Anchoring into calm, peace and safety with Angie Rassi


In this episode of the Happiness Hive Podcast, Catherine chats with Find Your Bling Founder Angie Rassi. Angie created the Find Your Bling game as a fun personal development coaching tool to easily invite more love, more money, more confidence, more happiness and more abundance into your life. I believe the world is part magical, part practical and that is the essence of Find Your Bling.

In this episode you’ll also hear:
– why openness is so different to oversharing and how it helps
– how to trust that everything is unfolding perfectly
– why surrendering to the power of just being is incredibly freeing
– the five minute morning ritual that sets Angie up for a magical day
– why deep, self enquiry is the key to manifestation and personal peace and so much more!

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Hi, welcome to the Happiness Hive Podcast. I'm Catherine Bowyer, and I am completely fascinated by people and what motivates them. I've spent the past three and a half decades specialising in mindset and human behaviour. And I've helped 1000s of people to create happy and amazing lives. And now I am super excited to be chatting with women from around the world who I have secret. And to be honest, not so secret crushes on their women who inspire me. I'm intrigued as to how they do life and what makes them tick. I want to find out the magic formula that makes them who they are. And at the end of the episode, I'd love for you to say, I'd like a little bit of what she's having. The conversations are real and raw. They're full of passion, inspiration and lots of fun, and nothing is off limits. So grab yourself a cuppa or Papa New trackie and go for a walk and join us for today's chat. There may just be that pearl of wisdom you need to hear. So let's shimmy on over and get started. I am so looking forward to today's chat with my gorgeous friend Angie resi. I met Angie, it was about two years ago when I purchased incredible coaching tool that Andy's got find your bling, which we're going to talk about. And and he personally delivered it to me we had a secret rendezvous in a cafe. And I felt very, very special. When Angie delivered the Find your bling, it's called. And we've just been friends since then it was just a beautiful connection. And you and I catch up regularly. And I would call Angie, maybe a high octane energy. She just has this really vibrant, positive outlook on life. And I want to be able to dive in deep today and chat with Angie about that. And our chats. We never know the direction that they're going. But there's always wonderful pearls of wisdom that fall out of them. And I know that that's going to happen today. So welcome Angie to the happiness hive podcast.


Oh my god, you know how excited I've been to be on your podcast, Catherine. And you are right. I absolutely adore our cat shops. And I think what you just said about that pearls of wisdom that just land every time we talk, I think you know, you've put so much inspiration to my life. And oh my god, I've absolutely loved our journey together in such a short time.


I know, I know it really, I think even and probably even the last six months, it's really we've got to know each other really well. And I love those shops. So you and I are that were similar vintage, similar vintage, similar sort of stage in life and definitely a similar stage in our businesses. And what I love is when you and I catch up, we don't have any agenda a little bit like today's we don't have any any agenda. But I always walk away from those conversations with just exactly what I need to hear, and just really motivating and inspiring. So it's been beautiful.


It's been absolutely. I always feel that we jump on our Friday calls. And we just lean in with this in tents amount of openness and honesty. And what unfolds from that is magic. It's absolutely


excellent. Have you always been like that? Like, you and I, we've got these, you know, really nice clicking, I think what you said there about that openness? And that and from the openness that magic kind of develops? Is that been something that's been a pattern for you? Or?


I don't know, that's really interesting. I like an open, very open and I'm always like, I've always been someone who has not overshare but I'm very happy to share what's happened in my life. Does that make sense? I'm sure. I wouldn't put things all over social media. If someone said to me, have you done this? And it was a flaw? I said, Oh, God, yeah, absolutely. Don't worry, right, your work your way through it. I'm not someone who is closed at all. Yeah, if you can learn from my mistakes, take it. It's something that I've moved forward quickly on and it's landed and it's worth, I'm happy to share that as well. Yeah,


that's misfits. That's absolutely the sense I get from you very much about. And that's kind of the space that you work in as well. But I think we work in that space, because that's the type of person that you are very open with your, with your pearls of wisdom. And so that's awesome. So before we dive in, because I do want to chat with you about your amazing find your bling coaching tool. But before we get there, I want to find out a little bit more about you. And so what sort of where are you at in life at the moment?


Well, where my ash I'm actually in a really good space. I'm at a point where I have two children that are 28 and 27. I'm alright, but I live between Sydney and in Canberra. I'm currently at the moment living between two cities which I find that slit loving. And that's because Fanta bling is going off in Sydney and in Canberra. Because there's work in both cities, it's quite interesting because I am facing quite a few challenges at the moment in my life, okay. And it's not a, it's just that I think there are some times where you're at a turning point, you're at a fork in the road, and you're not sure which way is going to be the right way. So but I feel very calm, and this stall is believable. There's this oldest stuff happening around me, but there's this calmness, I'm trusting the process and letting it unfold perfectly. And I feel this incredible piece. And I think that when I've entered other times of my life, where there's been a massive amount of disruption and change, I have maybe gone into solve it, to solve it to control it. We're right now I just get up every day. And I just trust that everything's unfolding perfectly. And that has been the magic in the last few months. And I know that it is unfolding perfectly, because things are now balancing out better there better conversations that are being had healthier conversations. So yeah, so even though I'm in a big storm, I feel very calm.


Oh, my gosh, I'm going to if we can unpack that a little bit, because I think that there'll be a lot of listeners, and a lot of people watching the chat that will want to know, or how did she do that? i It's funny, you mentioned that. And I've just written an article about the power of just being and it's about moving from that masculine, doing energy, which I think I heard you saying about, you know, wanting to control and being very results focused to being much more into the feminine, intuitive energy of being. And I get a set when you're talking about that allowing things to unfold naturally, versus controlling and wanting a certain outcome. I can 100% relate to that. And I've spent a lot of time. I guess shifting, it doesn't always like I'm about getting stuff done. I'm the results. I'm a results driven. I think that's why you and I kind of get on. So I do operate in that. That masculine doing space, that what I've been learning to do is to be much more allowing things to unfold. And the results have been amazing. Like it's that I'll look at you live with your little furbaby that there is


reshape this is my daughter and son in law's beautiful little boy. And we have this is the Moodle and there's a little spool over there. The spool might jump up there. So, yeah, they're really cute,


but he lives for those listening, and just sitting there with the


dog. Makes you boy.


Yes, sir. Tell me tell me tell me you were saying that, you know, you've got challenges going on. But you feel very calm in the storm. What is some of the things if you can think about unpacking that you've got done to be able to get into that space?


Yeah, that's that is actually a really good question. Because when you are faced with diversity in your life, and you're not sure, which is the right way to lean into where you're going, I find very much waking up in the morning doing my bling, morning ritual. And my bling morning ritual is a five minute ritual and it's under five minutes. I didn't even it's the biggest thing out of all the bling babes and the bling, angels learn and teach. And how the bling morning ritual unfolds is the first thing that you do is you say your affirmation so you can have your affirmation ready the night before? Or you can have it I just love today is the day of my amazing good fortune to show me the way that is my


debt again. Can you say that again? For our listeners? Yeah,


yep. Yep. I've been saying it for like 15 years. So it is today is the day of my amazing good fortune showing me the way. Oh, I love it. Yeah, it's just it's very light. Now I don't always manifest with that. By the way. I quite often will be more specific about what I'm wanting. But when I'm in a state of things moving in all different directions, I find that just show me the way show me the way and so first I was saying nation then after that I'll say three things that I'm grateful for. Now I personally asked when Louise Hay I did. I'm grateful for for many years but that word doesn't resonate with me especially more low vibration with the I use thankful. So I always say use thankful, blessed, grateful whatever word resonates with you really tune into which word is for you. And I say three things that I am grateful for. And so it will be your life in whatever way that be with group be something that happened, and it must be in the last 24 hours best for the secret. Because what happens is in the last 24 hours, it's still so alive and so happy that you're, you're more in the love and above energy way, which is where you want to be when you're manifesting anything. But love is where you manifest at the highest form. So then I'll go yep, fail information. Today is the day of my amazing good fortune, I am so thankful that I had dinner with my daughter last night, I'm so thankful that the sun came out this morning. I'm so thankful for my cosy bed, and then you're in a great state. But the big secret of the third step of the blink morning ritual is you ask what you would love to receive to come in your life, what you would like to achieve. It doesn't matter which word you'd like to use here. But it's what you're wanting to bring in. And if you don't know what you want to bring in, you just say what do I need to know? Yeah, where would you have me go? You know, you don't have to, but usually I'll ask something like, How can I touch the world more with my billing game? How can I deepen my relationship with this person? Who do I need to speak to you today? And often you'll get a really strong feeling of what you need to ask for. And when we ask, we receive and as women, we don't ask, that's how that ended up in the blink morning ritual. I mean, we don't ask for what we want. We just take whatever is given to us anywhere. We're told not to dream too big, all these things. Because I mean, I'm 54 I think we're the same age. And


I am 56.


I think. Whenever we are, we're close, we're close in age, and you will close in age. And we were definitely not the trail blazers. We definitely weren't that but we still were the women that with out consciously knowing it unconsciously, we were still expected to have children it had changed. And I'm so grateful for the ladies that had changed it. But there still was a very strong energy of what was expected of us. Yes, absolutely.


Do you know what that's that's really, the morning rituals really good. And a really easy, practical one. And what you're saying there that we as women we don't often ask, what I find as well is that we don't often allow that we ask that we don't receive an even as simple as a compliment. When somebody says, you know, wow, you look gorgeous today, or I love your shoes. Quite often I hear women and I've done this myself as well is I'm going our year back, your shoes are better, or you look gorgeous, I haven't allowed I haven't received that compliment. And so what I've been, you know, one of the things I've really tried to do is when somebody does give me a compliment, is to say thank you, I really appreciate that. And that's an unconditional receiving. And I think if we relate that to, you know, when you said about manifesting and bringing in what we want, that there is a process around that as well. But allowing and accepting and the receiving is a part that I find that people get a little bit bogged down with as well. I have a similar ish morning, ritual, mine's probably a little bit longer, but still not overly small. But I do a grounding activity. So I ground myself said that the root chakra into the, to the earth, and also my crown chakra into their higher self. So I'm connecting, I do clearing or getting rid of any of the negative energies from, you know, the previous day or the night and protection activity as well. So where I just visualised myself, you know, weather protection around me from energies that I don't want in my life. I also visualise just my ideal self, so that the person that I aspire to be, you know, all the qualities that I that I want in my life, so sort of living in my full radiance, I actually then think about my core values, which are being happy, being healthy, and reading living a rich and abundant life. So I sort of just quickly visualise what that means for me. And then I have a gratitude well, that I visualise. So I go to the gratitude well, and I just imagine just pulling out things that I'm grateful for. So that's very similar to what you do. And then the next step is actually what I want to bring into my life as well. So in my mind, I have a gratitude well, and I have an abundance Well, kind of in the abundance. Well. It varies a little bit. So what do I want to bring into my life? And it's I also put gratitude around what's coming into my life. So it's not just what I'm grateful that has happened. But I'm grateful for what is actually coming into my life as well. So it's kind of same, same different,


different times we need different rituals. And I've done similar rituals about now, I know that when I went through a divorce back in 2020, after being with my husband for 17 years, I did a lot of that ground. Yeah, I really needed just ground. Because as you know, there's a tremendous amount of chaos around your life there. Because you're letting go a lot of you letting not just go with what's happening in the now you'll let going of those future dreams of growing old together and letting go of so many things. That's a very, very tumultuous time. So I personally love dropping into grounding, when there's a large sense of change, you know, and it's probably I could do with that now, I'm sure you're reminding me of that. Now, I'm going to pop off and got putting a bit of grounding there in the mornings as well. It's beautiful. Actually, do


you know what and I think for me, I tend to do my morning ritual when I'm walking. And so I'm out in nature. So that's a bit of a grounding in itself, that for the listeners who are feeling because what you mentioned is about that, a lot of challenge the storm. And what comes with that I can imagine and it certainly does for me is a lot of headspace. A lot of you know worry trying to control the outcome. Rounding can help you to get out of here. So even just standing outside, you know, take your shoes off and go and stand in the front garden. And that can be a great way


I hit the grass. I actually do my bling morning ritual in my bed. I do I do it before I do anything in the day. And my favourite time is actually to do it just as I'm waking up yet. Yes, that's that's, and that's what I'm, you know, that's what I'm tuning into right now. Because that's what my body requires. It's what my heart soul requires that, you know, like, I also love there has been times where I've jumped out of bed and I've done it at the sea when I lived in terrible. I've done it. Yeah, as you know, I've been living in Concord for the last 10 years. So I could easily go down to the ocean there as well. There are times I think, I think at the moment, if I start the day in bed, cosy, peaceful, sometimes I will journal, I'll even write my affirmation. I write my affirmation or write what I'm grateful for. And I lost my question. And it is more powerful when you write there's no way you get is one of those things that tried and tested. I've been doing this for 1520 years. But yeah, I think a beautiful morning ritual really sets your day and in a great space. And you will know the days that you don't do it.


Oh, you know what I absolutely great. And then the last little bit of my ritual is so I think about my abundance Well, so what I want to bring into my life, but then the last little bit is setting my intentions for the day. Or well, I just kind of visualise what my day, you know, who I'm with who I'm hanging out with what work I'm doing but what my intention is. And I always have and I've got it on my wall in my hallway, as he come into the house. Always believe that something wonderful is about to have.


Oh, that is like, is that my entire? I'm not sure who put that. We all know that many people. Yeah. But I do love that. Yes. And you know, whether there's something magical is going


to happen. Yeah. And for me, that's about raising the vibration by just like, what, what's the wonderful thing that's going to happen today? Instead of like, what shits gonna go down? It's about well, what are the positive things? So I've, I was talking with a client the other day? And he said, How do you get to think like that? And I'm like, Ah, like, how do you get to think like that? For me? I think I naturally do it. But I've trained myself to do. So it's about, I guess, creating those new neural pathways about, you know, thinking about the positive elements. It doesn't mean that I'm this Pollyanna and I'm, you know, thinking that everything's going to be wonderful, you know, roses and unicorns all the time. But it's most of the time.


I also love it when you've even done your bling morning wrote your show. I even love it when it unfolds and it's not right. I was. So what is the feedback from today? What is the lesson? Yes. What I don't want in my life. Yes. I still can walk away from the messy days and go okay, well, I learned today not to do things that way again, for I


have a lot of those days. A lot of


light. Yeah, I can tell you a few times. I've had a few of those lately, and you can still take the magic away. Even if it's if If someone's done something unkind it could be to go. Oh, well, the magic here is that I don't want to be like that in my life. Yes. So even the sticky moments, I always think you can get to the end of the day and go, I'm really grateful that happened because it happened to teach me. Yeah, blah, blah. Not to be not to do that, you know,


I think that's a really important point it because I think we're here on this in this earth to learn lessons. And it's almost like that the lessons keep getting put in front of us. And it's like the supermario. I mean, I'm not a video games person. But it's almost like, when you learn the lesson, the next stage is unlocked for you. Yeah, then you progress to the next stage. And then there's new lessons to


fry. Right, there's another jump. I actually love that metaphor. Yeah. Because he, you know, he wins. And they like, and then this bridge is actually harder than the last place.


Like, it's like that it is, isn't it? It is a metaphor, I love that


I think I've made my user Mario game, I'm sure there's something that everyone can relate to. Yes. Anything good?


Yeah. So we kind of unlocks the door, or, you know, when things just keep repeating themselves, we just haven't learned to pass that level yet. And we just need to, you know, get some hacks about how we pass the level. And the thing I do is if if I have a challenge, and I can't say I do this all the time, but I do want a lot of the times going, what what is this here to teach me? What do I need to know? What do I need to know from this? Sometimes I do my journaling, sometimes just sitting with it. And going, what do I need to know from this? Sometimes answers come really quickly. Sometimes it's just like, you know, I've got no idea. But what I've learned and over the years is not to get too bogged down in style. Like, I have my five minute pity party, I do my while with me, I acknowledge all the, you know, tumultuous emotions that I feel but I don't stay there stuck there very long, because that's not I just don't find that productive. You know, there I am, you know, action.


It's not helpful. I love what you just said. And you know, I'm really big on the third part of the bling morning ritual is to ask a question. Yeah. And you know, when you're in that really slump of feeling defeated, feeling whatever? Probably not even above. I just love the question. What's my takeaway from this? Yes, that is one of my favourite questions. Because you know, as soon as you ask and say it out loud, possible, your brain starts looking for the answer, it will start searching, it'll start looking for a book, a person to call, you'll see something on your phone. If you are really in this point at the moment, and I have done this lightly. When something has landed in my heart, that's really hurt. I've just got what is my take away, and all of a sudden your energy is lighter. Rebuild, is not to get this feeling of hope. Because we all know great questions powerful. Yeah. And great questions. Not only are powerful, they also give you inspiration to move forward. They give you inspiration to take action. So the more questions you can ask that the quicker you'll come to a solution. I absolutely love. Albert Einstein always says, Give me 20 minutes or an hour, depending on which book you've read. And he will spend, if he's got 20 minutes to solve a problem. He will ask questions for 15 minutes, and he will solve it in the last five. Yeah, nice. If he's given an hour, he uses 55 minutes. And he's self said in the last five, five well, and I love that. And in actual fact, that's exactly like find your thing. Because as you know, it's full of questions. And sometimes as you're moving around the board, you will have your first few questions, and everyone will be having these really soulful, heartfelt conversations. But nothing's quite landing. But it's interesting when you just get to the end. It's like a little matrix, everything is kind of like they have all the answers just below, and you will know exactly which way you need to go. So I like to think that his little bit of magic flowed through to me that I realised that I need to keep asking great questions until the last five minutes because the answer will come. We all know the way. It's just which questions are going to ignite the way


it's about asking the questions. I think it's also if we look back to the beginning of this conversation about that masculine versus feminine energy. Sometimes when we ask the questions that masculine doing energy is what's the solution? What's the solution? And what you're saying there is don't jump straight into Solution Explorer. And that's about that. You know, just let it be let it unfold. But listen, tap into your intuition. That's that feminine energy as well,


I take a lot of feminine energy as I'm very, very big at women being powerful and going to work and you will need masculine energy. But how to drop back into that feminine energy? Because in a home feminine energy is required, but the male and female can have it's not just absolutely it's about having an imbalance it's about having the balance and it's about I think what happened to a lot of our age group was we just didn't drop into the feminine enough because we were so in the doo doo doo. Yes. Yeah. But that's, you know, that's that's the magic, isn't it? The magic is you ask the questions until you get the answer, which is what we're talking about, is about feminine energy is asking Shinto question. Questions. Why resisting love? Am I resisting money? You know, it's a different flow to how can I get this done? Who do we need to move? What do we, you know, like men? Or who do we need to spec? Who do we need to hire? You know, all this sort of stuff, where women are like, hey, gentle, gentle, let's, let's lean into this and go, who here has the skills? Or who could we teach the skills to to get what we need to get done? So it's interesting, like, I'm not, neither one's wrong or right. They're different ways of approaching things. And they help with different yet different things. But definitely being white is feminine energy with, you know, hint of masculine energy, because, you know, I'm I know, this is a huge connection when massive action. Absolutely. We are massive, massive action takers in both of us know, and anyone out there who is also huge, massive action taker, you know, how many? How many hurdles actually fall over before you actually get to jump one?




Yes. So that's the essence of actually the blame game.


So to me, that's a that's a perfect segue. So let me it's called Find your Blink. Tell me about that. How did you even tell me what it is? But how did you actually get to develop this amazing resource?


Okay, well, this is actually quite funny, because for the last 15 years, I've been running a 12 week course, which all the Blue Angels run can run now to have a run into three week course, however they'd like to. But I actually started off as a Louise Hay teacher back in 2000. And I think it was six. I can never remember the dates very well. But it is way back then. Could have been five, who knows? Anyway, I started doing that. And from that, then I started to develop my own courses, how to be a queen, have a king unleash your intuition, fungible, and spring, I had all these courses, which now all the Blue Angels have access to. And what happened was along the way, is I started a Diamond Club. So after they'd done the 12 week course, we would do Diamond Club, and that started here in Canberra. And so I was all I'm the biggest person for creating something and putting it away. If I told you how many journals I've designed, and never put anything into production, it's like crazy making. So what happened was, I wanted to do something really fun and exciting for this group. So I created a game, just called Blink, big. And I made 50 believe cards, 50 love cards, 50 Intuition cards, which is now inspiration. And then I had the growth cards, which is background, your gorgeousness, and it was 250 cards, and we played with Diamond Club a few times in 2008, that was a Diamond Club, and then I just put it away. I just put it away. I never even thought about it again. And then in 2018. By this stage, you can tell there's about 10 years, I had been running the 12 week course in Canberra in Sydney, plus been doing quite a few courses up in Brisbane. And what ended up happening was one of the girls from Canberra said, Oh, can you get that gain out that you had years ago? I couldn't even remember the game. The game? Yeah, that's right. It was a blame game or something. And she said, yeah, it was full of all these fantastic questions. But that was so gentle. And they just didn't spy this great conversation. And I'm like, okay, game got to think about the game again. And it's quite funny. Over the years, I have been saying to people, I really want to really want to make a game. I used to make games for my children when they were little. I love. I love you. We all know that I love to learn through laughter Why have you can't laugh at what's happened? I mean, you're just never gonna go anywhere. You know, like when some woman is absolutely shattered. You know, she's throwing herself at some man that's not in love with her. And I'm like, oh my God until you throw yourself at a man. And so God loves me because I don't love myself. You haven't lived, you know, like it's always go. It makes me feel so normal. Oh my God, every woman's done it every woman's given themselves out to be loved because I don't have a lot of themselves. Okay, there's nothing wrong with that. I'm a huge, huge lover of life as Yes, yes. And I believe we heal through laughter. Yeah. And I know that you know, my mission is to heal hearts all over the world. And of course, I want to heal hearts all over the world. Through laughing because it's just a quick


do you do laughter therapy though? No, I don't I that was that creeps me out. Like I get that sense of laughter now I have creeps me out.


I did. I did it once and I think we had some lawnmower or something. It was funny, I didn't really get it bad. But I'm more like looking at the experience as not going down the rabbit hole and actually look like well, it taught me not to do that again. It's that you know, that great question of what did that teach me? Well, he wasn't going to love me anyway. So what did it matter? You know, she was gonna love me if you're living with a man. So then what happened was one of the girls from Canberra and we were meeting in Burma started out in barrel, we were meeting in barrel. And we were having our Christmas party, Diamond Club, Canberra and Diamond Club, Sydney. And so I made the game for the girls that all came, and I made blink just be Elian je, and I did the 250 cards, I couldn't quite find it. So I needed to add a few things. And I took a dice. And we had a great time. And at the end of it, the lady said, I would like to buy this for Christmas. I'm like with like, you know, a week out of Christmas. And I said, I'll close I just got this done down at Officeworks. I didn't need of course I made it beautiful and beautiful boxes that I put the dice in. And looking at that now. And then Catherine, it was like, my heart just opened. And I went on to heal hearts all over the world with a game that could all have it in their house. And everyone can have this game. So this is perfect. So what I did was I was so excited the girls, of course, no one could buy it because I didn't have any Yeah, yeah. And then I went to my dear friend Katherine, who had quit copy then in Auburn, and said, I'm going to print up 30 games. And I'm going to play it for a whole year and actually see if I have something. So I printed out 30 games now in that year, three other decks came. So the gold light deck came, the diamonds within deck came, the link booster deck came in that year. And then right at the end, we decided we'd make a board. So none of this came together. And after a year, I had people saying hey, is the game for sale, here is the game for sale for I've got a product. So I think that if you are going to make a product, it is really important to test at first. That did cost me quite a few 1000 to make 30 games, but losing five grand is nothing. And if it's given me a lot of happiness, it's to me like it's like going into a dance class or something. And it gives me a lot of happiness. So so at the end of 2020 Yes, I played it off for 2019 2020. I decided to put it into production. And this is where you came here. And oh my god, I'm so grateful for you girls. I rang people that had played the game and said, Hey, I'm going to put it in production. It's $250 is 295. Now, but back then it was 250. And I said how do you feel about backing fungible in and helping getting this going? And we took 150 orders. Oh, that's so cool. I that was amazing. And I have to thank you Katherine for being a part of that journey. Because it almost where I am now, because now second edition is going in production. Now. i It almost makes me cry. The people that actually believed in me like because at that time, I'm thinking, I did keep everybody's money in a bank account. That's my biggest tip. If you are going to take if you are going to collect money for a product you making, I kept it in a bank account. So I could refund everyone overnight. If it happened, you could happened if it happened, because you you remember COVID happened? Yes, this


is right at the beginning of COVID as well.


Believe it and remember, we were meant to get the game in 2020 and 2021. And I contacted everybody saying oh my goodness, would you like your money back? And I was like, No, we're waiting and like, oh my god, I had so much love and support. And and I really did manifest that as well. You know, I kept I kept putting that everyone was really happy. And if I would get something above and beyond and it would be the best quality and I do have to thank you, Catherine.


Do you know what I? I've got it in the background there. How about we have a little taster of cards. So if anybody's watching this on the video of the interview, and she's got her find your bling set up in the background so you can see what it is. But could I get you to draw me a card? Tell us what the different topics of the cards are. And before we go in Yeah,


I mean, I need glasses for this. Oh, yeah, sure. That's okay. That's okay. All right. So what we have is we have unbelief believe anything is possible. Yeah. You have Love heals everything. Intuition which is like a wise owl. We have new beginnings, which is a fresh stump. We have growth which is grow your gorgeousness. Yeah, you have the gold light, which is all about really the I M as life really returning to the heart space. Yeah, we have diamonds within which is powerful affirmations. All the affirmations I've used over the years, I have books full of them, reformations that are created. And then we have the blink boost. And the blink boost is an absolute feel good card that some days when it doesn't feel so hopeful. When you pull a blind race card, you you will elevate back into love and above, you'll go from that rabbit hole to love and above that cricket doesn't matter. Because you're like, Yeah, you know what I am? Okay. It's just a bump in the road today.


Excellent. So I would like you to draw me a one of the pink ones. What's that one?


Okay, great. And what we have to go without beautiful is we have our divine cards and the divine card shares with you what the the essence and how to use the card we don't. But today, we will pull a beautiful diamonds within card.


Just a shuffling those at the moment. She's just shuffling the cards there. And she's just going to draw one out for me. Intuition. Yeah.


Can I it's really funny. I keep getting this feeling. Can we pull out intuition? Inspiration card as well?


Yeah, sure. Because I was going to get you to draw one for the listeners. But yet don't go for it. First, yep, sure. Yeah. So she's doing a purple intuition card first.


Let's do a purple intuition. I don't know. I just got a really Yes. That is a good place to start. Yeah. Okay. Where would you like me to take from?


I would like you in the bottom? The ones that are lower in the middle, but lower down if that's okay. Yeah. In that little stash? Yep.


Under here, yeah. Yeah. And what


you do with the cards just for those that are listening, just trusted? Yep. Perfect. And just trust your intuition that the right card will come to you. Yeah.


Okay. So here's a special message for everyone today. And it is, you are not what has happened to you.


Oh, nice. You are not what has happened to you.


Yeah, you are not what has happened to you. And that is a really prominent card, even for a message for me at the moment that I'm going through. It's not what's happened to me. It's my takeaways from it. And it doesn't mean it's who you are in the future. Yep. And


one of the things and with the Find your bling game, is when you pull the cards, there are the messages on there, I would encourage people just sort of sit with it. And what does that mean for you? And what comes up for you? So when you read the card, so you are not? What was it? You are not what


it said you? Oh,


she's put it back in the


pile now. Sorry. Um, yeah. It was a it was, it's not what has happened to you,


you're not what happened to you. So really good messages. And also think about how does that show up in your life? And what can you take away from that? I think that's a really poignant one. So now I'm just going to draw a pink one of the pink cards there.


The diamonds within cards uniform, I think what you were just saying is, you know, you're not what's happened to you, like, you know, whether you've been through a divorce or you've been in a, you know, you get to choose whether you're going to be a survivor or a victim. And, and the thing is, it's okay to play in both as well, you know, like, it's, I'm, and I know you and I have the same philosophy on this. I'm so sick of people making people feel bad about things that people be it will pass it like someone will say, Oh, don't let them eat all those Tim Tams on my bail on you can for a couple of days, and then they'll throw up they'll be fine.


It's okay. I wish that


I'd be locked in James. All right. The diamond speaking cards are all about affirmations and our how our words really are what we're sending out to the universe. So where would you like me


to show up the other end? Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Perfect. So and again, just asked me when you play this yourself, you can draw the card yourself. But she's because she's in a different green location. She pulled it out. So what's that one?


Yeah, and today's card for everybody watching is I am divinely guided towards what I know. I must do and I am safe.


Yeah, so I am divinely guided towards what I know I must do and I am safe. Oh my gosh. And that almost loops back to the beginning of the conversation about allowing things to unfold, and know that it is safe. Like you've been divinely guided. That's what I for me. That's what allowing and letting things to unfold is trusting that I'm being divinely guided. I'm paying attention to the messages that come I'd have present themselves around me. And it's also safe to be able to do that. Because a lot of people that they are I was talking to a client earlier today. And she's thinking of starting her own business. And she said, I have a whole lot of fear around the money, might family, you know what it will take to start the business. And there are obviously important things to think about. But if we know that the universe has our back, and it's going to guide us to the things that are going to, you know, in for our highest good, it's about trusting in that process. Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely.


I actually, I love that Catherine so much. And it's so true when we do drop into that space of fear, if we can lean into the word safe. Because I know when you started your personal development, and of course, we know each other's story. There is turmoil when that happens. And the biggest thing is as women we don't feel safe. Yeah, so I think we keep reiterating that, you know, I am safe, I am safe. Eventually you will be safe, and it doesn't feel safe at first. Like I don't want everyone to feel that, you know, I'm divinely guided towards what I know I must do. And I am safe. I totally get that you may not feel that right now. But if you keep saying that you will move I always say it's like the lemon car. You say you drive a lemon car you drive a lemon chi say drive Hot Rod car, you drive the hot road car. And eventually you will move from the lemon because if you are sending out that vibration to drive that you'll get the Cadillac. Yeah, so I think that word today really landed for me that I am safe to do what I must do because as women also, we do what everyone else wants us to do not what we think.


Oh my God, I know.


I really, I really feel this card had


a huge message today. Oh, adage that, gosh, you know, with all my guests, I could talk to them forever. Yeah, tell me tell me what's next for you. That you're coming? Yeah. So you sort of you're focusing with the Find your bling game you also when you've referred to in this chat, bling, angels, you also run a programme where you train people up to use the resource. So the bling angels there so you focusing a lot on that. So in the businesses that really the the Blue Angels, your baby, your the blue, find troubling is your baby, isn't it


are fungible, is my baby. So really what we have is we have our second edition of fungible. And in that we also have journals now, we have a bling bubble book coming and we have hugged me, bling, hug me months coming. And they're beautiful. When you tilt them, it says your diamonds are within and it has a diamond in them are beautiful mugs coming soon. And bling ITIL certification is actually a big certification. It's eight weeks online, and then a seven day retreat. And then we do eight weeks after it. So it's actually 17 weeks a lot. But one week is at a retreat. And it's


really helping people to establish their businesses, it's really a business.


So the fine ship lean game is for coaches. So far I sell to coach a psychologist, many, many people that are using it in their practices, but people who maybe are a coach and would like to be a part of an organisation that's healing hearts all over the world. And that they would like a system. I have this system for doing all the courses, all the one on ones and also doing workshops with the games and you can go corporate, you can go however you'd like to do it. So there's a lot of lot of choices in there. But the mission is to heal hearts alone. I


love it. Love your alliance, I


needed a whole heap of people to do it. And also we are a huge supporter of domestic violence. So when you purchased your game, it was one for one. Every time someone bought a game I donated one to a Women's Refuge or what they called now. But now moving forward, a portion of your gain goes towards a Yeah, nice. I am really passionate about that. So if you're watching this and you do have a Women's Refuge that would like to receive a game we actually have quite a few games we still need to send out beautiful and so if anyone has one please give me a call and I will and I will have a game delivered to your women's shelter to


well just where can people find you? Where can people find you?


You can find A safe find your bling. If you Google find your bling we come up first because no one else has got it on social media as well. So your social media, Instagram is fun juggling game. And Facebook is fun juggling. I'm not the greatest social media person everybody knows that I want everyone to get on and I'm finding my way via But if anyone needs any help with either using the game in their own business, I'm here to help. And if you would like to become a Blue Angel, you can reach out and you can join our beautiful team of Lee angels. And of course, contact Abilene angels. If you'd like anything, you know, to know anything, I can answer your questions as well.


Oh, and that's just been beautiful. And as always, lots and lots of pearls of wisdom have come out of that we didn't plan this conversation. It really just has been very organic and that flower. And, and I both roll.


Kevin, when I fly. It's so great. Like sometimes we'll even read each other just for some inspiration. Inspiration around this and all the magic happens.


Yeah. So thank you very much. Have a beautiful beautiful day and hugs and happiness to to all of our listeners.


I can't thank you for having me. I'm honoured to be on your podcast. Catherine. I thank you so much. Thanks, everybody.


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