'm going to get back into some of the things that have happened growing up because you said
you've had a very long life. But before we do that, I wanted to when you said you set the intention for
being happy. I really relate to that. Because I'll be really honest, like my intention is to be happy and live
my best and most beautiful life. But there are days when I am not feeling great. And what I've learned is
to acknowledge that I have what I call a five minute pity party and I wallow like I will sit in that feeling
like whatever. But what I've done is I've learned to recognise, acknowledge and allow those emotions to
move through me but I don't stay there for very long. Yes, whereas before I used to stay there because
my intention is to live my best and most beautiful life and being sad sorry, sack is not part of that. But I
know it is part of it. So I allow it. I don't pretend it's not there, but I don't stay there for very long. Yes.
And that's that sounds like a beautiful solution and For me, it's about, you know, life does what it does,
and pension is clear. And ignoring the need to wallow is even less than being happy. Like, I'm happy to
choose wallowing right now it's easy to go there like, I'm happy to let right to stick with my pension. And
this is simply what I need to do. Because I wasn't expecting this or I, you know, for me instead of
wallowing actually, I curled my hair. But it was like, You think I really wanted to do that plug in the
rollers, I had to get them out of it, storage, you know, bin and everything else, you know, because I
don't use them very often. But I went through all that. And the other thing that's interesting about that, I
can't help but bring up now and I don't want to be off course. But that's good because of that intention.
And I understand yours, it matches a lot about mine. But by making that choice to be happy, I'm okay,
I'm going to curl my hair, I got a phone call, because I'm looking for a new place to live. And I've been
looking for evidence looking for a year, but I'm getting down to where I need to find someplace soon.
And I've been working with in various ways. And somebody called me and said, I here's this place. And
I said I have to leave right now if I can go see it and still get back in time for the podcast. And amidst all
the things that you I really wasn't feeling that Well, I kind of had to come back and make time to curl my
hair and, and embrace race to this place. But you know what, it was extraordinarily happy. And it was
beautiful. And it was such a right thing to do. Because I just allowed my energy to flow instead of
saying, Oh, I'm sorry, I don't feel good, I have to be ready for this. And I better not. Instead, I went with
it. And it was extraordinary. I really think I'm going to commit to this, this place that I just saw that really
feels beautiful. And oh, that's where I want to be. But I just kept going with it. And it was very
unexpected. And when I woke up this morning, even yesterday, I would have never thought I was able
to do that. But I I was there it was and it came from that intention and that choice. And it flow. I just let it
flow. I didn't get in the way.
I love love that. So you let it flow and you didn't get in the way. Can we break that down? And maybe
you can't I'm not sure? What are the doing things. Maybe it's not a doing thing. But just for the listeners
to sort of get an A sense of what that might be and how they can get into flow when you sort of
explained some of it by not you allowed yourself to do it?
Well, it's interesting, because I think it might be supportive to know that I listened to the messaging I
was getting like, oh, you know, you can't and and I was overriding with that intention, which has a
greater frequency, a greater vibrancy of authority of my being able to choose my responsibilities, like,
you know, I, I just didn't listen to the voices that were holding me back early. And they were like, oh,
you can't I shouldn't why how all of those possibilities are standard inner directives that don't come from
the inner that it's the highest authority of me, or the inner guide, or the inner truth, really, that I think we
all have, and that I have practised very, very much for a very long time to recognise that voice where it
comes from. And I can feel when a voice isn't coming from that place. And so I noticed them, I heard
them, and I made a decision to ignore them and override them with the joy of, of being happy and
moving in a direction that could really bring me happiness. And the good news is, is it took nothing from
me. I didn't come back tired. I didn't come back too late. This is hilarious. This is really funny because I
feel so supported by the Spirit in my brain. I thought our timing started 30 minutes before it really did.
So I raced in with just 15 minutes to go and I still was going to grow, I was going to finish everything I
wanted to do to be happy. I actually have 45 minutes. It's like, oh my goodness, I had no idea. So if I
had not, if I had not listened to my higher authority, in a way or my real truth, or my real joy, I would
have ended up sitting around, it just would have been waste. I don't know it would have been a whole
different experience. But I paid attention and I got gifted it seems like I felt like it was a gift. Like I in
that's why I experienced life working when we make these intentions and decisions and make a
decision to honour those at the highest possible way and pay attention to the what's going on. There's
always an extra blessing at the end. And that to me it was an extra 30 minutes where I could just spend
a minute with the dog and you know, I took my time I rest I took it was fun. It was actually fun. And I
made those extra minutes fun.
Well that's beautiful Patty that it's about really listening to the voices you know, the sense of and you
could have easily have just gone nuts or too hard and they could have overwritten and then the
experience you know Do what you said before about matching the frequency, the vibrational level that
you've actually chosen to not listen to those voices that are going are really do want to do it. But instead
you've gone, I'm going to be open to the opportunity that's been gifted to me. And it sounds like
beautiful things that coming from it.
And there's a little one little adjustment there. Because honestly, for me, it's an awareness of the voices
versus listening to them. Because that would have been an action was taken, if like, okay, she says,
You can't go outside, you sit down, and you listen to your mother, but I'm aware of them, I might hear
them, but I don't listen to them. I make my choices based on my own inner authority, not on what's
going on with those voices. And with those directors that are coming from the place in me that I know, I
want to listen to, versus
Aresty. That's interesting, because for me listening is an acting on. So I think we're probably saying, I
don't know, in my mind, maybe the same thing, but different. It may be it may be labels, because
listening to doesn't mean I respond and on. Okay, but maybe that's good for me thinking about well,
being aware of them. I like that, thank you.
Because if you have to start to listen to them, versus be aware of them, they're there. I know they're
there love it. I don't take that I don't even pause to listen to that voice. Yes. When I know it's this other
truth that I listened to.
I love that because I think that's giving me some insight because what I do is be aware of them. But I've
just used that language that I listened to you. But that's actually given me some different insights. So
thank you very much about that. Thank you.
Now there's parts of us that have response to language words or and interesting for me, I wrote yes
and aware. And what's you know, my, my youth, my history, always had me attuning to the words
around me. Because they, the good news is I couldn't listen to them because they were harsh. Yes.
And so I became aware. And maybe that's part of how I made that definition as two separate things.
For me, my environment promoted that. And it's very personalised suspect to me, it may not work for
you. But that's where I catch the difference with those voices. And then I make it
I really like hearing that, for me, the language is not maybe as important as it is for you. So tell me a
little bit more about your backstory, because I know that it's been? Well, you
know, there's so many. There's so many.
So just whatever comes, you just, maybe
there's the one that I'll say, in particular relating to that. One is, there was a large family in a small town,
very narrow minded town, that to me felt harsh, because they're very limited in their thinking and their
expression and their expectations in the world. But I had this wonderment always. And there were a lot
of people around me who had challenges in happiness. Yes, yeah, allergies, and happiness. So I would
become very aware and watch and hear a lot of things. Even when I was when I was talking. The first
memory I have of words between people that love each other, treating each other poorly. I was four
days old. So I was very having this acute awareness of my environment, which is probably why I do the
same thing with my inner environment and how I use listening versus awareness. Because I certainly
couldn't communicate back then. But also my mother said I'd never, I was very, very silent all the time. I
never cried. I didn't ask for anything. I think I just was trying not to disturb the peace. Because if other
people were disturbing the peace, my older siblings and my younger siblings eventually, if I didn't have
to contribute to that by being quiet, and observing, and that was my preference. So I didn't ask for a lot.
I didn't ask for attention and mess, anything that worked for me. And then I also found and then doing
that, I tried to be in service all the time, so that the least disturbance there could be around me whether
it was doing the laundry, doing the dishes, helping the cook, take care of my brothers as I grew a little
older, to take care of the house, you know, whatever I could do, I think I did. I learned to do a lot of
things that my inner authority was simply trying to keep the peace. It was it didn't it didn't work, but not
work. But you know what I did anyway, and I did it for a long time and it took me many, many The years
decades, and a lot of work, because I've been doing work towards personal growth and effectiveness
and understanding really, it's all about understanding, yes, it took me a very long time to realise that
that was my choice. Nobody made me do that. And nobody, I mean, I might not have gotten done by
anybody, but people live that way all the time. But I made these choices. And I understood that these
choices were from a place in me of thinking, if there's, if I don't make if I don't add to the disturbance,
then I'm doing it. That's a good thing. That's a good contribution. And I didn't think it made me happy. I
just think there was a part of me that felt when I went into the house or walked around and looked
around. I felt happier having done what I did. And I've regretted a lot when I was in it. But in reflection,
you know, I know I was better because of it. And I think everybody else was too.
Yeah. Yes, yes. And it's interesting hearing that, that you had in a way or a memory from such a young
age? That's, I find that I'm curious about that. Because I I don't have that memory and the impact. And
the, to me that that is indicative of your the work that you've done in the knowledge of yourself as well?
Well, there's very big pieces to that memory. That took many years, I would dream about that memory,
actually, for many, many, many, many, many years. And when I began the personal effectiveness work,
40 years ago, almost 35 years ago, through the first several years and maybe even decade, during
trainings, I would have that same dream, but sometimes another piece was revealed. And then I would
another training, maybe six months or a year later, even, you know, I would, you know, I think
whenever I immerse myself in the opportunity for personal growth, for awakening to my truth, and using
all the gifts that and processes that are put together to support the soul having a human experience, in
many ways. Things can be more awareness opens if you're available to receive. So I guess, extra little
pieces about this dream. So it took a long time for it to become very clear exactly what the dream was
about. Yeah. But as I got clear about that, the pieces started to unfold as to how and why me. And
there's a extraordinarily broader story that we couldn't do in the time. But it's really, to me, it's just, it's
such a gift, and it contributes to my happiness, to unlike I like to understand, although, you know, the
first law of spirit is acceptance, I had to start there. And that was clearly a giant leap. Because it's a
leap you have to make in every moment, that as I accepted the truth and a bit better, bigger, more
deeper ways, I'd say, the understanding became much more clear and much more constant, there was
a flow of understanding that. For me, personally, that makes a huge difference. I mean, I think
everybody's different. Someone else may not have or need that I was having that conversation with
somebody last night actually on the phone, one of my dearest forever friends. And understanding
doesn't always come to people. And sometimes people don't need it. And I think I did that I did the work
to get to where understanding became available to me. And, and I'm grateful because it all makes more
sense to me with understanding that I can look at the journey from four days, and actually it started
before them the reality. Up until now that journey, I can really have a whole perspective about this
journey, and my life has been very uncharacteristic of norms, you know, many, many jobs, many, many
careers, many lots of movement, lots of new choices all the time. And I was always choosing for the
highest possible task of my divine purpose. And in the end, that's what makes me happy. So,
does that mean what does that mean party that you're choosing for the highest possible good of your
divine purpose? What does that mean to you? Yeah,
well, I think, for me, it means at any at any given day, I always had more than one choice, whether it's
to stay in a career to take, take a new career, from I'm going to just give up and live in my car. I had a
great car, I just died a great car at the time I could have lived in it was a big car. You know, like there's
there's always choices, and I was very aware of all the choices. But I also made a commitment to self
understanding. I think that's really what it was that even when I was young, like I knew I wasn't gonna
stay in that town. Graduation was on Thursday night I was is on a plane Thursday at 6pm. Eastern time
I was in I was in Pennsylvania, on a 6am plane. I was I was out of there, you'd left straight after it. And I
came back, but never for long. And then eventually I stopped coming back most of the time. But I didn't
have to my choice because I had so many choices. And then in college now, I mean, you know, I
marriage proposals, I had opportunities to be a part of different things. Yes, but they wouldn't my life
would have never been the frame journey. They intense journey to the intensity of my soul journey
which has been happening on Earth this time, was not something that I could have done this
completely with a partner, there would have been sacrifice. Although I do think that I am lovable love
able, yes. And that it took me a long time to get there. So in being love able, I am prepared I think to to
have fun with a partner because all the work hard work I've done is behind me. So now I have that
freedom to just experience happiness, be happy, be loving at my highest level, and even become
happier and more in my heart, my highest level of loving can increase with partner so pristine looking
for you know, a nice guy I love man I'd have I had five brothers, I know a lot about how to deal with
guys. And I have a lot of room. But I also just love human connection. I think the idea of sharing stories
and growing old with with someone could be really fun. Really.
That's beautiful Patty, just hearing. And I know that there's so much to your your spirit story, your
journey that we that people can reach out and connect with you if they want to find out more about that.
But the self awareness is what comes through for me and that sort of connection. And there was
something that you had said in our study our class at the recent class, and you said you had to risk it all
to return to loving me. And that's almost some of the stuff that you were talking about. But tell me a little
bit more about risking it all to return to loving me.
Yeah, that was amazing. Because you know, we've been in this class, this particular lasts for two years.
And I have a master's in spiritual science as well. This will be in spiritual psychology, I have a lot of life
experience. And yes, I work on loving, I mean loving is my nature it in spite of the environment I I
always chose loving. But I was shocked Sunday morning, when I heard the song returned to love that it
came through as a frequency as like, I I now can say I love me and be happy about it. And it's only
because I have risked everything to do it. And the risk came from me by constantly making day in day
out moment to moment choices for listening to that place in me that knows my soul's divine purpose.
Because we all have that, that believe it or not, it's there. It's not easy. At all, the commitment level is
enormous, risking. I've risked family relationships, I've risked friends, I've risked security, I've risked
payment fortune maybe in some ways, you know, for all the people in my life that said I couldn't show
to what it's like, it's not your business to know what I could have should have would have done. I'm
doing exactly what I've meant to do. And I always had this clarity about that. And it's because of my
relationship with spirit. But because I had this partner in my life all along, I had greater strength to let go
and risk it all. Yet, the more I risk it all, the more I have. Yeah. And that's been extraordinary and
surprising. And I'm not done risking, I'm not done. And probably part of me feels like I'm just beginning.
But to return to loving me is something I I didn't know I had such a privilege available to me. And I'm
almost 70 so to know that now that it is like the best is yet to come for real. Because it is that makes me
that love able to be able to have a loving in a way that's so anchored in the freedom to love it all to be
at all to risk at all. And I'm very comfortable with risking it all. And I don't have such harsh
responsibilities that placed on myself. That if I do then a lot of times my life was if I do that somebody's
not going to approve or somebody's not going to understand and and even if that's true letting go of
living my life for the approval of people that I love. I I had to give that up, I had to risk that. And if I risk
that, then I, they get to decide that they still love me or not, based on results they don't. But that's the
reality is that their behaviour doesn't demonstrate it, I don't believe loving ever ends. So if they ever
loved me, then we'll see maybe they'll return to loving me. But it is an interesting component of this
humanity. And it's okay because it doesn't change me loving others, I make that choice I learned a long
time ago through relationships with guys, you know that loving doesn't end, loving is an ongoing thing
when I choose that. And just because relationships fail or hurt happens, the loving does, it's just
eternal. And that's freeing as well.
So that is beautiful. And Dena when I get Patty, that you embody, what you're saying that it's not about
this concept, it's part of your being, is what I'm picking up. And certainly through getting, you know,
knowing you, it is part of your being and who you are. And it is, can be challenging to be true to
ourselves, when we know when being true to ourselves, may impact relationships that we have. And
I've, I've definitely fall into this category that I have not been true to myself a lot of the time, in see of
how I'm being perceived or the impact I have on others. And like you, I feel like I'm coming into my best
years that all the experience that I've been through has been helping me to be really comfortable and
confident with who I am, as I am. And I and it's not been for a lot of years, but I can honestly say that I
love who I am. And I really like the person that I am, I haven't always been I've gotten that's been such
a struggle for me to get to that place. Because what what I would do is go, Yeah, but you know, I like
this part of me, but, or I don't really very, very critical self talk. So I've moved through that still comes
up, you know that the critical mean still comes up. But I really do like and love who I am. And I know a
lot of women don't and men, but a lot of women don't. And it's challenging. So, lots of little tidbits in
through your experience that are there any things that could help women particularly who are struggling
that self love concept? Well, first of all, you do beautifully at that that's what's I think our connector, the
recognition of wanting, choosing, you know, to be the best we can and love. And I haven't always been
that way, but part of the risking at all. I mean, I had to risk giving up my self degradation. My that was
that there was another there is that self talk that denies me being who I am, makes it. Things that
should be different. And it's very much in me, there's a lot of outside voices that project. Yeah, so one
of the things that may help other people is to have that awareness that is this true for me? Or is it
somebody else's truth? And that could try to develop a protection for yourself and even ask for it's like, I
just want to be safe? Can I just have like this? Can I live in a glass house that nobody knows that
everybody can come into my glass house if I invite them but no, people judging me harshly, maliciously,
intentionally, or hurtful reasons. It doesn't get through my glass house. It's not going to get through it
won't penetrate. And then I bet I can talk to them, they can talk to me, there's relationship because it's
the protection is protecting only from those things you don't want to end. Yes. And for me the outer
languages and they came that I didn't understand. And and the other thing about those people seeing
things are those situations, most of it has nothing to do with you. So listening to this, it most of it has
nothing to do with you that is like such a freeing concept. So to begin to really allow that to be true like
wow, whenever they're saying has nothing it's about them. They might be calling naming me but it's not
about me so I go free and I can love them from here and maybe just loving them will change them. But
it doesn't have to but not loving them. doesn't help anybody? Yeah, oh, it's a very interesting practice.
And for me, I've been practising my entire life. So I, I really have to surrender to, it's not easy. It's a
practice every day.
Absolutely, absolutely a practice every day. And there was some of the things that you were saying
there, like, I haven't felt that it has been safe to express the true. my authentic self, you know, for a
whole I won't go into, you know, reasons why, but I haven't felt safe. So one of my affirmations over the
years is it is safe for me to be who I am, it is safe for me to show up, how I want to show up. And that
has helped me to sort of, you know, work through some of those limiting beliefs. And you know, those
words that were, you know, told to me that, you know, I had people in a professional context telling me
that I'm intimidating, and I need to tone things down.
I have a suggestion for that. Yeah. Because showing up as you are is exactly what you, I encourage
you to do. Yeah, you are. And yet the world sometimes isn't ready for that. So don't shut less, but you
have a rheostat it's like, okay, what my environment, what's going to be useful is down a notch, I'm fully
me, but I can make a choice to adjust to the crowd, so to speak, oh, conversation, it could be a group.
And the intimidation would be the rheostat. Because you can just show up in the with the magnificent,
radiant, you are attractive in such a way to be happy around you. Even that's a lot for people, but be
that, but then the patient the words, you sometimes you can just do it with your eyes fully on, but the
words can just say hello, but they're getting all of the truth of you just in your glance. So yes, may help
to let you be don't be less than you, but have a little bit of a rheostat. That is you're refining it and
attuning it to the room to the company that you're in. And then give yourself a chance to be in nature in
places where there is nobody and be full on no matter what.
Yeah, yeah. And I think for me, it was about it's okay to be who I am. Exactly, you know, almost giving
myself permission. There was something else that you had said in there that but that's gone completely
out of my mind at the moment. But that's okay.
Being fully that's what I love. And again, I think it was our attractor, because you were in that you were
in that interest in being fully you. And it was coming through here and there. We immediately connected
there. And then we connected after that to keep nourishing that. And now it's unstoppable. It's like a
raging train. It's beautiful. And I love that I love that. And anybody who is not comfortable in that that's
on them.
Yeah. And that was a bit that has come back into my mind now about the principle of whatever is
causing disturbance in us is bringing something forward to be healed within us. So it might be an
experience with somebody else that is triggering something in us it's not looking the the situation,
although part of it is looking at the situation. But the first point I go to is, what is that bringing up in me?
Why is that? Why am I being triggered? Not why is the person triggering me, but why am I being
triggered? And what is that bringing forward to be, you know, in my language healed or resolved,
nourished, nourished, nurture, love, and
attention. Yes. So I think that's a nice little tip. Because I in my coaching practice, I hear a lot of people
saying, I'm dealing with this complex, you know, difficult relationships, and it's all about the other person
and blahdy blahdy blahdy, blah. And then it's like, well, what's that bringing up? Why is that bringing
that up in you? Where's that coming from? What's your part in this? What is it that you need to look at
within yourself so you can get some resolution? People get that concept really quickly, others or dislike,
not steal about the other person?
That aspect of responsibilities like so when we're in charge of your what's your responsibility, their
relationship? What's your ability to respond when you're triggered? And it's like if I have to fight back it's
like, Well, does that make you happy? So what if you modify your response ability to being like
nourishing nerves walk away, get your coat regroup, come back later, all kinds of possibilities to
support the relationship they're in but to work in and then demonstrate an alternative with their own
personal responsibility that may support the other person in taking some responsibility as well. Yes,
absolutely. Words responsibly.
But yeah, that certainly almost bringing the conversation to, you know, back to where we started. And
just really quickly, Patty, before we do bring it to a close, what's next for you?
Well, I'm going to, I'm writing because my there's so much richness in my journey, so much learning so
much truth that I'm writing. So I plan to complete a book by the end of the year, and then see how that
gets out in the world. But I think because there's so much it's, it's, I'm just going to do highlights in this
book, I have some ideas of exactly how to lay it out for each decade, which means, you know, what did
I learn between birth in 10 years old. And so do a couple stories to each decade. When that's complete,
I'll begin to write singular stories about situations that are shorter stories, but maybe, you know, maybe
50 of them that just become you can pick them up on the shelf. And oh, my gosh, various topics that I
think I've already had at least 30 titles, and instances to grow to expand upon. But I think that's part of
my divine purpose, because I really worked my life completely. And I'm still doing that. And I think I do
believe the best is yet to come.
Oh, I had a we could talk forever and ever and ever. And we will bring it to a close now. So thank you
very much that has just been beautiful to be in your presence again. And so many pearls of wisdom,
like so many too many for me to even just sum up right now. So I really thank you very much for
hanging out with me today.
I feel very happy. I'm so grateful, really to. I mean, it's so was such a surprise when you asked and yet I
couldn't possibly say no. I love being with you. I love the conversations we share. And I love that we
have so many common goals in our lives of being happy.
Yes, I do too. So if anybody wants to get in contact with Petey, we've got the contact details in the show
notes. So hugs and great big happiness tea Paddy and thank you very much. God bless you. Thank
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